cold case

Winter is here. And with it comes the start of ski season.

To make the cold weather more bearable, I’ve recruited a new ski bunny to join me on the slopes and she asked me to make her a list of what to wear on and off the hill when we go away for a week in March.

The thing with skiing in the Maritimes is the weather is very unpredictable and usually pretty wet. Our winters are windy with high precipitation and it gets cold! Not a dry cold like other parts of Canada but an under-your-skin damp cold.

Fun right? Not always, which is why if you’re going to face this climate, you best be prepared and bundle up.

I’ve had the same ski jacket for more than ten years so I’m on the hunt for something which will keep me warm but look good and I have been eying the winter jackets from Fjällräven Canada.


I love wearing a light padded jacket with a shell on the slopes. The shell keeps the wind away and I stay toasty with the padded jacket underneath. If the sun comes out and the day warms up, off goes a layer! The Iceland Anorak is a great choice for every day wear – plus, I love the side zips and the big front pocket.

So with my new jackets picked, here are my On The Slopes and Après Ski essentials for our ski holiday:


  1. Fjällräven : Women’s Keb Eco-Shell Jacket
  2. Fjällräven : Women’s Keb Padded Jacket
  3. Burton : Women’s anon. Insight Goggles
  4. Smith : Women’s Holt Helmet
  5. Helly Hansen : Women’s Warm Freeze 1/2 Zip
  6. Helly Hansen : Women’s Warm Pant
  7. Smart Wool : PhD Slopestyle Medium Wenke Socks
  8. Fjällräven : Gear Duffel
  9. Smart Wool : Women’s Isto Sport Sweater
  10. The North Face : Women’s Sally Pants
  11. Fjällräven : Keb Fleece Balaclava
  12. Burton : Women’s GORE-TEX Mitt + Gore warm technology


  1. Fjällräven : Women’s Iceland Anorak
  2. Oakley : Women’s Forehand Sunglasses
  3. Lululemon : Women’s Studio Pant III (Lined)
  4. Fjällräven : Kiruna Beanie
  5. Fjällräven: Totepack No. 1
  6. Sorel : Women’s Out N About Leather Duck Boot
  7. Towsen : Après Ski Sweater

Happy trails!

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the new bunny on the block

According to Facebook, it snowed in Calgary yesterday. Oh so sucky…

It is technically still summer and even though I taught my son to say “in Summer, we do NOT talk about winter”, I feel the need to start planning my new ski wardrobe. Yes, ski wardrobe. If I am going to hit the slopes, I am going to dress for it. My top requirement is warmth but I don’t want to look like a rent-a-rebel so here’s some stuff I’ve found online: Ski

Hopefully a trip to the States in the fall will land me to a pair of skis. My current pair are about twenty years old, long and straight – you know, the kind you’d see on a vintage travel poster… Anyway, I already have a jacket, ski pants and helmet but it is still fun to shop around. d13dc0547b6be2b117f51b4c554d5fa6

I think I am mostly excited about skiing because I am going through a bit of runner’s fatigue. A lot of long lonely runs have worn me out so once my races are over, I should be more positive about layering up.

How about you? Any big plans to deal with winter?

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Grindelwald poster found here

A. Burton [ak] 3L Hover Mitt*** / B. Von Zipper Skylab Snowboard Goggles / C. Patagonia Women’s Powder Bowl Jacket / D. Patagonia Women’s Merino 3 Midweight Zip Neck / E. Patagonia Women’s Pom Beanie / F. Rossignal Sassy 7 Skis / G. Patagonia Women’s Down Sweater Vest / H. Helly Hanson Women’s Warm Freeze 1/2 Zip / I. Sorel Women’s Caribou Boot / J. Burton anon. Wren Helmet / K. Patagonia Women’s Los Gatos Fleece Vest / L. The North Face Women’s Freedom LRBC Pant / M. Patagonia Midweight Ski Socks / N. Clip-on ski pass holder / O. Roxy Glimmer Bottoms / P. Granted Clothing Mountain Range Sweater / Q. Helly Hanson Ski Bag 2 / R. Helly Hanson Boot Bag / S. Rossignal Kiara Sensor 80 Boots

* Yes, these mitts are crazy expensive… Mike swears they are the warmest thing out there. I have self-diagnosed Raynaud’s Disease so they may be worth it. 

winter is here for a good time, not a long time

Or should I say : winter is here for a long time, not a good time.

I was listening to This American Life‘s episode DAY AT THE BEACH yesterday – they interviewed a woman who moved to Venice Beach California primarily to escape winter. She now works as Metre Maid, handing out parking tickets all day and loves her job. Why? Because she lives in Venice Beach! Any job in which you get to spend the day walking along the California Coastline sounds pretty good to me.

Guys, I’ve entered the winter funk. I am tired of bundling up, I am sick of salt on my boots and floors, I curse the cold and I am just all over grumpy. Usually this hits in January, but I have made a bit of an effort to embrace the season.

photo 3

So, with it being mid-February, lets recap.

  • Mike got me a ski helmet and ski pants – that’s a good start
  • I back flipped off a sled and seriously hurt my back (people with a rod attached to their spine are not meant to bend that way!)
  • We had a family curling day over Christmas – a fun positive winter experience

family curl

  • Winter running has been minimal due to the extreme cold or messy morning conditions
  • My iPhone does not work outside in the winter. If that’s not a sign… what is?
  • We went skating at the Oval… once
  • We had a family day at the ski hill


  • And, mom and I went snowshoeing


I am pretty proud of most of this but am really ready for it to end. I close my eyes and imagine sockless days and backyard glory. As always, I never ever complain about summer heat. xomeg