SUMMER starts nowish (year six!)

Oh hey, Summer,

I feel like it’s been forever since we last hung out. I wrote a list of 100 things we should do. I know our time together is always short but sweet so here’s hoping we have an amazing time.
xo Meghan

PS. Winter is such a jerk!

100 Days of SummerMy Baby’s Back List!

The rules are simple, summer starts this weekend (the long weekend of May) and ends on the last day of September.

Note: I always start with the ones I’ve yet to complete… There are also pick-ups from previous years because awesomeness is always worth repeating.

  1. See Shakespeare by the Sea***** 
  2. Ride a slip & slide****  
  3. Hike Cape Chignecto*** 
  4. Sleep in a tent**
  5. Dance in the rain** 
  6. Go tidal bore rafting**
  7. Go to a drive-in*
  8. Go antiquing*
  9. Wash the windows*
  10. Night swim*
  11. Run and jump off a dock without knowing the temperature of the water*
  12. Go sailing*
  13. Run in at least one race!
  14. Initiate Wine & Walk
  15. Discover a new local hiking trail
  16. Visit an old favourite (Duncan’s Cove?)
  17. Apply sunscreen every freaking day
  18. Snorkle
  19. Have a lunch date
  20. Have a brunch date
  21. Make salsa
  22. Make peach jam
  23. Make peach pie
  24. Make rhubarb pie (this one looks good)
  25. Dine at Rhubarb
  26. Paddleboard on Lake Banook
  27. Zipline
  28. Visit Hopewell Rocks
  29. Frenchys with friends
  30. Eat strawberry shortcake for supper
  31. Host a Beyond Meat BBQ
  32. Surprise someone at work with a coffee
  33. Dinner on the waterfront
  34. Dinner on a patio
  35. And drinks to go!
  36. Only use the clothesline
  37. Send flowers to a friend
  38. Go on a 13km run with Mike celebrating our 13 year anniversary
  39. Dine at the Quarterdeck
  40. Eat from a food truck
  41. Go for a beach walk
  42. Eat shaved ice
  43. Eat ice cream
  44. Eat a lobster roll
  45. Have a Beergarden meet up
  46. Go beachcombing
  47. Taste Nova 7 in a can
  48. Drink my morning coffee outside
  49. Bike a trail
  50. Kayak a river
  51. Scoot around on a scooter
  52. Yoga outside
  53. Take a tennis lesson
  54. See a great show/concert/play
  55. Spend some time at Conrad’s Beach
  56. Do one home improvement project
  57. Hang patio lights
  58. Order a ridiculous fancy drink
  59. Get a pedicure
  60. Bang some bongos
  61. Try the Dole Whip at The Chickenburger
  62. Watch fireworks from my in-law’s patio
  63. See a volcano
  64. See the Pacific Ocean
  65. See a Sea Turtle
  66. Hire a babysitter and go out
  67. Drift down a river
  68. Finish hooking my pillow
  69. Participate in a neighbourhood cleanup
  70. Go for a walk in Shubie Park
  71. Go for a walk in Point Pleasant Park
  72. Find a waterfall
  73. Go for a run and jump in the water right after
  74. Go prom-watching in the Public Gardens
  75. Have a Humble Pie picnic party
  76. Celebrate 40-40-10
  77. Celebrate Henry’s life at his special spot on the trail
  78. Swim in the lake
  79. Swim in the ocean
  80. Swim in the river
  81. Lay in the grass
  82. Spend time with my sisters
  83. Travel by plane
  84. Explore a new state
  85. Boogie board
  86. Get my hair done
  87. Make Front Porch Peach Tea
  88. … And drink it while swinging on my front porch swing
  89. Black Loyalist Centre in Shelburne
  90. Plant some flowers
  91. Buy a beach cover-up
  92. Go on a road trip
  93. Visit Maine
  94. Visit Cape Breton
  95. Barre with babes
  96. … And go for dinner after!
  97. Go to a movie (outside?)
  98. Watch the sunrise at the ocean
  99. Watch the sunset at the ocean
  100. Play hooky

Join me in some fun and let me know what’s on your list!

*2018 not completed **2017/2018 not completed ***2016/2017/2018 not completed ****2015/2016/2017/2018 not completed *****2014/2015/2016/2017/2018 not completed.

Here are my lists from 2018, 2017, 20162015, 2014

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