nothing is more lovely than these 10 little things

Today’s the day to celebrate love and for me, nothing is more lovely than these 10 little things:

  1. Being the first one up in the morning and drinking a cup of coffee in silence
  2. Summer days when it’s between 21 – 28 degrees all day and all evening
  3. Christmas trees and outdoor lights
  4. Being near water
  5. Spontaneous plans that actually happen
  6. Sport montages and dance scenes in movies
  7. Finish lines and cheering for people – especially kids
  8. Patio drinks
  9. Seeing inside someone’s home for the first time
  10. Listening to a podcast or reading a blog and nodding in agreement because you’re jusssst like them!

Have a lovely day! Treat yourself to a coffee and pick up some of those grocery store tulips, you deserve it!

photo by me, artist unknown (Vancouver)

lovely ideas

I would not put Valentine’s Day at the top of my favourite holiday list but I do enjoy red, pink and hearts in small doses. In our house, we do not go crazy with decorations nor do we plan an extravagant date night but, I do enjoy making a heart-themed window banner and designing some Valentines for David’s daycare.

Here’s the plan:

banana valentine

I also did this one as an alternative:

light valentine

But I think I will go with the Banana because then I can do this:

photo 1

photo 3

And, if you are one for buying lovely stuff for your lovely, here is a collection of items I found online. How apropos! xomeg


A. Je t’aime collier de mes rêves* / B. Graphic print in Red / C. A heart chair / D. A HOT and SPICY treat for your hottie / E. I can’t say I like this table, but it fits the occasion perfectly / F. Chocolates are a go-to for the holiday and Junior Mints are the best / G. What says I love you like office supplies? / H. I Love You Mug / I. Forget Valentine’s Day, I will take this TIC TAC table any day! / J. Nelson Marshmallow Sofa under your bottom, yes please / K. A V BALL for V DAY / L. For writing all of those love notes / M. Nothing is more lovely than sending mail / N. 1-800-1LOVYOU / O. In case your love is not permanent, go for a temporary tattoo / P. Blush blush