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Hey all, Happy Labour Day. I have to work (womp womp) but, I thought it’d be fun to take a break and try a life lately post – a whole lot of pics which I’ve mostly kept on my phone and off Instagram – until now. The last few weeks have been busy…

Back to school shopping – he’s mostly okay with grade two. IMG_6091Lunch date at the Heartwood with my sister and niece. Their veggie burger is pretty amazing.
IMG_6092Edith is now + 6 weeks old and 6 x more adorable!  
I still won’t eat alpha sprouts (salmonella poisoning once) so they only stayed for the photo.
Summer soccer is a wrap. David’s fourth season at Halifax City Soccer Club.
IMG_6098Finally tried the ‘Montreal-style’ bagels at East Coast Bakery. Yum.
IMG_6102It was National Dog Day and Henry and I celebrated by lying on the grass together.
IMG_6114Long run, and for 27 km I thought about this:
IMG_6111David’s last day at Mic Mac Aquatic Club. Not a bad place to spend summer.
IMG_6116To celebrate the end of summer camp, we went to our friend’s house for a BBQ – I made a pie.
IMG_6108 IMG_6110Neighbour’s who make blueberry jam are good neighbours to have!
IMG_6122David decided to have a lemonade stand. He sold 25 glasses at $0.25/each and came home with $16 dollars. Apparently tips are good in the lemonade business.
IMG_6120We went to Pete’s Dragon. I teared up many times behind my 3D glasses.
IMG_6123I made beets and now salads are way better these days.
IMG_6121David, Henry and I took Mike and Amanda to Duncan’s Cove. It’s crazy-beautiful and very close to the city!
IMG_6124 IMG_6125 IMG_6126When you have to do a little work on weekends… this is how you do it.
IMG_6127I tried to play hooky twice – ended up working both days but still squeezed in a lot of fun. David and I had all-day breakfast at Baba Ghanouj Cafe and candy from the Freak Lunchbox. (psst. my eggs are on top of eggplant and that’s pickled turnip on the side!)
IMG_6132 IMG_6133Then the next day we biked to the ferry – and rode the boat over to Dartmouth for a date with Sarah and Libby at the Canadian Sprint Canoe/Kayak Championships.
IMG_6136 IMG_6137 IMG_6138IMG_6139Libby and David ran away with our phones and I found these pics later that day.
IMG_6148 IMG_6151 IMG_6164August is over and work is busy! Halfway through marathon training and trying to check a few more things off my 100 Days of Summer list!
IMG_6179If you love poached eggs as much as David and I do, learning new tricks to make them even better brings such joy (boil the egg for a minute then crack into a bowl then slide into the boiling water!)
IMG_6180I had a BAD long run so I needed this one to be good. I found 25 km of Heaven in Pugwash and ran happy the whole way. Phew.
IMG_6182 IMG_6183A field of sunflowers!
IMG_6190And the most camera-happy cows!
IMG_6197 IMG_6210Sometimes when you create a route online with, what looks like a road may not actually be a road (this was the better end of the 4-km trail)
IMG_6191My mom, G’love her, puts up with all my crazy running and follows behind on a bike regardless of the conditions.
IMG_6200I was born right here:
IMG_6198Pugwash has one of the best Saturday Farmer’s Markets.
IMG_6204 IMG_6209Edie looking very adorable in David’s old Oeuf chair
IMG_6216When camping got cancelled in August, I was determined to still sleep in a tent and eat camp-stove Kraft Dinner so we did it in my parent’s yard.
IMG_6217 IMG_6218So, I totally jumped on the cider train this summer. My current favourite:
Maureen (my aunt) and Mark’s garlic! If you want some, it’s for sale – let me know!
IMG_6221On our drive back to the city we stopped at a sheep farm but one of us had to wait by the car… I was happy to hang out with him.
IMG_6223That’s a wrap. I hope you’re enjoying the last bit of summer. It’s not over… just a wee bit cooler at nights.

I may try this again… let me know what you think.

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oh, life could be a dream

I was about to title this post Cottage Country until I realized I have already written not one, but two posts titled Cottage Country (here and here). Fire the editor!

It’s cottage season and these days, it seems like more and more people own cottages. We don’t but, every time we visit my parents on the Wallace River, I spend the drive home on scoping out what’s available in the area; my criteria being: Waterfront (river or ocean). Close to Pugwash but on the Wentworth side. Maybe Tatamagouche? Near the trails. Winterized for ski season… 

And then Mike reminds me that my parents have all that and more at their place, and it’s free, so why do we need to own a cottage? (love you mom and dad). So no cottage for us right now.

That doesn’t stop me from dreaming, and for as long as I can remember, my dream has been to own/build an A-Frame. There are actually two A-Frames in my ideal cottage location that I have been eying and if one goes up for sale I may loose my mind.

Below is an assortment of drool-worthy A-Frames. Cue the music and enjoy!


A. / B. / C. / D. / E. / F. / G. / H. / I. / J. / K. / L. / M. / N. / O. / P. / Q. / R. / S. / T. / U. / V.


Oh, and not an A-Frame but I had to share: The Pool HouseHelloSunshine_ThePool House

If you are curious to know what’s available in my ideal cottage location for under $250K (waterfront) check these out: $49,000 / $189.900 / $199.000 / $199.000 (horse not included) / $248,500

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meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

meanwhile_6 meanwhile_1 meanwhile_8 meanwhile_9 meanwhile_4 meanwhile_2 meanwhile_5 meanwhile_7 meanwhile_3

Totally sold by marketing

Happy Canada Day and have a great weekend! I’m in Pugwash – where I have spent almost every Canada Day of my life. july1

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little hiker, big hills : good idea?

Oh man. It is coming… S U M M E R

Time to figure out David’s schedule-of-fun.

Top priority: GET OUTSIDE

We are looking at doing almost the same thing as last year… because why rock the boat when it was smooth sailing?

There are 9 weeks to cover. NINE WEEKS! Why am I not a teacher?!?  Why did I grow up? 

Weeks 1 / 2 / 5 / 6 / 8 : Micmac Aquatic Club Camp: I am from Waverley. Meaning, once a Cheema girl, always a Cheema girl but the club is a bit out of the way so last year, we discovered the day camp at Micmac Aquatic Club where you drop your child off in the morning and they get to swim, kayak, war canoe and play all day (supervised)! That’s how I spent every summer as a child (minus the supervised part) and I was convinced it was the best plan for my child. Obviously, he loved it. Bonus, it is an easy drop off location for Mike on his way to work and quite possibly one of my favourite places to run in the city.

Weeks 3 / 4 : Canada Games Centre Swim Program Camp: Winter, Spring and Fall we sign David up for 9-week swim lessons but in the Summer we can cram a session into a 2-week camp. The camp costs more than 2 weeks at Micmac but you get a full lesson out of the deal. Unfortunately it means I have to drive him there… and as a work-at-homer, I do not like driving during rush hour… even when it is against traffic.

Week 7 : Nana and David in Pugwash: My mom has graciously offered to take David for a week. Pugwash is paradise in the Summer and she has a few fun plans up her sleeve including the beach, the river, camping and a trip to the Fundy Geological Museum!

Week 9 : …TBD… Years ago (we’re talking 2000-2001), Mike and I hiked Cape Chignecto twice. The first time we went in and out of Refugee Cove… which is no joke (especially when you neglect to bring a stove and end up surviving off a few cinnamon buns and cold oatmeal)! The following year, we invested in a stove and hiked the loop in three days (two nights). At the time, the last section of the trail was not complete so we did about 40 out of the full 50 km loop – and even had a moose visit our tent! It has always been our plan to go back and complete it. Is 2016 the year? Can a 7-year-old handle it? We never take time off in the summer – mostly because I get extra hours covering other people’s holidays – but I’d like to try a family back country hike. As much as I love making memories with friends, Mike and I are not car campers – our gear is not for car camping and we’d like to give this a try. David may hate us. We may not make it. It may be the worst idea ever but at least we will be outside!CC.OverviewWhat about you – What are your Summer plans?
Have you hiked Cape Chignecto? How many nights? Where did you camp?
Can a 7-year-old handle it?

Here we were… way be then. Babies. IMG_5249IMG_5251IMG_5250IMG_5248

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winter is coming

I dislike winter, but I think I dislike Game of Thrones More….

Still friends? Moving on.

Fall is over. Done! Did you accomplish everything on your list? I didn’t but that’s okay. After all, It is the time of year when you should be thankful for all of the amazing stuff you DID accomplish this year and start planning all of the things you will and won’t attempt to do in 2016. That list is coming… but today, I’m looking back at what happened from October 1 to December 21 – Feeling it. Falling for it

  1. Write 2-3 posts a weekYes! Mostly two but was anyone counting?
  2. Wallpaper something – No. I will keep adding this to my lists until I actually do it.
  3. Paint somethingYes! We still have not tackle our bathroom update but I painted my sister’s bathroom vanity. Chalk paint for the win.
  4. Run a marathonYes! Chicago. (warning, Chicago comes up often on this list)
  5. Rake leaves – Yes! And in all honesty, I’d rather shovel. Say it ain’t so. 
  6. Carve a pumpkin – Yes! We asked random trick-or-treaters who’s pumpkin was the best and David won. So much for the classics. 
  7. Avoid all things pumpkin flavoured. Unless in a pie – Yes! I ate a slice of pie and avoided everything else despite the marketing overload. 
  8. Visit the beach – Yes! We went for a walk on the Gulf Shore in Pugwash on a beautiful fall day.
  9. Sharpen the skates and skis – No. But we need to. The Oval is opening soon and Mike is checking the webcam at the ski hill daily.
  10. Visit the valley – Yes! Amanda and I took David to the valley in search of some pumpkins and fall foliage.
  11. Conquer a corn maze – Yes! At the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. They have nothing on the size of both the maze and the stalks in comparison to the valley. 
  12. Pick apples – Meh. We did go to the valley to pick apples but didn’t actually pick apples. We picked out apples from the local market in the valley and I did pick some crab apples off the ground of my backyard.
  13. Make apple pie – Yes! Yum. 
  14. Watch season 1 of Game of Thrones – Yes! We are on season 4.
  15. Make my 2016 calendars – Yes! I’ll show you later.
  16. Make my 2015 holiday cards – Yes! And a newsletter too.
  17. Make David’s halloween costume Yes!
  18. Dress up for halloween – Yes! I was a cowgirl.  
  19. Dye my hair pink – Meh. I bought pink hair chalk.
  20. Drink cider – Yes!
  21. Travel via train, plane, automobile (and boat) but no need to watch the movie – Yes! In Chicago
  22. Visit a new city – Yes! Chicago.
  23. Buy a souvenir – Yes! A Christmas ornament. It’s my souvenir of choice when travelling. 
  24. Visit a museum –Yes! Chicago.
  25. Throw a party – Yes! a taco party.
  26. Swim laps – No. Like wallpapering, I will keep adding this to my lists until I actually do it.
  27. Declutter & update my sock and underwear drawersMeh. I have purged. Now I need to restock. 
  28. Hike a new trailYes! It wasn’t Everest but when we visited the valley, Amanda, David and I went on a lovely little hike through a park – there were turkeys and bunnies and ducks; oh my!
  29. Try a new restaurant in Halifax – Yes! Lot Six and Temple Bar Cocktails and Kitchen
  30. Make soup – Yes! Ina Garten’s Easy Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Croutons

24 Yeses, 3 Mehs and 3 Nos… I’ll take it as a win. I am actually excited for a new season and especially excited for a new year. Have a safe and happy holiday and may you check everything off your list!

IMG_3908Fall on the Golf Shore, Pugwash Nova Scotia. Taken with my iPhone.

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