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What are your thoughts on Flash Tattoos? I feel like I need a good reason to wear one although… it seems like everyday is a good day for Beyonce…  flash_tat_L9_w__43893.1405401848.1280.1280

While cottaging this weekend in PEI, Sabrina and I researched this trendy topic on our phones (so much for unplugging) and our consensus was that we could totally make our own flash tattoos! We are not the only ones who thought this. When you Google “DIY Flash Tats”, this comes up: How to Make Your Own DIY Flash Tattoo In Under $2

  • The first thing that you’ll need is a pack (or packs) of 5 Gum
  • Unwrap a stick of gum
  • Scratch the back of the wrapper to separate the waxy paper from the foil
  • Cut out your shapes/designs! Triangles, ribbons, phallic symbols, whatever. Make your body look like a f@#king gum wrapper mosaic. (pardon the language… it’s copy-paste)
  • Attach the beautiful craftwork to your body (with a glue stick!!!)
  • Aaaaand NAILED IT


Really? Okay, so I am pretty sure they’re joking, after all, it is BuzzFeed. But I was convinced someone else out there had a better homemade solution so I dove deeper into Google and sure enough there were people using gold leaf and liquid Bandaids. Yes, this sounds way more legit than gum wrappers and a glue stick but seriously, can we all agree, if you really want to go out wearing a flash tattoo, just invest in a kit. That, or….

Use a Uni-ball and a gold eye pencil like I did! IMG_1462

Um. No.

Maybe… just maybe, for a special occasion, I’d buy the LENA set. For $22 you get four sheets which seems reasonable… or at least more reasonable than any of the homemade solutuions I found online.

If only I thought about this before the Marathon!

LENA__15522.1405401936.1280.1280 flash_tat_L12_w__61336.1405401832.1280.1280 flash_tat_L11_w__91157.1405401809.1280.1280 flash_tat_L8_w__26768.1405401784.1280.1280 flash_tat_L6_w__03163.1405401819.1280.1280 flash_tat_L2_w__77601.1405401818.1280.1280

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All photos are from the Flash Tattoo and BuzzFeed websites except for the one taken with my iPhone.



So this is a first… my good friend asked me if I could help her cover up an old tattoo with her children’s names. Why not?

The thing is, print design is permanent but sadly your kick ass design (aka flyer) can end up in the recycling bin or worse, a puddle (true story) and web is about as permanent as my current hair colour (RED!) so an opportunity to see something on skin was too good to pass up.

Here’s what I did up … simple enough, right?



Jodie found a great tattoo studio in Halifax called Adept Tattoos and I tagged along for the show. I must say, I was really impressed and not at all intimidated. Look at how much fun she’s having:

photo 1

As you can see, a lotus was added by the artist during the consultation because she needed to cover the former tattoo. On the left, you can see a glimpse of it before the flower was filled in.

photo 3

Anddddd voila! Hot off the press.

photo 5


As for myself, a temporary tattoo (check out these) is probably as close as I will get to inking myself but I must say, I was pretty impressed with the studio and enjoyed the experience.

Thanks Jodie!

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