Summer halftime folks.

It is August so … I think it is a good time to pull out your summer must-do list and evaluate your progress. Back at the beginning of June I wrote mine here and now let’s see what’s left.

  1. host a back yard social
  2. bike to the Seaport Market
  3. swim in a lake
  4. swim in the ocean
  5. swim in the river (Wallace River)
  6. mow the lawn
  7. paddle a canoe (on the Wallace River)
  8. drive a motor boat
  9. go in a sail boat
  10. go for a run then jump in the water right after  (Wallace River)
  11. stroll through the Public Gardens
  12. sit around a camp fire (at an engagement party)
  13. go on a road trip (Cabot Trail Relay)
  14. hike cape split
  15. hike the small loop of the bluff with the boys (although 10km is no small feat for a 5 & 6 year old)
  16. go for ice cream
  17. go strawberry picking
  18. make strawberry jam
  19. make strawberry shortcake
  20. eat from a food truck
  21. get a pedicure
  22. have dinner and drinks on an outdoor patio
  23. watch an outdoor movie
  24. dance
  25. plant a vegetable garden
  26. run in a raceor two … or three (BluenoseCabot Trail Relay)
  27. go to a wedding
  28. buy a sundress
  29. go tubing on the wallace river
  30. make potato salad
  31. accidentally get a sun burn
  32. get a bug bite
  33. play corn hole
  34. play croquette
  35. play washer toss
  36. eat peas from the pod
  37. have a picnic
  38. see Cape Breton
  39. lay in the grass
  40. roll down a hill
  41. buy patio furniture
  42. eat a popsicle
  43. leave the province
  44. build a sand castle
  45. watch David play soccer
  46. eat lobster (post Cabot Trail Relay reception)
  47. swim with Henry across the river
  48. walk on a sand bar
  49. plant a hydrangea tree
  50. work outside
  51. drink my morning coffee outside
  52. sleep with the window open and the fan on
  53. have friends stop by unannounced
  54. try a new local restaurant… or two … or three
  55. watch a parade
  56. hear bagpipes
  57. walk on a beach
  58. night swim
  59. make smores and eat them
  60. make rhubarb crisp with the rhubarb from the yard
  61. make tomato sauce with the tomatoes from my garden
  62. catch up to Sons of Anarchy
  63. read a magazine outside
  64. wear heels
  65. wear jean shorts
  66. run on the Trans Canada Trail
  67. sleep in a tent
  68. stay in a hotel  (Cabot Trail Relay)
  69. have a yard sale
  70. go to a yard sale
  71. paint the foundation of the house
  72. get blonde highlights
  73. register for a fall race
  74. walk along the Halifax waterfront
  75. morning run along the Halifax water front
  76. ride the ferry
  77. bike with David further than 3 blocks
  78. get muddy
  79. get sandy
  80. play hooky from work
  81. make devilled eggs
  82. lay in a hammock
  83. have cut flowers on the coffee table all summer (so far, so good!)
  84. hill train one day every week (so far, so good!)
  85. go to Cyclone 5 times in one week
  86. eat corn on the cob
  87. buy a new bathing suit
  88. run through a sprinkler
  89. buy some art
  90. see Shakespeare by the Sea
  91. go on a trail run
  92. finish a good book (A House in the Sky)
  93. ride a horse
  94. mini golf
  95. pick a summer song
  96. visit Kejimkujik National Park
  97. take David to Citadel Hill (mike did)
  98. fly a kite
  99. bike over the MacDonald bridge with David
  100. have David plan a prefect pre-first-day-of-big-school / end-of-summer-day

Not bad. Not great but I feel like I can check a few more big ones off the list before Labour Day. How about you? Any big summer must dos still left on your summer list? Git’er done well it’s still hot! photo

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Photo: Taken with my iPhone: That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm, Economy, Nova Scotia.

6 thoughts on “halftime

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  2. let me remind you that our cottage is still on offer to you as a thank you for all that flooring you gave us. If you use it, you could check off several items…. namely # 35,43,51,58,63,76 and potentially a few others 🙂


    • It would be dreamy! Are you still thinking about an October weekend. It will be past my summer deadline and a little too cold for night swimming


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