when i’m out walking…

I strut my stuff and I’m often wearing earpods – most likely listening to a podcast. They’re so good. Nothing is more enjoyable than talking to others about a recent episode however, nothing is more embarrassing than catching yourself laughing or smiling at something you heard from the voices inside your head / ears and a passerby gives you the awkward glance. Cray-cray. 

Here are my top 10: 

DEATH, SEX & MONEY: Probably my favourite. I have a huge crush on Anna’s voice. She’s so great and engaging and I love all of her interviews. Here is a good episode.

THIS AMERICAN LIFE: I am pretty sure anyone who listens to podcasts, listens to This American Life but for good reason – I laugh and cry often over the stories!  This was the first episode I listened to and was hooked!

REPLY ALL: Kind of geekey – a show about the internet but often very good. Like their most recent episode.

RADIOLAB: Listen to The Living Room. It will draw you in and rip you apart.

CRIMINAL: My mom and I like to swap Criminal stories. It’s not just about criminals but law and law enforcement. This story about a K9 police officer and his dogs got to me.

LAINEY GOSSIP SASHA ANSWERS: I’m +10 year faithful Lainey girl so when a podcast came out I subscribed right away. (I have always hoped her daily blog could be available in audio hint hint).  Sasha Answers often makes me blush, feel uncomfortable and laugh but then, there are episodes like this that make me go whoa! Shit just got real.

MYSTERY SHOW: There are only 6 episodes but they are all really good! So fun! I always wanted to know how tall Jake is and what Britney was reading and why? Is this cancelled? Please come back.

WOMEN OF THE HOUR: Lena! she is so great as a podcast host – I hope she comes back for more episodes. Listen the the episode Body about about our relationships to our bodies.

SERIAL: Who didn’t listen to Season 1? It’s the podcast that made podcasts popular. Season 2 was not as good but I will still jump on the season 3 train if it happens.

YOUNG HOUSE LOVE HAD A PODCAST: They’re probably better and DIY and blogging than podcasting but I still listen and enjoy. Especially when they interview design celebrities like Grace Bonney! Although a podcast doesn’t have photos (obviously) – they are really great at providing links to everything they talk about online.

I also have also enjoyed and often check in with:

SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING: This was a great Canadian listen however in the end (spoiler), I don’t think the title of the podcast makes sense… just me?

MODERN LOVE: I love the stories. Sometimes I wish the episodes were just that rather than the followup interviews but sometimes it’s worth listening to the end.

CASEFILE TRUE CRIME: I have listened to a few and they’re good but I find him hard to hear so I often get distracted and miss key points.

2 DOPE QUEENS: These ladies are hilarious… perfect medicine for gloomy days.

Please let me know if there are any I should add to the library! 

walking with aden

I have this awesome little guy I want you to meet:DSC_0882 copyAden! He’s one of my favourites! No doubt.

Aden loves his family and the drums and he is sure to say hello to you in the most friendliest way whenever you see him. Aden just turned five and in a few weeks he’s helping to host a walk to raise awareness about Williams Syndrome.

Williams syndrome (WS) is a genetic condition that is present at birth and can affect anyone.  It is characterized by medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning disabilities.  These often occur side by side with striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music.logo

I’ve known Aden since the day he was born and have been lucky to spend time with him on family vacations to Florida and camping. We’ve had a lot of fun watching him grow and become such a great kid.

As I mentioned, Aden and his family are hosting a walk for the CAWS (Canadian Association of Williams Syndrome) on June 11 in Bedford, at the Dewolf Park, to raise awareness about Williams Syndrome. There will be live music, face painting and food. Please come join us! 
2013-2015 copy DSC_0711 copyCheck him and his mom out on the morning news, what a rock star:

CTV News Atlantic – Williams Syndrome

DSC_0796 copy

For more information about the walk and Williams Syndrome, please visit here.

The Canadian Association of Williams Syndrome (CAWS) provides support to Williams syndrome individuals and their families. To advance and assist education, research and knowledge of Williams Syndrome and to participate in research projects and efforts. CAWS assist those with WS in achieving their full potential through advocacy, education, scholarships and a sense of community. CAWS support families as they move through the stages of initial diagnosis, through the school system and as they enter adult life and new experiences like finding employment and housing.

Their goals are:

  • To support research into the educational, behavioural, social and medical aspects of Williams syndrome.
  • To increase awareness of Williams syndrome and the CAWS organization so individuals with Williams syndrome and their families don’t feel alone as they endeavour to help the individual reach his or her potential.
  • To become visible to the medical scientific, educational and professional communities by providing information on Williams syndrome.

CAWS is a registered non-profit organization in Canada.

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