100 Days of Summer (if we’re lucky)

It’s my eighth year of the 100 Days of Summer Bucket List, and yet again, here we are in lockdown with no clue what summer will bring, but as George Micheal sang, I got to have faith. Faith that we will have a summer of friends, family and fun – even if it’s limited to our province.

Summer is not cancelled, and we need to continue doing what we can to stay positive and embrace the power of fresh summer air. So here I go, another very modified bucket list. I anticipate some restrictions will be lifted but have decided not to worry about doing my usual carry-overs. Another year without Shakespeare in the Park. Ha.

As always, the rules are simple, summer starts this weekend (the long weekend of May) and ends on the last day of September. I hope, with all my heart, to take on these adventures with family and friends.

100 Days of Summer 2021

  1. Night hike with my mom (on her trails)
  2. Night swim
  3. Night kayak
  4. Make a peach pie
  5. Make a rhubarb pie
  6. Make a banana cream pie
  7. Run with friends/Road Hammers again
  8. Run to the Bike and Bean
  9. Have a sushi picnic
  10. Eat ice cream in a cone
  11. Go trail running
  12. Have a campfire
  13. Eat s’mores
  14. Bike a trail
  15. Paddleboard down the Wallace River
  16. Paddleboard in the Northwest Arm
  17. Swing off the river rope
  18. Build a dock or finish the driveway or both!
  19. Patio dining and patio drinking
  20. Sleep in a tent
  21. Set out on a walk – meet a friend halfway
  22. Take a dip in the ocean
  23. Drink beer from a cooler
  24. Go for a beach walk
  25. Hike the new trails at Cape Split
  26. Hike the Bluff
  27. Apply sunscreen every freaking day
  28. Swim in my aunt’s pond
  29. Work outside
  30. Make peach marmalade
  31. Kayak (or canoe) the canal
  32. Go neighbourhood stalking with friends
  33. Expand neighbourhood stalk: guest posts in other cities!
  34. Stroll along the waterfront
  35. Cocktails by Cameron on the patio
  36. Try ice-dying
  37. Get a haircut
  38. Buy new Birks
  39. Make rhubarb syrup for (virgin) cocktails
  40. Dance in the rain
  41. Play four-squares
  42. Play croquet
  43. Play spike ball
  44. Drinks on my inlaw’s patio
  45. Go for a run and jump in the water right after
  46. Eat a lobster roll
  47. Eat fish tacos
  48. Eat a Kaiser’s sub
  49. Have a lunch date
  50. Have a brunch date (Almonak)
  51. Play hooky
  52. Yoga outside
  53. Discover a new beach
  54. Have root beer floats
  55. Get 10,000 steps every day
  56. Grow flowers from seed
  57. Road trip to visit a friend
  58. Take the ferry to Dartmouth
  59. Host (at least one) Youth Running Series race
  60. Summer wreath-making party
  61. Backyard outdoor movie night
  62. Run and jump off a dock without knowing the temperature of the water
  63. Go to a drive-in movie
  64. Road trip to Just Bloom Flower Farm
  65. Find a waterfall
  66. Bike to Bedford
  67. Visit the ocean after work
  68. Watch the sailboats on Sullivan’s Pond
  69. Send mail every week
  70. Make popsicles
  71. Stargaze
  72. Only use the clothesline
  73. Nova 7 in a can!
  74. Rent a cottage
  75. Re-do my 5km time trial
  76. Snorkel (or learn to scuba dive) with David
  77. Play sandbar rake tag
  78. Make giant bubbles with my nieces
  79. Make strawberry shortcake
  80. Get a bird feeder
  81. Celebrate Sunday Buddy Sundae
  82. Find and photograph lupins
  83. Run to a lighthouse
  84. Eat from a food truck
  85. Visit Tatamagouche Ice Creamery (at least once)
  86. Play tennis
  87. Drift down a river
  88. Go berry picking
  89. Go whale watching
  90. Yard sale
  91. Go out, wear clogs
  92. Take a “lunch” break – get fresh air (daily!)
  93. Organize and play a night game (not game night)
  94. Take a class/workshop (online)
  95. Make potato salad
  96. Dole Whip at the Chicken Burger
  97. Get fully vaccinated
  98. Watch the sunrise at the ocean
  99. Watch the sunset at the ocean
  100. Watch 500 Days of Summer

Here are my lists from 20202019 2018, 2017, 2016,  20152014

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