it’s calendar time

Mark your calendar, 2019 is coming!

The Hello 2019 desktop calendars are in production and I am taking orders now! This year I have decided to give 50% of the earnings to a special organization that is near and dear to my heart: The Canadian Association for Williams Syndrome. I wrote about my buddy Aden a few years ago and it gives me so much joy to be able to support his family and their hard work with CAWS.

The cost of a calendar is $10 (and $8 if you already have a case and just want a refill).

Thanks to all of my great friends and family, last year I was able to donate more than $200 to both Hope For Wildlife and Feed Nova Scotia!

Here’s a look at the Hello 2019 calendar (hello stocking stuffer):

If you are interested in one (or more!), please send a private request and payment to before December 3 (be sure let me know if you want a case) and once the calendars are ready, I will contact you and make arrangements for pickup. *If need them mailed, I will add shipping to the cost. 

Everyone near and far will receive their calendar by December 23.

I hope you enjoy this year’s calendar as much as I enjoy making them. And I hope all my loyal refill clients are up for supporting CAWS.


Here’s some information on The Canadian Association for Williams Syndrome (CAWS):

CAWS provides support to Williams syndrome individuals, their families, and caregivers, coast-to-coast. Our grassroots, parent-volunteer run organization is on a mission to spread awareness, raise funds, support research and connect families touched by Williams syndrome. We are a small but mighty National Registered Charity, whose impact can be felt in tiny towns and big cities across Canada.

We strive to connect families, researchers, caregivers and medical professionals across Canada; building a national community to help those with Williams syndrome reach their full potential. We support families through initial diagnosis, the school system, post-secondary schooling opportunities, and skills training, adult employment and housing.

What is Williams Syndrome?

Williams syndrome is a rare genetic condition that is present at birth. It is caused by a spontaneous genetic deletion of a small stretch of 26-28 adjacent genes on chromosome 7, including the elastin gene and can affect anyone. It occurs equally in males and females, in all cultures and to birth parents of all ages.

Williams syndrome brings medical issues, including sometimes life-threatening cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, social challenges and learning disabilities. At the same time, those with Williams syndrome exhibit striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music. Williams syndrome is thought to occur in approximately 1 in 10,000 births.

While accurate, this clinical description falls short of describing the vast and varied qualities that make Williams syndrome individuals some of the most memorable people you’ll meet. Their highly social personality often manifests in an open-hearted approach to life, a love of meeting new people and a joyful spirit.

There are challenges too. There are health concerns to be monitored or managed at every stage of life. Early intervention, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy is invaluable. Learning disabilities make navigating the education system challenging.

Many with Williams syndrome have difficulty with numbers, spatial relations and abstract reasoning. This can make everyday tasks harder.

In adulthood, supportive housing helps individuals with Williams syndrome live to their fullest potential. Contribution to the community is made through volunteering or paid employment.

The desktop calendar is about the size of a CD case: ~5″w x 5.5″h


Thank you for your support!

calendar girl is ten!

Mark your calendar, 2018 is coming!

It’s my tenth year making desktop calendars and after great success last year, I have decided to stock up on more cases and do it again (thanks, all).

This year I have decided to give 50% of the sales towards two awesome local organizations: Hope For Wildlife and Feed Nova Scotia. The cost of a calendar is $10 (and $5 if you already have a case and just need a refill). Guys, that means if I sell 100 calendars in cases, Hope For Wild Life will get $250 and Feed Nova Scotia will get $250… that’s a lot of lettuce!

Here’s the Hello 2018 calendar (hello stocking stuffer):

The calendar is ~5″ x 5.5″ at sits in a clear plastic calendar case (similar in size to a CD case). They’re printed digitally at a local printer and I package everything at home. Below is an example:

If you are interested in one, please send a private request to before December 1 (and let me know if you want the case) – I need to order and package all of them which takes time! Everyone near and far will receive their calendar by December 23. *If you live outside of Halifax and need one (or more) mailed, I will add shipping to the cost. 

I hope you enjoy this year’s calendar as much as I enjoy making them. And I hope all the loyal refill clients are up for supporting two important causes.

Thank you for your support!


Here’s some info on the two organizations:

Hope for Wildlife ( for Wildlife is a charitable wildlife rehabilitation and education organization located in Seaforth, Nova Scotia. Since 1997, we have rescued, rehabilitated, and released over 40,000 injured and orphaned wild animals representing over 250 species.

In addition to the ongoing provision of care we offer, Hope for Wildlife aims to connect people to wildlife in a positive way through knowledge and understanding. Every year, we assist over 10,000 callers through our wildlife helpline, welcome thousands of visitors to our facilities for tours, give hundreds of offsite educational presentations to community and school groups, and collect a wide range of data from animals treated at our rehabilitation centre.

Feed Nova Scotia ( Our mission is to feed Nova Scotians in need and reduce that need. To achieve this, we distribute almost 2 million kilograms of donated food to our member network of 146 food banks and meal programs across the province. Our role also extends beyond food. We support our members as they build capacity to serve their communities, and we help raise awareness of the challenges hunger and poverty create each day for thousands of Nova Scotians.


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Archive of previous editions: 2017/2016  + 2014-2009

calendar girl

Mark your calendar, 2017 is coming!

As mentioned way back here, I have been designing desktop calendars since 2009 and it has been one of my favourite things to make for friends and clients.

To change things up, I have decided to share a sneak peak with you today and if anyone wants to get their hands on one, I am taking orders! Yup, that’s right, for the first time ever, they are for sale!

Hello stocking stuffer:hello-2017-calendarThe calendar is ~5″ x 5.5″ and comes in a clear plastic calendar case – here are pics from last year’s run to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting. I have them printed digitally at a local printer and cut and package everything at home with my trusty paper cutter. The Hello 2017 calendar is $10 (includes the case)* and you’ll receive it before December 23. DSC_0598DSC_0603DSC_0612DSC_0611DSC_0616DSC_0609DSC_0595

If you are interested in one, please send a private request to before December 2** – I need to order, cut and package all of them and it takes time! BUT!!!! for those who have a copy of the 2016 calendar, the 2017 refill will be FREE – just let me know before December 2 if you want a refill (case not included in a refill).

*If you live outside of Halifax and need one (or more) mailed, I will add shipping to the cost. **Order fast, I have 50 cases and will limit orders if things get too crazy. 

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my agenda is this…

Almost but not quite 2017. I often forget what year it is because I work on projects that are in production a year ahead of the actual year and I get confused when the new year finally arrives – I’ve been living in 2017 for months.

* * *

I was recently at Chapter’s and was so happy to see their daily planner display – like a kid in a candy shop, it was just too much excitement. had this one, for half the price (SALE!), and I could not resist. img_6181Fun, right? In fact, their actual motto is we are serious about fun and I feel like my new planner is going to live up to it!

Here are some more pics from their website. Let me know how you plan to plan out 2017! 825466938489_hi

bando-large-agenda-back-cover-interior_c32b3538-cb68-4a78-a44c-880ffd3ac3b5_1024x1024 bando-large-agenda-august-week-view_c5468cf1-456f-4217-9da7-a55181d3821ebando-large-agenda-sticker-page-2_7aa4b5db-fa34-41ae-ba35-a07eb01acdaf_1024x1024 bando-large-agenda-december-month-view_9c7b25ad-e973-4256-a0b5-13715ffb572e_1024x1024 bando-large-agenda-laminated-tabs_90aed52f-fd66-4a3c-9401-895f68b3d101_1024x1024bando-large-agenda-august-month-opener-art_d80535d0-b919-4573-be9f-1ad227b12dbb_1024x1024 bando-large-agenda-notes-pages_a7971144-293b-4126-9fa0-d2b1ccc31a6ebando-large-agenda-september-month-opener-art_3389c6d1-aba8-4410-8ed3-24cd2fc0a714_1024x1024bando-large-agenda-sticker-pages_f2037c10-9c6e-44e6-ae91-40fc26d74509My other top picks are Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Company, both functional + beautiful.

psst. I am a 12-month’r and do not understand the reasoning for a 17-month planner. Since I am still happily using my current 2016 planner, I will start this one in January and rip out the 5 previous months (I can’t handle seeing all of those blank pages). Anyone else do this?

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save the holiday letter

If video killed the radio star than Facebook killed the annual family holiday letter.

I take card writing very serious – I mail +60 and keep track of who sends cards back. The following November, I pull out my list of “sent” vs. “received” and make sure everyone is accounted for. A lot can happen in a year (babies/new addresses/deaths/marriages/new pets/divorce) and I try and stay on top of my spreadsheet and fact-check thoroughly.

As I wait for our 2015 cards to get printed, I got to thinking about making them more personal. Don’t get me wrong, I love anything that comes in the mail from friends and family but I especially love the ones that are homemade with an extra personal touch like a note, school photos, or a holiday letter!!! Kids of the newer generations may not know what I’m talking about… A holiday (news)letter is a recap of a family’s year – like a really long Facebook status. The good ones are on festive letterhead or a Pinterest-approved template and include pictures and fun facts! I love them but only receive one (maybe two) a year. So with this being said,  I am attempting to start a new trend in my circle of friends – I propose 2015 is the year to bring back the holiday letter. Who’s on board?*

Spoiler alert: I’ll show you mine (it’s double-sided)Newsletter_1*As an incentive, I will mail a desktop calendar (made by me) to the first person who sends me a holiday letter this year.

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