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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • So many 40th birthdays are popping up in my circle of friends, including my little sister, who turns 40 today! Here is some content for you: 40 Things I’ve Learned in 40 Years
  • Repost: When you’re a woman over forty, a tunic wears you!
  • My forty before forty, which is now fifty before fifty bucket list in case you need inspiration for the next decade
  • Just be aware of the symptoms of perimenopause and that it happens most often in your 40s. And menopause can take a long time. It’s not like you’re going to wake up one day and your ovaries are going to fall out. It can be four to eight years, so it is gradual, gradual, gradual, but knowing that it’s coming will help. It’s just another life stage. What’s scary is the not knowing or the misinformation. It’s just another hormonal transition, like the ones you’ve already been through. – It’s Up To Us To End The Silence Around Menopause (Romper)
  • ‘I think I look rad’ – Hell yes, we all do! (Entertainment Weekly)
  • Newsflash. We all bleed. Why do we not gasp about race photos of men’s bleeding nipples? (Tri News via Kristin)
  • Things that made me laugh, cry and rage this week (1, 2, 3)
  • Also, this episode was a hoot (Tea Time)
  • I hope today you see a good jacket or a nice dog, or quality zipper, a protein-rich breakfast, a well-designed sink, an emotional YouTube video, a talented singer, a neighborhood cat, a solid pair of socks. I hope you see something good tomorrow tooMy favorite parking lot
  • My Taste Is Basic. So What? I am 100% reading this book
  • May we all write our own list of little GLIMMERS (A Cup of Jo)
  • Why I didn’t want to run a marathon, but ran a marathon, and was super happy for 24 hours and then just super bummed – I keep falling short of my goal (6 Ways to Recover After a Missed Race Goal)
  • But this
  • Hey, did you check out my 2023 100 Days of Summer bucket list?

(image-Jill’s first birthday)

100 Days of Summer


Ask me what I think about summer.


Year TEN, baby!!! The 100 Days of Summer Bucket List starts now, so let’s design a great season. 

As always, the rules are simple, Summer starts this weekend and ends on the last day of September, but to celebrate the tenth anniversary, I am switching things up and leaving ten blank spaces for spontaneous fun. 

Holler if you want to join me on any of these adventures.

100 Days of Summer 2023

  1. Sleep on the covered porch on the Wallace River
  2. Tea with my nieces at The Rose & Kettle Tearoom
  3. Run up (and back down) Flamingo Drive
  4. Replant my plants 
  5. Roast some (veggie) dogs at Flat Rock
  6. Jump off Flat Rock
  7. Try paddling David’s C1
  8. Train for Chicago
  9. Run 5k to the 5k Cafe
  10. Hike Amethyst Cove 
  11. Barbie Movie with Melissa
  12. Host a backyard pizza party
  13. Eat a pie at the Famous Town Pie Shop
  14. Sit around a fire
  15. Order a pizza pie and eat it outsides (park/beach)
  16. Jump off a dock without knowing the temperature of the water
  17. Play board games or cards outside
  18. Scoot around on a scooter
  19. Eat corn on the cob
  20. Go for a long run ending at Sensea Nordic Spa
  21. Paint something
  22. Go on a lake walk with Anna
  23. High tea at Fawn
  24. Swing from the river rope
  25. Dinner on the waterfront
  26. Sushi in the park
  27. Go flower picking 
  28. Day trip to the valley 
  29. Morning swim
  30. Night swim 
  31. Hike to the secret beach on Gaff Point Trail
  32. Go sailing 
  33. Make peach cobbler
  34. Surprise someone
  35. Send flowers to a friend 
  36. Hear bagpipes
  37. Drink my morning coffee outside
  38. Go for a run and jump in the water right after
  39. Make jam
  40. Eat from a food truck
  41. Only use the clothesline
  42. Try a new ice cream flavour 
  43. Dear Friends with dear friends
  44. Take a dip in the Lido
  45. Better my BBQ skills
  46. Go to a farmer’s market
  47. Wear sunscreen (daily!)
  48. Take a “lunch” walk – get fresh air (daily!)
  49. Take a yoga class
  50. Do the Sackville thrifting loop and Kaisers with Sarah and Jonathan 
  51. Go on a Ghost Walking Tour
  52. Run through a sprinkler
  53. Squeeze lemons, make lemonade
  54. Go to the ocean after work
  55. Go to a beer garden after work
  56. Swim in an outdoor pool (Halifax Common Pool)
  57. Ride the ferry
  58. Have a lobster roll
  59. Have fish tacos
  60. Find and photograph lupins
  61. Tread and talk
  62. Bike across the bridge
  63. Run across the bridge
  64. Meet someone halfway on the bridge
  65. Go to a Wanderers game
  66. Go to a Roughriders game
  67. Pop a wheelie
  68. Do a cannonball
  69. Hike around Wentworth
  70. Play pickleball 
  71. Make rhubarb crisp
  72. Make rhubarb pie
  73. Run the Salt Marsh Trail
  74. Neighbourhood stalk a new neighbourhood 
  75. Hike Little Meander Falls
  76. Go to Meander River Farm & Brewery after
  77. Jump off our dock
  78. Visit a general store 
  79. Make Strava art
  80. Go to The Fog Company
  81. Eat peas from the pod
  82. Sunset paddle board/or kayak
  83. Walk the sandbars at low tide
  84. Stroll through the Public Gardens
  85. Prom watching
  86. Make a cheese board
  87. Celebrate with sparklers
  88. Watch a sunset
  89. Watch a sunrise
  90. Watch 500 Days of Summer
  91. < >
  92. < >
  93. < >
  94. < >
  95. < >
  96. < >
  97. < >
  98. < >
  99. < >
  100. < >

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meanwhile, elsewhere

Saturday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • While other brands that thrived with customers in quarantine have dropped off, sales of the easily slipped-on clogs are up nearly 200 percent since 2019 (NYT)
  • The Mastery Mindset: 6 Keys To Stay On The Path (The Growth Equation via Lee) This provokes a lot of feelings for me as I continue to train for a marathon that I do not want/scared to do because I have not mastered any of these 6 points. Ha.
  • Me
  • I love The Hunt although I usually have different opinions, but not this time
  • In my next life, I want all the wallpaper (Domino)
  • California Ranch is (one of) my dream homes (design\milk)
  • Great, one more thing to feel guilty about – my plants. (Scientific America)
  • Somebody Somewhere Season 2!
  • Well done. Other politicians should take notes on how to have a conversation with people
  • The Humbling Tyranny Of The Photos Our Kids Take Of Us (Romper)

(image-self portrait)

meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • How to Eat Dinner Even Though You Already Watched All Your Shows (Reductress)
  • My 15–19-year-old-self would have totally been into this (Apartment Therapy)
  • “This courtroom dramedy is a f-cking banger.” (Lainey Gossip)
  • *Update*
  • Are Helicopter Parents Actually Lazy? (The Cut)
  • How could I possibly pick just one? Because everyone can’t love everything all the time.
  • Beyond Burger Week: Why I No Longer Participate in Burger Week (Eat This Town)
  • The Absurd Reason a Maryland Court Reinstated Adnan Syed’s Conviction (Slate)
  • Milton Glaser’s iconic “I ❤️ NY” design gets an update—and not everybody loves it (Smithsonian Mag)
  • Bring back personal blogging – Twitter is creaking. Social media seems less fun than ever. Maybe it’s time to get a little more personal. (The Verge)

Tears of joy to help ease the pain of the horror of what’s happening in schools. (watch the kid in the back)


meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Start Quiet-Quitting Your Home. (Apartment Therapy)
  • Me! (AJJ Shop)
  • Who is She? (Gloria) The way I see it, if you have a face, you’re going to have lots of feelings about it — and the point is to learn how to be comfortable and familiar with all the feels.” Easier said than done.
  • Best news ever! (PetaPixel)
  • Swimming, Walking, Running—Why Mindful Movement Can Boost Resilience (Mindful)
  • Signs that you’re ready to wear taupe (McSweeney’s)
  • #IAmTiffany. A Response To Transphobia And Hate In The Track And Field World (Love Training More)
  • The Terminally Online Version Of New York Magazine’s Etiquette Rules (BuzzFeed News) // No more than two food photos at the table. Brunch is nice, but there’s no way it’s nicer than two photos. // Liking a post while deep in the archive happens. But you need to get out of there fast.
  • Creed III: Tessa Thompson Talks Going To Couples Therapy With Michael B. Jordan (Refinery29)

(image: Portraits famous photographers have taken of their partners: Annie Leibovitz’ partner, Susan Sontag)