winter is here for a good time, not a long time

Or should I say : winter is here for a long time, not a good time.

I was listening to This American Life‘s episode DAY AT THE BEACH yesterday – they interviewed a woman who moved to Venice Beach California primarily to escape winter. She now works as Metre Maid, handing out parking tickets all day and loves her job. Why? Because she lives in Venice Beach! Any job in which you get to spend the day walking along the California Coastline sounds pretty good to me.

Guys, I’ve entered the winter funk. I am tired of bundling up, I am sick of salt on my boots and floors, I curse the cold and I am just all over grumpy. Usually this hits in January, but I have made a bit of an effort to embrace the season.

photo 3

So, with it being mid-February, lets recap.

  • Mike got me a ski helmet and ski pants – that’s a good start
  • I back flipped off a sled and seriously hurt my back (people with a rod attached to their spine are not meant to bend that way!)
  • We had a family curling day over Christmas – a fun positive winter experience

family curl

  • Winter running has been minimal due to the extreme cold or messy morning conditions
  • My iPhone does not work outside in the winter. If that’s not a sign… what is?
  • We went skating at the Oval… once
  • We had a family day at the ski hill


  • And, mom and I went snowshoeing


I am pretty proud of most of this but am really ready for it to end. I close my eyes and imagine sockless days and backyard glory. As always, I never ever complain about summer heat. xomeg

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