stairway to heaven

If Heaven was a staircase, it’d look something like this:


Having a runner is on my wish list, however it is a tad pricy and I am currently okay with my purple stairs. Well, technically they are Benjamin Moore Black Raspberry:


When we first moved in, our stairs were already painted chocolate brown with white risers but after a few years of people and dog traffic – plus a major renovation – we decided to paint the stairs. I voted on purple and have no regrets. The one problem I have however, is that they always look dirty. We have a Golden Retriever and live in a city obsessed with salting their sidewalks. Despite our endless effort to keep the salt out of our home, the stairs always looks terrible.

So, I am going for the bandaid solution. Cover the worst parts with a pretty rug. Henry (dog) likes to lye on the landings (we have two landings) and I often think it’d be easier for him to get up and down with a bit of carpet support under his paws.

Dash & Albert offer a variety of indoor/outdoor and wool 2′ x 3′ rugs that have received great online reviews. Right now, I’ve narrowed it down to twelve fantastic options but need to keep the following in mind when I make my final decision.

  • Dog friendly (can hide golden fur and muddy paw prints)
  • Fun. if you have purple stairs you can’t settle with a boring rug over top.
  • Compliments (but not too matchy-matchy) the runner in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs (Urban Outfitters Zigzag rug in grey)


A. Canyon Kilim Woven Rug / B. Chalet Stripe Wool Woven Rug / C. Cricket Indoor/Outdoor Rug / D. Diamond Graphite/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor / E. Elizabeth Green Indoor/Outdoor Rug / F. Gunnison Indoor/Outdoor Rug / G. Happy Yellow Stripe Indoor/Outdoor / H. Rhapsody Wool Woven Rug / I. Scooter Indoor/Outdoor Rug / J. Stonover Stripe Wool Woven Rug / K. Toluca Stripe Indoor/Outdoor / L. Trimaran Stripe Graphite/Fieldstone Indoor/Outdoor

Let me know which one you’d pick!

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Photo credits: Photo of stair runner / purple stairs taken with my iPhone / all floor plan rugs

4 thoughts on “stairway to heaven

  1. They are all so pretty! I love the idea of a runner on our stairs as well, but there are so many in our house to cover! B, c, d and g are my favorites!


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