tie a ribbon around any ol tree

Wedding Wednesday!

An affordable and easy idea to decorate an outdoor ceremony location is ribbon hanging from a tree.

All you need is ribbon and a tree.

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Pick ribbon in colours that match your wedding – mix and match colours, patterns and widths and simply tie them to branches on the tree. You can even hang them at different lengths. And, when the party is over, save the ribbon and use it again!

Here are more ribbon ideas I found on online:

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o christmas tree

Ceramic Christmas Tree… O how I love thee. DSC_0621

I love seasonal decor… I only wish I had more space to store it and a bigger budget to buy it. Seriously, I can’t get enough. But despite all the decor I’d love to own, without any doubt, my favourite Christmas decoration will always be my Ceramic Christmas Tree.

When my grandmother passed away, it was the first thing I thought of when asked if there was something special of hers I’d like to have to remember her by. And now, seeing Nanny Kay’s Christmas Tree on my mantel, brings back so many great memories.

So yah, there’s a reason it’s so special but look at it! It’s adorable! This year, both my friend and my sister scored a second-hand Ceramic Christmas Trees from Value Village / The Salvation Army which got me wondering… WHY? Why would you donate this? Am I missing something? Are they actually tacky? I did a little Googling and discovered their heyday was in the seventies… Perhaps this is why my generation (or at least me and a few friends) love them so much. They would of been around a lot in the eighties when we were kids.

Let me know your thoughts? Do you have one? Do you want one? Do you love/hate them?

Merry Christmas and I hope y’all have a lovely holiday!


psst. I think I said I was going to do up a DAVID wish-list post but I realized it is basically LEGO so I figured I’d skip that. BUT, exciting news! What’s a Ackerman/Rushton family Christmas without a renovation? Hopefully I can share David’s bedroom update in January. 

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