here for a good time. not a long time

Guys, I have been dreading this post. So much so that I even extended Summer by one month… Unfortunately, Mother Nature will not cooperate much longer and now I must submit my final report on the 500 100 Days of Summer Must-Do List.

Here is when it all started. Here is the halftime recap.

Without further ado:

  1. host a back yard social (Happy Birthday to me)
  2. bike to the Seaport Market (David did too!)
  3. swim in a lake
  4. swim in the ocean (The Gulf Shore)
  5. swim in the river (Wallace River)
  6. mow the lawn (once)
  7. paddle a canoe (on the Wallace River)
  8. drive a motor boat (on the Wallace River)
  9. go in a sail boat
  10. go for a run then jump in the water right after  (Wallace River)
  11. stroll through the Public Gardens (lugging heavy camera gear)
  12. sit around a camp fire (at an engagement party)
  13. go on a road trip (Cabot Trail Relay)
  14. hike Cape Split
  15. hike the small loop of the bluff with the boys (although 10km is no small feat for a 5 & 6 year old)
  16. go for ice cream (Wallace at the docks)
  17. go strawberry picking
  18. make strawberry jam (and gave it all away!)
  19. make strawberry shortcake (with homemade tea biscuits of course)
  20. eat from a food truck (and caught up with an old friend)
  21. get a pedicure (with a group of girls, the best)
  22. have dinner and drinks on an outdoor patio (with the whole family, lucky girl)
  23. watch an outdoor movie
  24. dance (weddings)
  25. plant a vegetable garden (saddest vegetable garden north of Young Street)
  26. run in a race… or two … or three (BluenoseCabot Trail Relay, The Butter Trail Run, Maritime Race Weekend Sunset 5 km and Sunrise Half)
  27. go to a wedding (two as a guest, 3 as an assistant)
  28. buy a sundress (and got one for my birthday too)
  29. go tubing on the wallace river (pretty much the most enjoyable summer activity ever)
  30. make potato salad (without peas)
  31. accidentally get a sun burn
  32. get a bug bite  (and was a landlord to a billion fruit flies)
  33. play corn hole
  34. play croquette (and won! twice!!)
  35. play washer toss (and sucked, even against a 5 year old)
  36. eat peas from the pod (the only way I will eat them)
  37. have a picnic (along the bluff trail and at the beach)
  38. see Cape Breton (Cabot Trail Relay)
  39. lay in the grass (countless times)
  40. roll down a hill (um, adults have you done this recently? It crazy hurts your head)
  41. buy patio furniture (and an umbrella too)
  42. eat a popsicle (Rootbeer is the best)
  43. leave the province
  44. build a sand castle (more mid-century than castle but it still counts)
  45. watch David play soccer (Go Team Russia!)
  46. eat lobster (post Cabot Trail Relay reception, fresh from the docks of Wallace Bay, and in a roll at the market)
  47. swim with Henry across the river  (Henry’s happy place)
  48. walk on a sand bar (Pugwash has the best sandbars)
  49. plant a hydrangea tree (end of season clearance, lets hope she grows)
  50. work outside (freelance perk)
  51. drink my morning coffee outside (even while hanging laundry)
  52. sleep with the window open and the fan on (AC is for whimps)
  53. have friends stop by unannounced  (and brought Starbucks!)
  54. try a new local restaurant… or two … or three (and very local – North End is booming: EnVie, The Nook On Gottingen, Agricola Street Brasserie)
  55. watch a parade  (Oxford had better handouts, Pugwash had Gene)
  56. hear bagpipes (hard to avoid in Nova Scotia)
  57. walk on a beach  (happy to write: lots of times!)
  58. night swim
  59. make smores and eat them
  60. make rhubarb crisp with the rhubarb from the yard  (the happy weed)
  61. make tomato sauce with the tomatoes from my garden (smallest batch of tomato sauce ever)
  62. catch up to Sons of Anarchy (we caught up to Netflix, I count this as a YES but please, no spoilers)
  63. read a magazine outside (thinking about subscribing to Domino)
  64. wear heels (once!)
  65. wear jean shorts  (but not with heels)
  66. run on the Trans Canada Trail   (a few times, a few places)
  67. sleep in a tent
  68. stay in a hotel  (Cabot Trail Relay)
  69. have a yard sale (cha-ching)
  70. go to a yard sale (I bought a chair, people think it’s ugly but I see potential)
  71. paint the foundation of the house
  72. get blonde highlights  (what… it’s not natural?)
  73. register for a fall race (PEI Marathon! Gulp)
  74. walk along the Halifax waterfront (more than once)
  75. morning run along the Halifax water front (earlier the better)
  76. ride the ferry (date night with David)
  77. bike with David further than 3 blocks (from push bike to big bike without needing training wheels)
  78. get muddy (Evangeline Beach with some landlubbers!) 
  79. get sandy (hard to avoid with a #nssummer)
  80. play hooky from work (another perk to freelancing) 
  81. make devilled eggs (easier than I thought)
  82. lay in a hammock  (chez Ackerman’s)
  83. have cut flowers on the coffee table all summer (most of the time from the clearance bins at the Superstore)
  84. hill train one day every week  (I am not a believer, hill training works!)
  85. go to Cyclone 5 times in one week
  86. eat corn on the cob (the only way I will eat it)
  87. buy a new bathing suit (trusty Speedo)
  88. run through a sprinkler  (5:10/km pace)
  89. buy some art (and it is already hung)
  90. see Shakespeare by the Sea
  91. go on a trail run (discovered the Salt Marsh Trail system – all 32 km of it)
  92. finish a good book (A House in the Sky)
  93. ride a horse
  94. mini golf
  95. pick a summer song (Summer started with ‘Shot Me Down‘ by David Guetta and ended with ‘Shake it Off‘ by Taylor Swift)
  96. visit Kejimkujik National Park  (We spent a day at the Seaside park)
  97. take David to Citadel Hill
  98. fly a kite
  99. bike over the MacDonald bridge with David
  100. have David plan a prefect pre-first-day-of-big-school / end-of-summer-day (we rode the ferry and had a dinner date on the waterfront)

I missed 18 out of 100 (not bad, right?) … Sure, there are things I wish I did but summer was still awesome! I spent time with family and friends and discovered new places. I wore flip flops daily and enjoyed being outside as much as possible. I did not:

  1. swim in a lake (biggest regret of the summer)
  2. go in a sail boat (however mike showed me 5,877 sailboats on Kijiji we should of purchased)
  3. hike Cape Split (in my defence, it was closed half of the summer)
  4. go strawberry picking (I like the idea of it, more than actually doing it)
  5. watch an outdoor movie (regretting this one)
  6. accidentally get a sun burn (patting my back for failing this one)
  7. play corn hole (sorry Ava, we still owe you a cornhole table… bad friends)
  8. leave the province (why leave when you live in Canada’s Ocean Playground?)
  9. night swim (I sang the song, does that count?)
  10. make smores and eat them (smore what? … You’re killing me, Smalls!)
  11. paint the foundation of the house (opps…)
  12. go to Cyclone 5 times in one week (I blame Marathon training for this fail)
  13. see Shakespeare by the Sea (regretting this one)
  14. ride a horse (whomp whomp)
  15. mini golf (I suck, therefore I don’t)
  16. take David to Citadel Hill (Mike did, but I went as a wedding assistant… no one was named David)
  17. fly a kite (I watched other families fly kites and thought, gee, we should do that)
  18. Bike over the MacDonald bridge with David (I decided he may not be ready for this yet… the hill to and from the bridge is nasty)

So, #nssummer is done y’all! Thanks to those of you who tagged pics on Instagram. I have created a new one for autumn: #fall4novascotia

Lets do this! nssummer

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