heading west

A few people have warned me that if I go west, I may not come back… probably because of my somewhat obsessive love of all things California.

I get it – mountains and oceans + great sport wear is very luring.

So my friends, the time has come… I am finally ready to find out for myself if the West Coast is the (second) best coast of Canada.

Mike and I are going to British Columbia in September for a wedding and the timing works out well to make it our ten-year anniversary adventure. And even better, thanks to the HIGH Canadian travel costs, it’s a lot cheaper to fly to Seattle so we’re adding an American city to the holiday. Let the planning and list making begin!

First up, what’s up in Seattle? I am looking for tips and suggestions for places to stay, coffee to drink, parks to run and neighbourhoods to explore. We will have 2 sleepless days in Seattle and I want to make the most of it. SeattleI have done a bit of research and have discovered the following:

A. Seattle likes purple. Me too! Go Huskies.

B. Seattle is green. It is the Emerald City. Seattle’s Emerald City nickname comes directly from this greenery. Emerald City also echoes Washington State’s nickname of The Evergreen State. (source).

CSeattleites shop local. Markets seem like a big deal. Pike Place was the third thing I thought of when I booked flights to Seattle (right after Starbucks and Meg and right before the Space Needle).

D. Seattle does seafood. Sure, I will have a taco but I’m from Atlantic Canada – this will not be a highlight.

E. Seattle blows. Did y’all know about their thing for glass?

FSeattle smells. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie (kind of)… Music is big in Seattle. My hometown of Halifax is Seattle of the North so I get it.

G./O. Seattleites run. Although I do not own any of their gear, I want to. I love everything about Oiselle and am excited to go to their flagship store located in University Village. I will also be in the middle of marathon training during our trip so I need some good running routes out west.

H. Seattle already has a Meg. I like to research cities by watching movies filmed there. Sleepless in Seattle seems like an obvious choice.

I. Seattle is dreamy. I recently went down a deep dark Netflix hole and started Grey’s Anatomy S1E1… It totally holds up.

J./M. Seattle drinks. Coffee and beer. Oh my! 

K./N. Seattle is hip. I try to avoid the tacky and look for the designy souvenirs when travelling. Plus, our shot glass collection is bursting at the seams.

L. Seattle sews. Question… is the tour worth it? Seems like an iconic must-see when in Seattle. Yea or nay?

Please, please please let me know what you loved in Seattle.

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baby, baby, baby oooh

Last weekend my sister Erin and I (+ mom) hosted a baby shower for our little sister, Jill.

Newsflash: Jill and Alex are having a baby and I am finally getting a local niece or nephew!!! Thanks guys.

As you may know, I love planning a party so I got to it early on… so early, that I may of leaked the big news to some of her friends accidentally. Busted.

* * *

First up, the invite: And because I truly believe in mailing out invites – I am including a sample of the envelope too. The invitees has custom address labels. Tip: I like to purchase somewhat-related stamps when sending invites! 
Argyle-Baby-Shower Invite Argyle-Baby-Shower Invite2 Argyle-Baby-Shower Invite3Decor: I made a few banners for the party room and the front window. I bought some flowers and pulled out that springy table clothes. Easy! We also had some balloons and raindrop banners outside but again, I forgot to take a pictures. Tip: Buy a cute crib sheet (last photo) and use as a table covering – then give it to the mom when the party is over!Argyle-Baby-Shower BannersArgyle-Baby-Shower3Argyle-Baby-Shower6Argyle-Baby-Shower11Argyle-Baby-Shower13Argyle-Baby-Shower15Favours: This is when Pinterest makes you do things you don’t need to do… like favours for a baby shower. Simple but cute although Mike’s comment was that the popcorn has already popped and I should of filled the bags with kernels. Um, no – not pretty. Tip: Avoid Pinterest and ignore your husband. Argyle-Baby-Shower4 Argyle-Baby-Shower POPcardGames: Erin planned a few games – one being Trivia because Jill is a trivia nut. It’s a fun addition to a party and no one in my house was forced to smell diapers with random brown stuff in them. Tip: Have paper and pens ready to go so your games look legit.

Erin’s Ten Trivia Questions

Q: How many children did Queen Victoria have? Bonus point if you can name one.
A: Nine – Victoria, Edward, Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold, Beatrice

Q: Name one of the top three baby girls name in 1916?
A: Mary, Helen, Dorothy

Q: Originally Pampers diapers used pins. In what decade was the pin replaced with Tape?
A: 1970s

Q: What percentage of babies are born on their due date?
A: 5%

Q: In 1928 the Gerber company introduced its first line of strained foods. Name one the first varieties.
A: peas, prunes, carrots, spinach and beef vegetable soup

Q: How much did the heaviest baby born on record weigh?
A: 22 pounds, 8 ounces (Italy, 1955) (Somebody sure  carb loaded!)

Q: In what year did Uncle Jessie and Aunt Becky (from Full House) give birth to twins. Bonus points if you can name them.
A: 1991 – Nicky and Alex

Q: What is a baby owl called?
A: Owlet of Fledging

Q: What Michael Jackson song topped the charts the month Jill was born (May 1983)?
A: Beat It! 

Q: Jill’s baby is due in July. What is the birthstone of this month?
A: Ruby

Food: We had 32 guests from the age of 7 months to 91 years-young! All female, except the dog. We served mimosas, perrier, tea and juice packs for drinks and all of the food was utensil-free. The spread included chocolate and carrot cupcakes made by mom, lemon poppy seed loaf, homemade sprinkle fortune cookies, cheese and charcuterie boards, traditional devilled eggs, beet-pickled devilled eggs, a cheese ball with maple syrup, guacamole, artichoke dip, veggies, a baguette and skewers (feta + watermelon + mint) (bocconcini + tomato + basil) (an idea I got from another baby shower I attended). Tip: If you decided to make homemade sprinkle fortune cookies, be sure to let your guests know you put fortunes in them!Argyle-Baby-Shower1 Argyle-Baby-Shower2 Argyle-Baby-Shower7 Argyle-Baby-Shower8 Argyle-Baby-Shower9 Argyle-Baby-Shower10 Argyle-Baby-Shower14 Argyle-Baby-Shower16So that’s it. Another party over. I said I’d host 12 parties in 2016 and this is party #3. I have to step it up!

My apologies – I got so caught up in serving mimosas and catching up with all the lovely ladies that I didn’t take any pictures at the event BUT as a dedicated blogger / designer / party planner – I got lots of detail shots! Hah. 

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