to the curb

In Halifax we have a bi-annual curbside give away weekend which is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the unwanted junk stuff filling your home. Basically, you put everything out on Friday, June 6 with a sign marked FREE and people can come and take it. If it is still there on Monday, you can donate it, try selling it, toss it in the garbage or put it back in the basement.

What was the second option? … oh yes, try selling it!

Forget Kijiji, it is Yard Sale Season in Nova Scotia! Signs are popping up on every telephone poll throughout the city and in celebration of the season, I made a template you can fill in and print off. It is in Word, so feel free to change the font but let’s not use Times New Roman people… we are better than that.

Good luck and happy selling.

Yard Sale 3


Download the Yard Sale Template in word or save the JPG image above and handwrite your information in the white space.

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label this

Sending mail is great and receiving mail is awesome… unless it is a bill but they’re mostly paperless these days.

However, the worst part about sending out holiday cards is addressing all of the envelopes. With this in mind, I thought I’d share my quick trick that you can do too. And BONUS, I am including templates so you can make your own (in Word or whatever program you are comfortable using).

Recently, I worked on labels for a friend’s wedding invites and documented the step-by-step process. You will need the following to make your own:

IMG_0374IMG_0363 Step 1: Lightly score the middle line by aligning your ruler to the dash-marks at the top and bottom of your page. (Do not cut all of the way through!) The scoring creates an even fold.IMG_0365 Step 2: Cut the lines in the following order but do NOT cut to the edge.IMG_0366 IMG_0369 IMG_0370 Step 3: Pull out each label carefullyIMG_0371 IMG_0372You should end up with a scrap piece of paper looking like thisIMG_0373Step 4: Fold the label at the spot you made your light scoreIMG_0375 Step 5: Peel off the backing and carefully place your label on the envelopeIMG_0376 Be sure to position your label so it does not get covered by the back flap when the envelope is sealed.IMG_0377 Step 6: Stamp and mail it!IMG_0378

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Word Template Address Labels
PDF Template labels-8up