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It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Be honest, do you have something like this prepared? And I am not talking about a surplus of toilet paper. (lifehacker)
  • And speaking of toilet paper, this is a very emotional piece about tubeless wipes. Grab a (clean) tissue and read on (NYT)
  • What’s the line between parents/schools/society trying to scale back ac­ademic pressure and children not needing to be accountable for much these days? Optional spelling tests, meal choices, no-win-games—it’s all very confusing. (Motherwell)
  • I need to rework my bucket list: 12 Life Goal Categories (Glide)
  • Cool job posting: Lower Manhattan Explorer in Chief
  • I’m not one to judge—it could have been me (Vice)
  • Lots of juicy information here including Write at the right time. Sharing something at 5pm may keep someone at work longer. You may have some spare time on a Sunday afternoon to write something, but putting it out there on Sunday may pull people back into work on the weekends. Early Monday morning communication may be buried by other things. There may not be a perfect time, but there’s certainly a wrong time. Keep that in mind when you hit send. (Basecamp)
  • “Leaving and Waving,” is nearly three decades of good-byes traditions—the photographer’s parent’s waving goodbye as she drives away. (New Yorker)
  • I feel like this would entice me to drink way more wine… also, does anyone else think that those who purchase this are not needing their wine to stay preserved for 90 days? (Design Milk)
  • Still not watching Love Is Blind but very much relate to the emotions of TV watching (Man Repeller)
  • “Can I Sub This For That?” … NO! (bon appetite)
  • How to make a zine from a single sheet of paper (Austin Kleon)
  • So working from home is a #privilege. I am #blessed. True, but before you jump on board, let me tell you, it ain’t always sunshine and good times—especially when you’re freelancing and not riding on the perks of a company. (NYT)

Happy March Break—we’re heading out on our annual Sunday River adventure… maybe… not sure at this point because the news is moving fast. Faster than the virus. I’ve been asked 1,000 times in the last week if we’re still going and it’s stressing me out. Kind of like when you’re pregnant and everyone has an opinion… everyone has an opinion about this. The thing is, I don’t think there is a right answer because no one knows what’s (and where) going to happen next. If we stay home, Mike could be just as likely to catch it in his office of 200 people or what about all the camps and daycares.

It’s a shitshow out there and perhaps skiing, outside, with a balaclava covering our faces may be the smartest decision for all. That said, I’m not meaning to sound like a selfish prick—if need be, we will turn the car around—if need be, we will self-quarantine—if need be, we will stay home and do as we are told. I hope everyone is extra kind this weekend. Be safe and fucking wash your hands!


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