three’s a charm. right?

I have finally decided to give the full marathon another go. It has been eight years and a lot has changed. Like, when I did marathon’s 1 and 2, I lived in Montreal, I didn’t have a kid, I didn’t have a dog*, I didn’t have any major commitments, I would go for a 3 hour run and no one really noticed (Mike was often still sleeping), I didn’t have GPS (I would make Mike drive around the city the night before a long run calculating distances with the car’s odometer. Actually, one of the only things that remains the same since that last time I ran a marathon is the car. Go VW!

I am now +8 years older and although my life is not thaaaat hectic (I mean really, I only have 1 kid and 1 dog and a supportive husband who lets me run as much as I want) it is still hard to fit in all of the training. I have kept up with running and enjoy doing a bunch of races every year but it’s been on my mind to do another full. Yes, it will be hard and yes I may will curse many times during the 42 kilometres but I get a t-shirt and chocolate milk at the finish line so I think it’s worth it.

Marathon 1 was epic. Philadelphia. Mike, my sister and my brother-in-law came for support and my parents and aunt surprised me by driving all the way from Nova Scotia to cheer me on. There is no better way to see a new city than run around it for four hours. Long story short, I finished in 4 hours and 16 minutes and mustered just enough energy to stumble up the Rocky stairs at the finish line for a fist pump. Marathon 2 was not so epic. Montreal. Mike and Henry cheered from what was literally our backyard. It was a course I had run almost every day and I was recovering from an ankle injury. I managed to finish in 4 hours 9 minutes and the highlight was the last 500 metres… we finished by running into the Olympic Stadium. The closest I will get to Olympic glory.

So what will marathon 3 bring? Well, I should start by registering. All talk no action. The plan is PEI – a little sentimental because it’s where I ran my first half. I know some others who plan to run but sadly, I am doing the full alone. I have been told to expect rolling hills and lonely trails. I really hope ‘rolling’ is an exaggeration and that my summer of HHH Training (Halifax’s Hellish Hills) will pay off. I am also hoping the wind will be much tamer than a certain red head we all know!

Now, as for goals… I have decided to set 5… the most realistic goals are listed first.

  1. Register
  2. Finish
  3. Finish in 4 hours and 30 minutes
  4. Get a personal best of 4 hours and 8 minutes
  5. Finish under 4 hours

Okay, #5 is pushing it for me… and I know that but I think it is important to aim high as you never know what you are capable of… and speaking of… I don’t win often… actually, I’ve never won before, but I did and now you can too! Wanna score a copy of Runner’s World Training Journal? I won a copy but I don’t think I need it. If someone out there wants to put it to use, please send me a message. I am addicted to my Nike+ Running and Runner’s World Smart Coach apps so I will just stick to using those.


And one final thing. I am working on a playlist. I try to pick songs that are fun, upbeat, nostalgic a little trendy and a lot cheesy. So here is what I have so far… Full disclosure: I don’t usually listen to most of this stuff but I do like it. Yes, even Pitbull! If you have any suggestions, I am eager to hear them as this playlist will start repeating before I finish. And don’t worry, Eye of the Tiger will be added for race day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.08.33 AM

Hopefully all will go well with the last month of training and I can make it to the start so I can get to the finish. Good luck if you have a race coming up too!

psst. If you are reading this and are thinking, gee i’d love to join Meghan for a 42 km tour of potato island, please join me! I’d love a buddy. I’ll even buy you a chocolate milkshake at the finish line in Charlottetown.

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*Henry (the dog) was around for marathon 2 and was actually a great training companion. He now prefers sniffing and walking more than running. 

13 thoughts on “three’s a charm. right?

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  5. The new Taylor Swift song – Shake it off. I’m trying to get back into running and that’s definitely got a good beat for running.

    Wish I could get the motivation to actually train for something longer than 5km 😉


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