meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: jump in.

  • What Moms’ Post-Pandemic Fantasies Say About Us All… “Just a tent, some candy, and a pillow to scream into. Maybe bring along some girlfriends and their screaming pillows, you know, to realign our cycles and howl.” (Romper)
  • I am not sure I am invested enough in Edward to read this (The Guardian)
  • Wow, I hope this happens: That Fake ‘Fresh Prince’ Reboot Might Actually Get Made Now (No Film School)
  • The New Dating Timeline: Comparing Before-Times to 2020 (Man Repeller)
  • The Fixer Upper is coming back (Magnolia)
  • Dyslexic or not, an ugly font is still an ugly font! Is Comic Sans Easier for Dyslexic Users to Read? (Creative Market – via Erin)
  • What does a more feminist city look like? (The Lily)
  • Masks, Toilet Paper, and Thermometers Transform into Miniature, Outdoor Adventures by Artist Tatsuya Tanaka (This Is Colossal)
  • Lack of school and child care could mean losing ‘a generation of working parents’ (CNBC)
  • Playful Duo Captures the Fun and Joy of Interacting With Architecture (My Modern Met via Kristin)
  • Adding this to my want to read list, YA always, xox. (Bookshop)
  • Dissatisfaction can be a source of creativity. But sitting with this feeling is uncomfortable. It makes us second-guess the intentions of a project. Does it ever go away? (We Are Collins)
  • A Love Letter to All the Overwhelmed White People Who Are Trying from That White Lady Who Shared the Starbucks Video (Medium)
  • Dear Parent or Guardian… Re: YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT’S REOPENING SURVEY (McSweeney’s)
  • Dear School Board… Re: WTF are you doing right now to prepare to be better?

Until we meet again, xo


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