it’s going down (and up)

Over two years ago I wrote about my purple stairs and now, I am happy to say the day has finally come, phase two is complete – we have a stair runner!

Henry, our dear Golden is turning 11 this week so safer, gripier stairs have been on my mind as he has cataracts and has become a little slower and more nervous going downstairs in the mornings. I spent some time researching options online but in the end, I could not consider anything other than Dash & Albert. I’ve heard so many great reviews and the colours and patterns were hard to match (plus a company that puts dogs front and centre has my approval).

Luckly I discoverd the Halifax store Bellissimo is a supplier and I was able to see samples in person and even take some home to see how they’d look over our stairs. And, after a lengthy debate, my heart was set on Stone Soup. stairrunner_1Once we knew which one we wanted, the tricky part was figuring out how much we needed to order. Our stairs have two landings and since we were installing it ourselves, we were not going to get too fancy with diagonal cuts and turns on the landings.

Here are our measurements:

  • 11 treads (at 10.5″ each) : 10.5 x 11 = 115.5″
  • 14 risers (at 8.5″ each) : 8.5 x 14 = 119″
  • two landings (3′ x 3′ each) = 36″ x 2 = 72″stairrunner_2

I emailed Dash & Albert and they replied with this helpful formula for quantity:

((Rise + Run) x Number of Stairs) + ((Rise + Run of Additional Landings) x Number of Landings) = A

A ÷ 12 = number of feet needed

Which meant, we’d need one 12 foot and two 8 foot runners for our stairs! stairrunner_3

So our rugs arrived months ago and have sat in our basement waiting for the big reveal but summer came and interior home reno projects got pushed aside until last week when I hinted to Mike that we needed to get back into finishing a bunch of things that were half done. The list is long friends.

Obviously he took my words seriously because when I got home from a saturday morning run, everything was out and ready to go! DIY game time:stairrunner_4Turns out, it was actually not that hard – we didn’t loose it on each other and had the project was done in less than 5 hours. We laid a grip under the two landings and applied two strips of carpet tape on each tread and one strip on each riser. We used a staple gun to secure everything, which pinch in the lip of each tread nicely:stairrunner_5 stairrunner_6 stairrunner_7The rug was trimmed and folded under at two points but it’s hard to noticestairrunner_8 stairrunner_9Hello colours! David always asks why I choose to paint almost our whole house white and this is why… you get to have purple stairs and striped runners y’all! stairrunner_10 stairrunner_11 Oh, and the birthday boy is happy too.stairrunner_12

psst. I am not thinking of painting our bathroom door Purple to match the stairs since most of the purple is now covered. 

Here are some great step by step posts about installing a Dash & Albert Runner:

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stairway to heaven

If Heaven was a staircase, it’d look something like this:


Having a runner is on my wish list, however it is a tad pricy and I am currently okay with my purple stairs. Well, technically they are Benjamin Moore Black Raspberry:


When we first moved in, our stairs were already painted chocolate brown with white risers but after a few years of people and dog traffic – plus a major renovation – we decided to paint the stairs. I voted on purple and have no regrets. The one problem I have however, is that they always look dirty. We have a Golden Retriever and live in a city obsessed with salting their sidewalks. Despite our endless effort to keep the salt out of our home, the stairs always looks terrible.

So, I am going for the bandaid solution. Cover the worst parts with a pretty rug. Henry (dog) likes to lye on the landings (we have two landings) and I often think it’d be easier for him to get up and down with a bit of carpet support under his paws.

Dash & Albert offer a variety of indoor/outdoor and wool 2′ x 3′ rugs that have received great online reviews. Right now, I’ve narrowed it down to twelve fantastic options but need to keep the following in mind when I make my final decision.

  • Dog friendly (can hide golden fur and muddy paw prints)
  • Fun. if you have purple stairs you can’t settle with a boring rug over top.
  • Compliments (but not too matchy-matchy) the runner in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs (Urban Outfitters Zigzag rug in grey)


A. Canyon Kilim Woven Rug / B. Chalet Stripe Wool Woven Rug / C. Cricket Indoor/Outdoor Rug / D. Diamond Graphite/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor / E. Elizabeth Green Indoor/Outdoor Rug / F. Gunnison Indoor/Outdoor Rug / G. Happy Yellow Stripe Indoor/Outdoor / H. Rhapsody Wool Woven Rug / I. Scooter Indoor/Outdoor Rug / J. Stonover Stripe Wool Woven Rug / K. Toluca Stripe Indoor/Outdoor / L. Trimaran Stripe Graphite/Fieldstone Indoor/Outdoor

Let me know which one you’d pick!

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Photo credits: Photo of stair runner / purple stairs taken with my iPhone / all floor plan rugs