10 things I miss most about having a dog

I miss Henry like crazy – he was the best dog ever! Now that it has been three months, I’m sharing 10 things I miss most about having a dog:

  1. Walking through the door: It’s hard to enter the house without yelling hello Peach. He was never one to come running, and often he’d be hiding, but we always said hello.
  2. Cutting a slice of cheese: Henry’s favourite food was cheese – he’d always get a slice or two.
  3. Going for a walk: What’s the point? Seriously, what’s the joy of walking without a dog?
  4. The woods/park: There’s nothing more lovely than watching a dog run off leash, ears flapping – it’s hard going to the park without him. I also bust out a smile when dogs pop their head out a car window, but Henry never did that.
  5. Home alone: Working from home without someone to talk to and commiserate with is rough (dare I say ruff). Henry never liked it when I swore at my computer, so I much better behaved with him around.
  6. Bread bags: What do you do with empty bread bags and flyer bags?
  7. Mornings: Henry and I were both fans of mornings together. I miss that.
  8. Opening a can of tuna: I guess the tuna water goes down the drain now?
  9. Throwing sticks and finding tennis balls: It was like winning the lottery when Henry found a tennis ball on a walk. Now when I see an abandoned ball, I get excited, then sad.
  10. Pillow talk: He was a great pillow, I’d often end up on the floor with my head on his belly asking him for advice. I miss this the most.

I am working really hard at finding joy in these days without him, but there are moments when I’d rather wallow than adapt. On his last day, I wrote that I have never loved anyone unconditionally as much as I love Henry and I stand by this. Kids can be awesome. A family is amazing. Friends are great, but Henry was the one that never wore me down or broke my heart. He never talked back and was never a disappointment. People do this; I do this; we all do this.

He was a rescue dog, and as cliché it is, I rescued him but he rescued me. It was the best adventure.

I hate not being a dog family. I am scared that I want another dog, but I hate that it won’t be Henry, which is why I LOVE the dog episode (Cynology) of Ologies. Please listen – it’s so good. I went back and listened to it again today and here is one of the best things I ever heard (grab a tissue and start at 1:09:35) – it explains why every dog is the best dog ever. Waaaa!

“Who has the best dog in the world? We all do” – Brandon McMillan

I’d love to hear why your dog is the best dog ever. xo

PS. Don’t worry my cat-loving friends, Ologies has a cat episode too which makes me want a cat.

nothing is more lovely than these 10 little things

Today’s the day to celebrate love and for me, nothing is more lovely than these 10 little things:

  1. Being the first one up in the morning and drinking a cup of coffee in silence
  2. Summer days when it’s between 21 – 28 degrees all day and all evening
  3. Christmas trees and outdoor lights
  4. Being near water
  5. Spontaneous plans that actually happen
  6. Sport montages and dance scenes in movies
  7. Finish lines and cheering for people – especially kids
  8. Patio drinks
  9. Seeing inside someone’s home for the first time
  10. Listening to a podcast or reading a blog and nodding in agreement because you’re jusssst like them!

Have a lovely day! Treat yourself to a coffee and pick up some of those grocery store tulips, you deserve it!

photo by me, artist unknown (Vancouver)

10 words i’m not fine with

We can all agree that the worst word ever is panty, right? Especially when said by a man. Panty, panties, pantyhose, pantyliner, etc., they’re all terrible words that should not exist. Either wear underwear or wear nothing at all. Do not wear panties.

Here are 10 more words I can’t handle:

  1. FINE: Fine thanks, you? No one should ever aspire to be fine. It’s like no wall wants to be beige.
  2. FEBRUARY: Nothing against Pisces, I just think the spelling is problematic. What’s up with that R? Do we need it?
  3. STEW: Both the noun (I hate chunky soup (also see #10)) and the action. Do not stew on anything, make a damn decision.
  4. MOIST: I never liked the band because the word makes me uncomfortable. Sorry Erin Mac, I know you were a fan.
  1. FART: hate hate hate hate hate. Hate.
  2. BRAIN FART: Is this even related to a FART? Not only does it NOT make sense, but it’s also gross.
  3. A’INT: He ain’t heavy… he is NOT heavy.
  4. ARSE: Bums are soft and cushiony which is why the hard ARRRRR in arse doesn’t work for me.
  5. SPECIFIC: Is there a word more complicated to say on the first try?
  6. CHOWDER: Especially fish chowder. Creamy + chunky + cut up fish. I just can’t. That said, I put on my big girl panties and tried a bread bowl this winter. It was fine, but I felt like I was going against all of my moral values.

Honorable mention: CBC’s pronunciation of Shhhhedule, Shhhocial Shtudies, etc. Do you think it makes you sound more pretentious? Because it doesn’t.

There are more. So many more, but let’s not stew on this for any longer.

10 things i am not sure of

So this is embarrassing.

Are you too one of those people who hasn’t bothered to figure things out… We’re not talking evolution or rocket science, more like how does a thermos know what to do (hot/cold)?

Let’s take a minute to think about the 10 things we really don’t get. Here are mine:

  1. Stem cells. What the heck are these and what’s the research all about?
  2. Amazon. I am all about online shopping but I really don’t understand Amazon. Why are my coffee filters $50? Why is shipping so much? The prices are all over the place and don’t even get me started on Prime.
  3. Are the fiddle and violin the same thing? Growing up on the East Coast makes me think they’re totally different instruments – you play a fiddle in the kitchen and the violin is played in a concert hall. BUT ARE THEY THE SAME THING!!?!?
  4. Algebra. Have I done this? High school was foggy. I have no clue what algerbra is but it sounds hard.
  5. Everything to do with banking and taxes. Everything.
  6. Action movies. Just me, or is the plot always complicated. Please don’t ask me to summarize Deadpool, The Matrix or Mad Max.
  7. The fax machine. Of all the technology, it’s the coolest. Right? HOW DOES IT WORK! Don’t even get me started on how stressful printers are – everytime I press command+P I say a little prayer that things will work out.
  8. Grammar (not specific to English): I blame French immersion for this one but really it’s my own fault that I’ve gone this far without a solid understanding of sentence structure. Also, when do you say learnt, ever?
  9. The Cloud. Does anyone understand the cloud? Where the heck are all my photos?
  10. Nutrition. For the amount of running I do, you’d think I’d figure out if I’m getting enough protein (I’m not) and what’s a carbohydrate? I am pretty sure it’s not just bread. Should I eat chicken or am I doing okay?

Share your answers! Better yet, please share the things you don’t get!

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10 things january

Hello mid-January. How’s everyone doing?

Here are 10 things that are on my mind right now. Feel free to weigh in.

  1. What’s Bitcoin? Should I take the time to learn or, like Snapchat, should I not bother?
  2. Should I eat poultry again? I’m liking the idea of a Sunday roasted chicken = weekday sandwiches.
  3. Prioritizing Rest & Reflectionthis was a good listen.
  4. Wonder. Watch this movie with your kid.
  5. Bulleting. Seeing this makes me really want to find time to work on my journal!
  6. Do I need to go to the Black Forest to buy my cuckoo clock or will anywhere in Germany suffice?
  7. City or country? Sarah has me questioning country life but, that house is seriously bonkers.
  8. Can I mentally and physically run the Bluenose full marathon? Kilometers 36-39 are in my neighbourhood and that’s just wrong.
  9. Aziz. Reading about this has been hard. What do you think? (this and this)
  10. What will be my February goal? January is +10,000 steps a day.

Illustration by Evgenia Makarova

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