thirty six

All around me people are turning 36. Last week was Mike’s birthday and he’s not the first to roll over this hump. Do you have a scary age? The age you dreaded turning? For me it was 26. I think it was because it meant I was closer to 30 than 20 and that seemed old but now that 36 is approaching, I am feeling the same uneasiness all over again. But really, what is old? For me, right now, I feel old when… I am at the gym and I realize I could be the mother of some of the girls in the class, my child can turn on Netflix without my help and high school ended eighteen years ago (which is more years than the age I was when high school ended)!

So this is depressing… but I’d like to blame February for the mood funk. To get myself feeling better about 36 I am creating a list of 36 things to do before I turn 36. It’s going to be hard because my birthday is less than four months away and I am not great at having fun in the winter but I am going to work hard and making this time suck less. Feel free to hop on board any of these adventures. (in no particular order): 36 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I TURN 36.

  1. Paint a room
  2. Wallpaper a room
  3. Go to the art gallery (for real)
  4. Get a pedicure
  5. Relax on the beach with a magazine
  6. Run in a race
  7. Go snowshoeing
  8. Go on an airplane
  9. Ski moguls
  10. Sell five items on Kijiji
  11. Finish 4 books
  12. Brunch at Edna Restaurant
  13. Visit the ocean
  14. Learn how to rug hook
  15. Swim
  16. Walk in point pleasant park
  17. Hike Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  18. Choose a signature drink
  19. Make homemade rolls
  20. Go to Field Guide for a drink
  21. Make a chocolate cheesecake
  22. Build a sand castle
  23. Host an outdoor FNPN
  24. Take a kickboxing class
  25. Take a carload to Value Village
  26. Go for a bike ride
  27. Explore a new park / beach or trail in Nova Scotia
  28. Visit a new store in Halifax… like this one
  29. Barbecue
  30. Buy stain to paint the patio
  31. Go for a run with a friend
  32. Ride the yellow slide at the Canada Games Centre
  33. Skate at the Oval at least once more
  34. Print and frame a photo
  35. Open the windows and put out the patio furniture
  36. Go dancing

As I was working on this list, Mike showed me this!!! Seriously, there is a little part of my who would love to be in the military just for the training so how amazing would this be? I doubt this could happen before I turn 36 but if anyone wants to join me for a weekend of hell, let me know. Maybe I will put it on my things to do before I turn 40 list.

Update: I am physically snow bound today in Pugwash today. The roads are not ploughed, I forgot my laptop charger at home and ran out of magazines however, the good news is we have snowshoes. Checked one item off the list already! IMG_2060

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gift guide for the guys

I have six guys to shop for this year and they range in the age of nine to +60… Because I am a little overwhelmed, I decided to make an inspiration board to get me on the right track. Similar to my favourite things post, I am keeping everything under $50 because even thought I love them all, I have a budget. My guys are a mix of sporty, laid back and enjoy a nice bevy. They ski, snowboard, swim, play soccer and eat good food but may not always be the chef…

Please let me know if you have more great ideas. And if you think you are one of my six, sorry for the potential spolier. For the boys

A. Hunky Dory Beer / B. Burton Lightweight Crew / C. Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck cookbook / D. NHL Hockey Passer  / E. Brasil sandals from Havaianas / F. Flannel Sleep Pants / G. You Earned It Bottle Opener / H. Scotland Yard Boardgame / I. Penball Football Erasers / J. Apple Magic Mouse / K. Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky / L. Souper Pho-Reak Tee / M. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF 15 / N. Yurbuds Inspire 400 Earphones  / O. Looking Good Comb / P. Team Canada White Hockey Ball / Q. You Dirty Dog Soap / R. Burton Party Socks / S. VILLEROY & BOCH Set Of 2 Blended Scotch Tumblers / T. Cards Against Humanity

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50 under 50 favourite things

My friend wrote a post about Oprah’s Favorite Things. (Yah, I know you remember it; best show of the year although, I always felt sorry for the suckers who had tickets for the taping right before or right after that one.) … Anyway, Monique’s* post was about the ridiculous prices of some of Oprah’s favourite things and I have to agree! Then I got my weekly email from Goop featuring her annual gift guide which was equally nuts so I thought it’d be fun to do my own favourite things/wish list but keep all items under $50. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what your favourite things are… Especially if you are on my list!

Fav things