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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Anyone who has ever spent time as a teenage girl is unlikely to find any of these revelations particularly surprising. Facebook and Instagram are simply carrying on a longstanding American tradition: stoking the insecurities of teenage girls to cash in on them – For Teen Girls, Instagram Is a Cesspool (NYT)
  • A Modern Cabin in the Woods With a Compact Footprint (design\milk)
  • This will likely be added to my daily self-care routine (Cup Of Jo)
  • Is Vegan Fish the Answer to Sustainable Seafood? (Food52)
  • I really appreciate Ally’s remarks from her keynote address at The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia’s Let’s Keep Talking Awards
  • …Whether it’s a mid-century modernist’s dream come true or a little bit more on the rustic cabin vibe… – On Trend: Wood Paneled Kitchens Are Where It’s At. (SF Girl)
  • Super sad podcast news – I’ve been listening to Your Wrong About since 2018 so I am sad about this change, hoping the best for Mike. But in super happy podcast news, I just discovered ‎Tig and Cheryl: True Story and I am truly laughing out loud at every episode.
  • A social-media-shabbat: I hated to think that other people’s pictures in boxes on my phone was giving me more dopamine than my gorgeous, hilarious toddler who was in that brief window of time when he was literally obsessed with me. (Romper)
  • First stop in the states: Detroit for Mom’s Spaghetti, Eminem’s new carryout restaurant (Takeout)


meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • ‘The stories will be the last thing to go’: Robert Munsch on his legacy as one of Canada’s great storytellers (CBC via Kim)
  • Use the 4-7-8 Method to Fall Asleep Almost Instantly (Inc.)
  • Let’s Ignore Each Other in the Same Room – Why parallel play is good for grown-ups, too (NYT)
  • I have not gone to a movie theatre in 20 months – could this be the first one back? I thought it’d be this movie but it’s been pushed to next year!
  • All I want for Christmas is… booking a fancy hotel room (preferably not in Halifax) and marathon binging Nora Ephron movies. Alone. I know there are MANY mother’s who would happily book a room in the same dreamy hotel:
  • These jeans have been endorsed by every.single.blogger. between the ages of 35-50 however, the cost is what’s holding me back (Madewell)
  • A sad ending. An amazing woman who shared her diagnosis of ovarian cancer on Twitter in hope that it will raise awareness (twitter)
  • Accurate: Attached File (swissmiss)


100 Days of Summer : The Report Card

The end is here.

Year eight of my 100 Days of Summer Bucket List has come to a tragic and cold end (ugh, Fall). But looking back, Summer was filled with beautiful people and memories, so I must not be sad.

I’ll get right to the juicy stuff. Friends, I got 90/100 items done! A big thank you to all of the suggestions and willingness to join me on many awesome adventures. Like last year, going into the start of Summer, we had no idea what would be open and available to do in Nova Scotia, so I thought about that when I made my list. I am super grateful our province is doing well, and we were gifted a bit of freedom to enjoy our ocean playground in most ways.

Here’s a video I made if you’d like to watch it. I always try a get a picture of every item, but there were a few improvised, and at the very end is the ten I didn’t do. Enjoy!

  1. Night hike with my mom (on her trails)
  2. Night swim
  3. Night kayak
  4. Make a peach pie
  5. Make a rhubarb pie
  6. Make a banana cream pie
  7. Run with friends/Road Hammers again
  8. Run to the Bike and Bean
  9. Have a sushi picnic
  10. Eat ice cream in a cone
  11. Go trail running
  12. Have a campfire
  13. Eat s’mores
  14. Bike a trail
  15. Paddleboard down the Wallace River
  16. Paddleboard in the Northwest Arm
  17. Swing off the river rope
  18. Build a dock or finish the driveway or both!
  19. Patio dining and patio drinking
  20. Sleep in a tent
  21. Set out on a walk – meet a friend halfway
  22. Take a dip in the ocean
  23. Drink beer from a cooler
  24. Go for a beach walk
  25. Hike the new trails at Cape Split
  26. Hike the Bluff
  27. Apply sunscreen every freaking day
  28. Swim in my aunt’s pond
  29. Work outside
  30. Make peach marmalade
  31. Kayak (or canoe) the canal
  32. Go neighbourhood stalking with friends
  33. Expand neighbourhood stalk: guest posts in other cities!
  34. Stroll along the waterfront
  35. Cocktails by Cameron on the patio
  36. Try ice-dying
  37. Get a haircut
  38. Buy new Birks
  39. Make rhubarb syrup for (virgin) cocktails
  40. Dance in the rain
  41. Play four-squares
  42. Play croquet
  43. Play spike ball
  44. Drinks on my inlaw’s patio
  45. Go for a run and jump in the water right after
  46. Eat a lobster roll
  47. Eat fish tacos
  48. Eat a Kaiser’s sub
  49. Have a lunch date
  50. Have a brunch date (Almonak)
  51. Play hooky
  52. Yoga outside
  53. Discover a new beach
  54. Have root beer floats
  55. Get 10,000 steps every day
  56. Grow flowers from seed
  57. Road trip to visit a friend
  58. Take the ferry to Dartmouth
  59. Host (at least one) Youth Running Series race
  60. Summer wreath-making party
  61. Backyard outdoor movie night
  62. Run and jump off a dock without knowing the temperature of the water
  63. Go to a drive-in movie
  64. Road trip to Just Bloom Flower Farm
  65. Find a waterfall
  66. Bike to Bedford
  67. Visit the ocean after work
  68. Watch the sailboats on Sullivan’s Pond
  69. Send mail every week
  70. Make popsicles
  71. Stargaze
  72. Only use the clothesline
  73. Nova 7 in a can!
  74. Rent a cottage
  75. Re-do my 5km time trial
  76. Snorkel (or learn to scuba dive) with David
  77. Play sandbar rake tag
  78. Make giant bubbles with my nieces
  79. Make strawberry shortcake
  80. Get a bird feeder
  81. Celebrate Sunday Buddy Sundae
  82. Find and photograph lupins
  83. Run to a lighthouse
  84. Eat from a food truck
  85. Visit Tatamagouche Ice Creamery (at least once)
  86. Play tennis
  87. Drift down a river
  88. Go berry picking
  89. Go whale watching
  90. Yard sale
  91. Go out, wear clogs
  92. Take a “lunch” break – get fresh air (daily!)
  93. Organize and play a night game (not game night)
  94. Take a class/workshop (online)
  95. Make potato salad
  96. Dole Whip at the Chicken Burger
  97. Get fully vaccinated
  98. Watch the sunrise at the ocean
  99. Watch the sunset at the ocean
  100. Watch 500 Days of Summer

To SUMMERize – here’s what I did not do

  • Sleep in a tent
  • Swim in my aunt’s pond
  • Play four-squares
  • Road trip to visit a friend
  • Summer wreath-making party
  • Backyard outdoor movie night
  • Go to a drive-in movie
  • Snorkel (or learn to scuba dive) with David
  • Go whale watching
  • Organize and play a night game (not game night)

I always hope this inspires others to create their own version – I am already looking forward to year nine!

Here are my lists from 20202019 2018, 2017, 2016,  20152014

meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Wealthy people want their food to be cool, but not cold. There are increasingly few freezers in the homes of the rich. Sometimes there’s a tiny one for ice cream. (Home Culture)
  • Could this be next year’s daily planner? And as a leftie, should I get wire or book bound? (Balance Bound)
  • Every person has to come to terms with — even if just for themselves — the gap between what they believe and how they live their lives. Why Did None Of My White Friends Consider Sending Their Kids To Our Neighborhood School? (Romper)
  • Wow! Woman Experiencing Burnout Even Though She Doesn’t Work That Hard (Ha. Reductress)
  • “In my head, I was panicking. I didn’t want to go to the most important competition of my life and not feel comfortable because I was worried about what I would be wearing,” reveals Team GB pole vault bronze medallist Holly Brashaw… Now she is speaking out to help other women feel empowered to make the same stand. (Eurosport)
  • Asa Butterfield on Sex Education Season 3 and the Difference Between Him and Otis (GQ)
  • Guess Who?: Aches and Pains of an Aging Body Edition (McSweeney’s)
  • This is our reality now: consuming crime and tragedy as narrative in real time, and continuously feeding the content economy that each one of us now plays a role in. The more fundamental question we’ll all have to answer eventually is not how this particular story will end, but how quickly we’ll move on afterward. Gabby Petito, Online Detectives, and the Queasy Places Our True-Crime Obsessions Have Taken Us (Vanity Fair)
  • And truthfully, would Would Gabby Petito’s story receive as much coverage if she were an Indigenous woman? (Global News)


The Cookbook Project

Now that summer has ended, I need a new project that does not involve fall foliage or anything-pumpkin. Enter The Cookbook Project – a little something that was whipped up by my sister last year. And as a younger sister does, I am copying what she did and am sharing it all with you!

The goal of the Cookbook Project is to cook at least two NEW recipes from every cookbook I own.

Sounds easy enough, but I should start by confessing I have a lot of cookbooks (40!). I love cookbooks. I love cookbook photography and design, and because of this, I have an extensive collection, and I am embarrassed to admit that I have never used several!

The first step was creating a Google Sheets file listing all of my cookbooks and included the following columns:

  1. Photo of cookbook
  2. Cookbook Name
  3. Author(s)
  4. Recipe 1 / Page No. / My rating / Comments / Photo of my finished dish
  5. Recipe 2 / Page No. / My rating / Comments / Photo of my finished dish

I will keep track of all the recipes as I go along, aiming to try at least two new recipes every month (minimal pressure, friends!)

My second goal of The Cookbook Project is to photograph the finished recipes because I have a camera that I want to use more often. It’s a perfect reason to practice photography and hopefully open our door to more gatherings and better food.

I have shared this project with a few friends and family already and I am super excited about the adventure. So please join in – dust off your cookbooks get going! #cookbookproject