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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • How the granny panty (underwear) reentered the zeitgeist (Vox)
  • In Defense of Home Cooking (swissmiss)
  • Speaking of which, I made this for the first time, ever! – Recipe Off-Roading with Martha’s famous one-pot pasta (Food52)
  • Let’s Hear It for the Average Child. In this season of prizes and trophies, we salute all the students whose talents lie outside the arena. (NYT)
  • The oceans are in crisis, thanks in part to the beauty industry, but brands are slow to reduce pollution and regulations are sparse — so what now? (Refinery29)
  • Plus, I showed this to David so he can understand a bit more about plastics and sunscreens prior to our trip (Refinery29-YouTube)
  • And, Haha: Vancouver Market Uses Embarrassing Plastic Bags to Shame Customers Into Using Their Reusable Bags (Laughing Squid)
  • The Important Difference Between Loneliness and Solitude (Man Repeller)
  • The rise of meatless meat, explained (Vox)
  • I bet this would be beautiful to see in person (This Is Colossal)
  • The 25 Best High School Movies … I love them all but where is Pump Up The Volume? (The Ringer)
  • CBC Kids asking the best questions (according to Raptors’ Kyle Lowry (USA Today)
  • PB&J Blender Pancakes sound amazing (Running on Veggies)
  • Gratitude literally transforms your brain (Ideapod)
  • Gabe did not lose that fight. She just ran out of days. ♥️ (Sports Illustrated)
  • He’s our collective embarrassing little brother with too much energy, and our mom isn’t keeping him in line, and he’s really humiliating us in front of all the older kids at school. We know. We know… He often, literally, toes the line on the court. What is he exactly? Court jester? Mascot? Part owner? Purposeful distraction to whip the other team up? Who cares. Just let us have him. You get enough. Just give us this one thing. Toronto sports teams, Canada as a whole on a global scale, culturally — we don’t get a lot despite our plentiful but largely ignored contributions. We gave you Schitt’s Creek and you haven’t shut up about it since. Just let us have this. (BuzzFeed)
  • SCHITT to live by (life lessons and motivation for all of us)

Have a fantastic weekend!


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