oh, life could be a dream

I was about to title this post Cottage Country until I realized I have already written not one, but two posts titled Cottage Country (here and here). Fire the editor!

It’s cottage season and these days, it seems like more and more people own cottages. We don’t but, every time we visit my parents on the Wallace River, I spend the drive home on Realtor.ca scoping out what’s available in the area; my criteria being: Waterfront (river or ocean). Close to Pugwash but on the Wentworth side. Maybe Tatamagouche? Near the trails. Winterized for ski season… 

And then Mike reminds me that my parents have all that and more at their place, and it’s free, so why do we need to own a cottage? (love you mom and dad). So no cottage for us right now.

That doesn’t stop me from dreaming, and for as long as I can remember, my dream has been to own/build an A-Frame. There are actually two A-Frames in my ideal cottage location that I have been eying and if one goes up for sale I may loose my mind.

Below is an assortment of drool-worthy A-Frames. Cue the music and enjoy!


A. / B. / C. / D. / E. / F. / G. / H. / I. / J. / K. / L. / M. / N. / O. / P. / Q. / R. / S. / T. / U. / V.


Oh, and not an A-Frame but I had to share: The Pool HouseHelloSunshine_ThePool House

If you are curious to know what’s available in my ideal cottage location for under $250K (waterfront) check these out: $49,000 / $189.900 / $199.000 / $199.000 (horse not included) / $248,500

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the importance of proper hydration

Conveniently located near the finish line of my race on Sunday was the Tatamagouche Brewing Company. Chocolate milk and water help with the post-run rehydration but it is also important to celebrate too.

Such a lovely place, great design and most importantly good beer! We took home both the Hippie Dippie Pale and and the Butcher Block Red Ale – my preference being Hippie Dippie (so refreshing).

Here’s the low-down: They opened this year and converted an old butcher shop into the brewery. It is a family owned and operated microbrewery where small batches are produced. Check them out next time you are in the neighbourhood.photo 4 photo 1photo 5

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 4.03.06 PM

Website screenshots from : http://tatabrew.com/. Photos taken with my iphone

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