wtf wtr?

Dear friends,
What’s the deal with Valentine’s Day at schools in Nova Scotia this year?
As a design mom I NEED to know if the Work-To-Rule is stopping v-day celebrations. I sure hope not – we all need a little extra love these days!
No judgement or options here, more so a question on whether I should bother putting the time and effort into making customized cards. And, how do I get my hands on the class list?
Making cards is my thing. A warmup for future science fair projects. Hell-to-the-no am I about to buy drugstore cards when I got a BFA!
And furthermore, like teachers, what I thought my job was going to be when I went to school is not actually what my day-to-day is (so much paperwork!) so designing cheesy cards for kids is my happy place.
Let me know.
Love Meghan

meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

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Have a lovely long weekend and happy VALENTINE’S DAY! Here are David’s this year. My printer needs serious maintenance but I am too cheap to do anything about it. Please excuse the streak marks.

valentines 2015-fish

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