my agenda is this…

Almost but not quite 2017. I often forget what year it is because I work on projects that are in production a year ahead of the actual year and I get confused when the new year finally arrives – I’ve been living in 2017 for months.

* * *

I was recently at Chapter’s and was so happy to see their daily planner display – like a kid in a candy shop, it was just too much excitement. had this one, for half the price (SALE!), and I could not resist. img_6181Fun, right? In fact, their actual motto is we are serious about fun and I feel like my new planner is going to live up to it!

Here are some more pics from their website. Let me know how you plan to plan out 2017! 825466938489_hi

bando-large-agenda-back-cover-interior_c32b3538-cb68-4a78-a44c-880ffd3ac3b5_1024x1024 bando-large-agenda-august-week-view_c5468cf1-456f-4217-9da7-a55181d3821ebando-large-agenda-sticker-page-2_7aa4b5db-fa34-41ae-ba35-a07eb01acdaf_1024x1024 bando-large-agenda-december-month-view_9c7b25ad-e973-4256-a0b5-13715ffb572e_1024x1024 bando-large-agenda-laminated-tabs_90aed52f-fd66-4a3c-9401-895f68b3d101_1024x1024bando-large-agenda-august-month-opener-art_d80535d0-b919-4573-be9f-1ad227b12dbb_1024x1024 bando-large-agenda-notes-pages_a7971144-293b-4126-9fa0-d2b1ccc31a6ebando-large-agenda-september-month-opener-art_3389c6d1-aba8-4410-8ed3-24cd2fc0a714_1024x1024bando-large-agenda-sticker-pages_f2037c10-9c6e-44e6-ae91-40fc26d74509My other top picks are Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Company, both functional + beautiful.

psst. I am a 12-month’r and do not understand the reasoning for a 17-month planner. Since I am still happily using my current 2016 planner, I will start this one in January and rip out the 5 previous months (I can’t handle seeing all of those blank pages). Anyone else do this?

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2 thoughts on “my agenda is this…

  1. I had Kate Spade this year and liked it. For 2015 I had sprung for an Emily Ley and it was lovely and had thick pages that could stand up well to my favourite gel pens but it was too heavy to cart around everyday in my bag. More suitable for people that work from home and can leave it on their desk 24/7. And it was expensive. Kate Spade was a bit smaller and lighter but as a result had thinner pages. But nice. Haven’t decided on this year yet.


    • I really liked my Rifle planner and would recommend it but if you like the one, it’s still on sale! A bit bigger than my Rifle so you may be bothered by its size when carrying. I am a desktop gal… it mostly stays put, like me.


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