100 Days of Summer

Year nine, and all is fine! (mostly). The 100 Days of Summer Bucket List is back, baby, so let’s dive in. Lots of my favourite summer things are on the list, with a few new sweet treats added.

As always, the rules are simple, summer starts this weekend and ends on the last day of September. So hit me up if you want to join in on one of these adventures.

100 Days of Summer 2022

  1. Take a dip in a lake, in the river, in the ocean
  2. Make a pie at least once every month
  3. Hike the Mi’kmawey Debert Interpretive Trail
  4. Hike to the Carbide Willson Ruins
  5. Dip my toes into Halifax Harbour at the staircase
  6. Run to the Bike and Bean
  7. Have a picnic
  8. Go trail running
  9. Cook campfire Kraft Dinner
  10. Meet Jill for a lunch walk
  11. Bike to Tatamagouche on the trail
  12. Eat s’mores
  13. Leave the province
  14. Enjoy some Cape Breton pastries
  15. Visit a lavender farm
  16. Dilly dally over to Dilly Dally on Sarah’s lunch break
  17. Bike around the city
  18. Paddleboard
  19. Run the Muffin Run
  20. Run the Cabot Trail
  21. Swing off the river rope
  22. Jump off Flat Rock
  23. Join the #tinyheartclub
  24. Skip practice, go to Garrison for a beer! 
  25. Stand outside in a summer rainstorm
  26. Sleep in a tent
  27. Set out on a walk – meet a friend halfway
  28. Check-off one thing on the Fifty Before Fifty list
  29. Eat at the Willard, Fox Harb’r
  30. Go for a beach walk
  31. Night swim
  32. Swim in my aunt’s pond
  33. Ontario wine tasting
  34. Go sailing
  35. Work outside
  36. Visit Sara Bonnyman Pottery in Tatamagouche
  37. Make jam or marmalade
  38. Neighbourhood stalk a new neighbourhood
  39. Stroll along the waterfront
  40. Read a book on the beach
  41. Have a post-run Farmer’s Market date
  42. Play croquet
  43. Explore new parts of Victoria Park
  44. Host a backyard social
  45. Get gelato from the Gelato Bike
  46. Pre-work plunge in the lake
  47. Post-work plunge in the lake
  48. Go for a run and jump in the water right after
  49. Eat a lobster roll
  50. Eat fish tacos
  51. Have a lunch date at Luke’s
  52. Have a brunch date
  53. Play hooky
  54. Make a Dirty Shirley
  55. Go to Top Gun: Maverick
  56. Visit Birchtown, Nova Scotia
  57. Visit the Noel Shore, Nova Scotia
  58. Yoga outside
  59. Discover a new beach (Mavillette?)
  60. Get 10,000 steps every day
  61. Sow wildflower and lupin seeds at the property
  62. Cheer loudly at a race
  63. See Shakespeare By The Sea
  64. Go prom watching at the Public Gardens
  65. Road trip with friends
  66. Take a ferry
  67. Run along the Rideau Canal
  68. Run and jump off a dock without knowing the temperature of the water
  69. Go to a drive-in movie
  70. Go to a Wanderers game
  71. Go to a Roughriders game
  72. Visit the ocean after work
  73. Camp on our property
  74. Only use the clothesline
  75. Wild Piquette in a can!
  76. Rent a cottage
  77. Drive dad’s side-by-side
  78. Snorkel (or learn to scuba dive) with David
  79. Paint furniture
  80. Apply sunscreen, daily
  81. Buy fresh flowers every week
  82. Squeeze lemons, make lemonade
  83. Bike across the MacDonald Bridge to Dartmouth
  84. Bike across the Alexandria Bridge to Quebec
  85. Make Ricotta Cheesecake with Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote
  86. Eat from a food truck
  87. Try vegetable dyeing
  88. Visit Tatamagouche Ice Creamery (at least once)
  89. Drift down a river
  90. Go berry picking
  91. Go whale watching
  92. Go on a Ghost Walking Tour
  93. Ride the waterslides at the Waeg
  94. Yard sale or have a yard sale
  95. Take a “lunch” walk – get fresh air (daily!)
  96. Organize and play a night game (not game night)
  97. Dole Whip at the Chicken Burger
  98. Watch the sunrise at the ocean
  99. Watch the sunset at the ocean
  100. Watch 500 Days of Summer

Here are my lists from 2021 20202019 2018, 2017, 201620152014

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