10 things I miss most about having a dog

I miss Henry like crazy – he was the best dog ever! Now that it has been three months, I’m sharing 10 things I miss most about having a dog:

  1. Walking through the door: It’s hard to enter the house without yelling hello Peach. He was never one to come running, and often he’d be hiding, but we always said hello.
  2. Cutting a slice of cheese: Henry’s favourite food was cheese – he’d always get a slice or two.
  3. Going for a walk: What’s the point? Seriously, what’s the joy of walking without a dog?
  4. The woods/park: There’s nothing more lovely than watching a dog run off leash, ears flapping – it’s hard going to the park without him. I also bust out a smile when dogs pop their head out a car window, but Henry never did that.
  5. Home alone: Working from home without someone to talk to and commiserate with is rough (dare I say ruff). Henry never liked it when I swore at my computer, so I much better behaved with him around.
  6. Bread bags: What do you do with empty bread bags and flyer bags?
  7. Mornings: Henry and I were both fans of mornings together. I miss that.
  8. Opening a can of tuna: I guess the tuna water goes down the drain now?
  9. Throwing sticks and finding tennis balls: It was like winning the lottery when Henry found a tennis ball on a walk. Now when I see an abandoned ball, I get excited, then sad.
  10. Pillow talk: He was a great pillow, I’d often end up on the floor with my head on his belly asking him for advice. I miss this the most.

I am working really hard at finding joy in these days without him, but there are moments when I’d rather wallow than adapt. On his last day, I wrote that I have never loved anyone unconditionally as much as I love Henry and I stand by this. Kids can be awesome. A family is amazing. Friends are great, but Henry was the one that never wore me down or broke my heart. He never talked back and was never a disappointment. People do this; I do this; we all do this.

He was a rescue dog, and as cliché it is, I rescued him but he rescued me. It was the best adventure.

I hate not being a dog family. I am scared that I want another dog, but I hate that it won’t be Henry, which is why I LOVE the dog episode (Cynology) of Ologies. Please listen – it’s so good. I went back and listened to it again today and here is one of the best things I ever heard (grab a tissue and start at 1:09:35) – it explains why every dog is the best dog ever. Waaaa!

“Who has the best dog in the world? We all do” – Brandon McMillan

I’d love to hear why your dog is the best dog ever. xo

PS. Don’t worry my cat-loving friends, Ologies has a cat episode too which makes me want a cat.

2 thoughts on “10 things I miss most about having a dog

  1. Get another. You are a dog person, don’t fight it. I found that I honor the memory of the dogs we had to put down in 8/18. We said, “Maybe we will just wait until something comes along or it will be better without dealing with them. We are older now.” That lasted less than thirty days. Adopted a rescue Wiemaraner . Getting shots at the vet, she found a pal in what supposed to be a two year old mixed Beagle. They become selections 20 and 21 of our lifetime dogs together. They are part of us. A part I missed exactly because of your 10 Things. Thanks for the reminder.
    Woody Edmiston


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