life lately

Fall arrived, I stocked up on tea and pulled out the slippers (my mug was a favour from the wedding in B.C. – the bride is a potter and every guest got one!):img_6481I happily volunteered to chaperon the Terry Fox Run at David’s school: img_6488Got in a good 32 km run to the end of Prospect Bay Road:img_6491It reminded me of the scene in Forrest Gump, when he runs to the ocean and there’s no where left to go so, he turns around. Except, I didn’t turn around… I got in my sister’s car:img_6490David and I checked it out the Momma Collective Handmade Market at Saint Mary’s Boat Club:img_6495Rush hour traffic in Halifax:img_6496Since I dragged David to the market, he dragged me to the Halloween Store:img_6497I scored some Wilton cake pans from a yard sale so I made carrot cake for Sunday dinner at my in-law’s:img_6502As David made very clear, I am not great at cake decorating:img_6503Lunch lately, lots of eggs and whatever else I can fit into a bowl – this day I had leftover potatoes, Pete’s salsa and some spinach:img_6507I love my neighbourhood:img_6509Just finished the audiobook My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem and am now listening to Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan. Both very good. I was excited to hear this episode from my favourite podcast, Death Sex & Moneyimg_6511Sloan came to the Marque for a 20-year reunion tour of their album One Chord To Another. I have been listening to my collection of Sloan CDs non-stop in anticipation:img_6508Amanda, Georgina, Sarah and I had drinks at Field Guide:img_6519Bathroom selfies at the show:img_6523 img_6524We are old, they are old. Everyone was old:img_6526I was assigned pie duty for Thanksgiving… the pumpkin pie crust burnt but I turned things around for the apple:img_6529 img_6532We dogsat Harley for the weekend and spent Saturday in the valley. It was 30 degrees. In October. Yes!img_6538Baby Edie’s first Thanksgiving:img_6539Our annual Woodlock Walk takes place every Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a ~8km walk through the woods/properties of my mom and her sister’s land in Pugwash. This year we had 4 boys under 8 (including one baby), 10 adults and 2 dogs:img_6549 img_6550 img_6551 img_6552And the best part of the walk are the butter tarts, which my Aunt Mary makes every year:img_6553Big turkeys in Pugwash this year:img_6555I woke up on Thanksgiving Monday and without paying attention to the weather and went out for a 16km run… turns out it was a bit of a rain/wind storm but the view was worth it:img_6560img_6558 img_6561Got my bib number for the New York City Marathon (24 days to go!!!). 2 & 4 and 24 are my favourite numbers so I am pretty excited:img_6563Swim lessons. It’s quite entertaining to watch David learn CPR, first aid, and victim retrieval – they are swimming 24 laps continuous in level 9, which is probably what I’m capable of:img_6565

That’s all for now. I think I’ll work on taking more pics, more often but, you can see most of these and more on Instagram!

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