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Gift ideas for a girl like me… a mixuture of home sense, sports, comfort and style… I’ve got you covered!

15 things i found & pinned to the want boardwish-list

  1. THE FUTURE IS FEMALE : lets keep fighting the fight (25% of t-shirt sale proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood)
  2. And speaking of women, this book is on my wish list : In The Company of Women
  3. Also a good page turner that I need to read for the book club I just joined
  4. A new ski jacket : my current jacket is old – perhaps a new one will make me a better skier?
  5. L.L.Bean’s Wicked Good Slippers : i can’t get over my slipper bootie crush
  6. smart phone vase : how awesome would this be in a guest room? I don’t have a guest room but still…
  7. Or maybe a Heath Ceramics Multi-Stem vase : beautiful colours and simple designs
  8. Cactus Coasters : i don’t think I need to justify why this is amazing
  9. A comfy but stylish turtle neck sweater : because i am always cold and i am no longer planning to move to California for at least 4 more years
  10. A photogenic rack : because I like to take pictures of cookies
  11. Sage Aromagem diffuser : because i want to jump on the bandwagon that smells good
  12. A really nice throw like one of these from Caroline Z Hurley
  13. Running mitts : really warm running mitts (not gloves)
  14. Adorable ballet flats + great packaging + great colours = approve
  15. Calvin Klien Body Modern Cotton Fitted Sheet : sleeping on bedsheets that are as comfy as CK underwear sounds like a great idea!

Let me know what’s on your list!

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a few (more) of my favourite things

In 2014 I made a 50 under 50  favourite things list… it was epic and in my opinion, it still holds up:


So this year I am back with more things I love which may or may not be more than $50

10 more things I love, but they ain’t cheap fav-things-r

  1. Hello Anna: I love my bottle opener. Amanda gifted her to me years ago and she’s never failed! Easy to use and fancy enough to keep on display so you never need to go rummaging through your gadget drawer in a moment of panic.
  2. And Speaking of wine, we are sharing a Case of Compassion from Feed Nova Scotia with Mike’s parents for the holiday festivities. Drinking for a good cause sounds like a great idea!
  3. I loved my SPIbelt… I miss my SPIbelt. I lost it on my travels and replaced it with another brand which is not as great. It was an awesome companion on long runs, carrying my phone, gummies, etc. and fit so nicely that I never felt it bouncing or moving.
  4. Cusinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor: I have had this for 10 years and it has survived many pestos and baby food creations – it’s small but mighty and I give it a big thumbs up.
  5. Booties: I just got these Clarks Taylor Shine Somerset Chelsea Boots on sale but I also love the Sam Edelman Petty in black. I think I need both.
  6. Tivoli Audio Model One radio: Another item from our 10-year club but still sounding strong – it’s pretty basic, and you can get more bells and whistles but it works well and plays daily in the kitchen.
  7. Mac Mini: We got a Mini four years ago when we ditched the cable. Although an Apple TV works great for Netflix, I love the Mini because it holds all of our movies and it links to our other devices. We keep it under the TV and it can take CDs, DVDs and USBs…etc. easily. There are times in life when you need a YouTube dance party, and the Mini delivers.
  8. Longchamp Large Tote Bag Le Pilage: The bag that can hold many (many) things but always make you feel classy. I love mine for traveling and think it’s a great alternative to a diaper bag if you are in need of a diaper bag.
  9. Le Creuset 4.2L Round French Oven: Le Creuset is amazing for cooking but even more amazing to clean. You can burn a full pot of soup in there and it will all just wash away in a jiffy. I love this size for making sauces and soups and especially risotto.
  10. Gym membership at Cyclone Group Fitness: I will be the first to tell you I don’t go as often as I’d like but when I do, I love it! Group fitness classes are a treat – especially when I spend so much time running alone. Find a gym that makes you happy – I like barre / TRX and spin which is why this place works for me!

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this ol house

Our house is almost 100 years old – built in the early 1920’s, shortly after the Halifax Explosion.

When we moved in eight years ago, the house had only one previous owner who had recently passed away. The family freshened up the house for selling by pulling out all of the dated pieces and restoring the original details which gave the home its character. I have no shame is saying they did exactly what they needed to do to convince a gal like me the house was absolutely perfect… And for a few good months, I kept that thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved this house and the neighbourhood, but I quickly found faults: No closets, small bedrooms, no open space, darkness, rot, dampness, etc. and by the time David was born, less than two years later, Mike and his Dad tore off and rebuilt the back mud room that was rotting. Next up, the bathroom! And after spending a few weeks in a house without a full bathroom and an eight-month-old baby, we realized we were the type of people who could conquer any renovation thrown at us!

Why not rip apart the entire main floor, dig out a basement, and replace all the windows? Hire a contractor from hell and go wild! Who needs a kitchen when you have a retro toaster oven and a bathtub? We lived upstairs above all of the dust and chaos for seven months when David was three. It was nuts but worth it when all was said and done.

Since then, we’ve scaled back on renovations but have done some landscaping and updates to David’s room and our bedroom room.

Now that it has been over four years things are starting to need a little TLC.

I read about the idea of creating a WHOLE HOUSE TO DO LIST on Young House Love and thought it’d be fun to write one for our home.

So here is the list. Some big. Some small. Some that will happen. Some that likely won’t:

Main Floor:

  • Paint the stairs (they’re chipping) and add a runner (not sure if they will stay purple)
  • Wallpaper the powder room
  • Repaint the hallway
  • Paint the playroom – keep it as a playroom or make it an office?
  • Replace the broken TV unit
  • Build built-in shelving for the playroom
  • Replace the broken pane of glass on the french door
  • Replace the coat rack in the front room with wall hooks
  • Fix the under cabinet lightening in the kitchen
  • Paint the bathroom door deep navy?
  • Replace the rug in the living room
  • Replace the hallway rug
  • Replace the coffee table – move coffee table to basement
  • Add more pictures to the gallery wall
  • Fix the clutter problem with the closet under the staircase and add lighting
  • Mount the TV or fix it so it looks like it is not supposed to be mounted


  • Finish building the laundry room
  • Paint the stairs
  • Paint the railing
  • Mount the TRX
  • Buy a deep freeze
  • Build shelving for the old basement storage
  • Declutter!
  • Move the washer and dryer out of the new basement and into the laundry room that needs to be finished
  • Add baseboards and repaint the new basement
  • Install the Flor floor tile carpet we have
  • Furnish the basement so it’s an awesome rec. room

Second Level:

  • Fix the cracks in the walls… plaster woes
  • Paint the bathroom
  • Fix the window trim in the bathroom
  • Replace the bathroom mirror
  • Replace the current hallway linen cupboard with a floor to ceiling closet (but account for the attic opening)
  • Figure out a plan for upstairs…
    A. Move the office down to the current playroom and make the current office a closet. This will give us a proper guest room.
    B. Move the office to the current closet/guest room and bust out the wall between the current office and our bedroom to make a bigger bedroom with a closet.
    C. Move David’s to our current room, keep the office where it is and bust out the wall between the current closet/guest room and David’s room to make a big master bedroom with a closet.
    D. RENOVATE: Build out on top of the flat roof to make a big master bedroom with a closet and ensuite that wraps around David’s room. Move the window in David’s room to accommodate this. Keep the office where it is and make our current bedroom the guest room.


  • Get a swing for the front porch
  • Hang the mailbox
  • Stain the decks
  • Get a hanging flower basket for the side entry
  • Move the vegetable garden
  • Get a new outdoor dining set
  • Install a lap pool
  • Add outdoor lighting to the shed
  • Add tall grass to the back of the backyard
  • Get a new BBQ
  • Get a mechanical shade awning in the backyard
  • Finish sealing the patio stones

I know, it seems like a lot of stuff right? But I think it’s smart to write it all down so we can keep track of our goals and priorities. We probably won’t get a lap pool but it doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of our wish list!

Do any of you have a crazy list like this or is it too overwhelming to write down? Let me know!
IMG_0557IMG_0562IMG_0605IMG_0650IMG_0972IMG_0973IMG_0997IMG_1016IMG_1018IMG_1087IMG_1165IMG_1175psst. If you like what you’re reading, please subscribe and share. xomeg

10 under 10 stocking stuffers

You asked for it. You got it.

After reposting last year’s 50 Under 50 Favourite Things list, my friend Anna suggested a 10 Under 10 Stocking Stuffer list. Ok!

Here are ten awesome items, all under $10.00, for the little and big kids in your life:

Stocking Stuffers


Lego 8pcs Super Heroes figures ($7.18)

Shopkins – Season 3 – 5 Pack ($7.99)

Mud Puddle and other mini books by Robert Munsch ($1.99)

Nutcase Bicycle Bell ($9.50)

2-pac Dot Socks ($7.20)

Crayola 16 Pip Squeak Markers ($6.49)

Geo Form Diamond Shaped Wooden Puzzle ($10.00)

WinnWell Street Hockey Balls ($1.99 each)

MEC Newbie Kids Sunglasses ($10.00)

Star Wars Pez Dispensers ($3.36 each)

Big Kids

Rose Salve Lip Balm ($7.70)

Beer. A bottle fits nicely in a sock. This is my pick ($8.00)

MEC Turbo Red LED Light ($6.75)

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($7.79)

Feed Nova Scotia – A New Kind of Light CD ($10.00)

Cocoa Camino Fair Trade Instant Hot Chocolate ($6.75)

e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color ($4.99)

HotHands Hand Warmers 10 Pair Value Pack ($7.99)

Made in the Maritimes Seaweed Soap ($7.50)

Nautical Letterpress Bookmark at Inkwell ($3.00)

* * *

Oh, and don’t forget to add a clementine, toothbrush and lotto tickets in all the stockings!

* * *

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care!IMG_3997IMG_3998Mike and I made our stockings when we first moved in together … 12 years ago … and we’re still fighting over who’s better. My mom made David stocking – which is the better than both of our combined because it’s bigger and wool expands better than felt. My mom knit/felted these as well: IMG_3994IMG_3993 IMG_3995Happy stocking stuffing to all and to all a good night.

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Damn. Summer is over y’all! Please don’t take it personally when you see me with a RBF between now and Victoria Day Weekend. It’s not you, it’s Winter.

Although I thrive in Summer, I am not going to be a downer – there are great things to look forward to in the months ahead!  Plus, it is an excuse to start a new to-do list… which is in the making of course.

But first, without further ado, it is time to recap the 100 Days Of Summer (Volume 2) list:

  1. swim in a lake* – Yes! I even tried wake-surfing (but failed).
  2. swim in the ocean – Yes! However the tide was out so it was more like skimming than swimming.
  3. swim in the Wallace River – Yes! During a high-humidity summer rainfall with my mom, David and Henry.
  4. go in a sail boat*
  5. hike Cape Split* – Yes! David, Mike, Henry and I went this weekend. Note: Next time we will be smart and bring water and food – It was 8km one way. Opps. 
  6. go strawberry picking* – Yes! My sister and I took the kids. We were in a field on the Amherst Shore with a view of the ocean. Beautiful.
  7. make strawberry jam – Yes! 48 jars.
  8. watch an outdoor movie*
  9. play corn hole*
  10. play croquette – Yes! With my family it is extreme croquette
  11. play washer toss – Yes! Win: No!
  12. night swim* – Yes! By myself in the Wallace River at 9:30 pm. I felt like little Reece Witherspoon in the movie Man on the Moon...
  13. make smores and eat them* – Yes! Aimee has set the smore bar high y’all.
  14. have a campfire and sing a campfire song – Yes! I sang to baby Evelyn and she didn’t cry. We also experience a campfire drum session at Keji which was fun.
  15. roast veggie dogs over a campfire – Yes! And sometimes if I pretend really hard, it’s like I’m eating real campfire hotdogs.
  16. leave the province* – Yes! We travelled to Belle Isle Bay, New Brunswick for some awesome cottage time with our neighbours.
  17. accidentally get a sunburn* – Yes! A few unprotected runs but not as bad as the heat burn I endured.
  18. buy a rash guard – Yes! From J.Crew.
  19. train for a marathon – Yes! Less than two-weeks to go!
  20. sleep in a tent– Yes! Note: We need a bigger tent.
  21. go to Cyclone 5 times in one week– Yes! 3 classes in one morning + 2 evenings.
  22. see Shakespeare by the Sea*
  23. ride a horse* – Yes! I am counting this as a yes – I joined David’s class trip to Hatfield Farms and we rode in a wagon pulled by two horses.
  24. mini golf* – Yes! And I won.
  25. take David to Citadel Hill* – Yes! It was the first time in a long time I actually toured the Citadel as a visitor and really enjoy it.
  26. fly a kite*
  27. bike over the MacDonald bridge with David– Yes! On the last Sunday before it closed.
  28. picnic at the ocean – Yes! At Taylor Head Provincial Park (see #37) and the beautiful beaches around Pugwash.
  29. picnic at Public Gardens – Yes! We dined on ice cream.
  30. do a kart-wheel – Yes! I am no Ellie Black but I did one.
  31. go the the Bicycle Thief – Yes! I had fresh halibut, cast iron seared, cherry tomato & hot pepper sugo, fresh cilantro, crispy lemon risotto cake.
  32. clean my black car (mike told me to put this in) – Yes! Mike did most of the work but I have maintained her beauty.
  33. make iced coffee – Yes! Delicious.
  34. run laps (speed work) at least three times – Yes! I ran to the oval and did laps.
  35. hill train once a week – Yes! Once-a-week at the Pit in the North End.
  36. run in 5 races – Yes! The Bluenose (half) Marathon / Cabot Trail Relay / Brigadoon’s Wine & Dash / Not Since Moses / Rum Runners Relay
  37. visit Taylor Head Provincial Park – Yes! A beautiful beach but too long of a drive.
  38. jump on a trampoline – Yes! We bought one for the backyard – come over for a bounce any time.
  39. redecorate our bedroom – Yes! See here.
  40. plant a vegetable garden and enjoy its bounty – Yes! Lamest garden ever… but I ate a bean or two.
  41. plant basil and make pesto – Yes! My basil was one of the only things that did well.
  42. run the golf shore loop (again) – Yes! And I did #64 right after.
  43. make rhubarb pie – Yes! Some of the rhubarb was from our yard and some was from a market. It’s my favourite pie.
  44. host a women and whiskey night – Yes! Kind of. For book club I made the girls a whiskey drink. I was the co-host so this counts.
  45. eat a banana split – Yes! I did not like it.
  46. kayak down the river – Yes! Another dreamy day on the Wallace River.
  47. tube down the river – Yes! Same day as #3
  48. play sandbar soccer
  49. eat on an outdoor patio – Yes! A lunch date with Sarah and Libby, a back to school dinner date with David and some other times in between.
  50. drink on an outdoor patio – Yes! Stillwell’s beer tent on the Waterfront is a great new addition to the city – I went twice.
  51. hang out on the Halifax waterfront – Yes! See #50
  52. go to Shubie Park – Yes! I did a long run through the whole park and walked it a few times too.
  53. go to Point Pleasant Park – Yes! Many runs and a few dates with David and Henry.
  54. drive in a convertible
  55. buy a summer dress – Yes! From J.Crew.
  56. wear summer dresses everyday for a week – Yes! All dressed up and nowhere to go.
  57. wear heels – Yes! I am a flip flop girl. I go from boots to flip flops with an occasional Converse-day thrown in the mix but I wore heels around the house one day. True story.
  58. hear bag pipes – Yes! If you live in Nova Scotia and did not hear bagpipes this summer I’d be shocked. See #59
  59. watch a parade– Yes! Canada Day in Pugwash, Natal Day in Halifax.
  60. dance – Yes! Amanda and I went on a retro party boat cruise. It was amazing.
  61. visit the new North End farmer’s market – Yes! I bought a few vegetable plants.
  62. have a taco party – KIND OF… No, I did not have a taco party BUT yes, I started planning for a taco party in November. Who’s coming?
  63. sell 5 things – Yes! A baby carrier, a kids tunnel, a stroller, clothes, books, a bike seat and a car seat. See #99
  64. go for a run and jump in the water right after – Yes! See # 42
  65. bike to the skate park and watch David in the skate park (this was David’s request) – Yes! We spent the morning hanging out. It was great. See #100.
  66. watch fireworks – Yes! At the cottage in New Brunswick.
  67. watch 500 Days of Summer – Yes! The namesake to my list.
  68. watch Dirty Dancing – Yes! “Me? I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of what I saw, I’m scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.” –Baby
  69. make a spiralized dinner (this) – Yes! I even bought a spiralizer.
  70. start and finish Jill’s bathroom makeover – KIND OF… No, I did not finish BUT yes, I started.
  71. attend a party – Yes! Jill and Alex had a housewarming party.
  72. go to 2 movies – Yes! At least. Pitch Perfect 2, Spy, Inside Out
  73. make ice cream sandwiches – Yes! Homemade chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream.
  74. finish my rug hooking pillow – KIND OF… No, I did not finish BUT yes, all of the hooking is finished. I just need to form it into a pillow.
  75. cheer on David’s first triathlon – Yes! At Bedford Days. Proud mom moment.
  76. play hooky – Yes! A few times. I did a lot of my long runs on Fridays, visited my family in Pugwash, beach days and play days. Perks of being freelance.
  77. read a magazine outside – Yes! Anthology and Style at Home.
  78. read a non-fiction – Yes! The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
  79. read a fiction – Yes! The Carnival at Bray and Everyday.
  80. eat from a food truck – Yes! I ate a grilled cheese at Halifax Press
  81. only use the clothesline – Yes! An indoor rack when the weather was not co-operating.
  82. try rock climbing
  83. buy new running sneakers – Yes! I love my Saucony Kinvara 6.
  84. visit a cottage – Yes! See #16
  85. drink beer from a cooler – Yes! See #16
  86. drink a road rocket. “kidding”
  87. run across the bridge before they close it to pedestrians (June 29) – Yes! Sniff sniff.
  88. ride the ferry – Yes! We rode the Halifax-Dartmouth ferry and a drive-on ferry across Belle Isle Bay.
  89. get muddy – Yes! Not since Moses.
  90. get sandy – Yes! Many beach days.
  91. ride a slip & slide
  92. ride a water slide – Yes! At the Canada Games Centre.
  93. visit magic mountain
  94. hike Cape Breton Highlands National Park – Yes! I ran down French mountain.
  95. get highlights – Yes! Thank you Cindy at Hair Garden.
  96. go to a yard sale – Yes! I didn’t buy anything. See #99
  97. watch a sunset – Yes! Simply the best in Pugwash.
  98. watch a sunrise – Yes! Many early morning runs.
  99. declutter – Yes! I am getting much better at this. See #63
  100. have David plan a prefect pre-first-day-of-big-school / end-of-summer-day – Yes! See #65 and #45
    * 2014 not completed 

Final score: 86 completed, 11 incompletes and 3 kindofs (#62/70/74).

What I missed and how I feel about it (note: 5 of these were also fails from 2014)

  1. go in a sail boat* When Mike buys a sailboat this will happen all.the.time.
  2. watch an outdoor movie* The plan was to do this in the backyard. The plan failed.
  3. play corn hole* Mike needs to make one; poor Ava.
  4. see Shakespeare by the Sea* Maybe it is Shakespeare, maybe it’s just me.
  5. fly a kite* Mental note: Must buy a kite so I can make this happen in 2016
  6. play sandbar soccer: I blame this on the tide schedule this summer. Or my poor packing skills. No ball. No soccer.
  7. drive in a convertible: I blame this on my boring friends – none of whom own a convertible.
  8. try rock climbing: I got paranoid I’d break my leg.
  9. drink a road-rocket: I blame this on Mike, he says even a ride-on lawnmower is illegal.
  10. ride a slip & slide: True story, I broke my middle-finger on a slip & slide when I was a kid. Haven’t been on one since.
  11. visit magic mountain: Sometimes the thought alone of visiting a family amusement park makes me queasy.

I think did good… I am happy, mostly because looking back, it was an great summer. Until next year.

100 days of summer 15

Click here for the 2014 recap

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