I just blinked and Summer is over. F#@k.

I am sure y’all are itching to know how many things I checked off my list so here we go… excuses, regrets and gloating included:

  1. go on a sail boat**  (STILL A NO!!! Mike sails every week but the 1 time I was invited, I was not available, cue the violins) I did walk on a few docked sail boats including the mighty Bluenose but I am not counting this as a victory.
  2. watch an outdoor movie**  (No, I’m sad)
  3. play corn hole**  (Yes, would you believe it if I told you I found a core hole table downtown Seattle and we tossed a few bags!)
  4. see Shakespeare by the Sea**  (No, I just could not get in the mood for the drama)
  5. fly a kite**  (No, I’d be easier if we had a kite to fly)
  6. play sandbar soccer*  (Yes, in Pugwash, on the Gulf Shore)
  7. drive in a convertible*  (Yes, Larry took me for a cruise around the coast of Pugwash)
  8. try rock climbing*  (Yes, at Scout Camp… I was so excited to see the wall I pushed many kids out of my way and made it to the top)
  9. drink a road rocket “kidding” *  (Yes, while dining outside downtown with Sabrina and Josh, thunder lightening and rain broke through and we made a mad dash to the car – Josh was smart enough to grab his beer and he let me have a sip in the backseat)
  10. ride a slip & slide*  (No, and my formally fractured middle finger is not disappointed)
  11. visit magic mountain*  (No, it’s a shame because it’s always fun in Moncton)
    NOTE: the above 11 items are * 2015 not completed **2014/2015 not completed. Third time a charm?
  12. swim in a lake  (Yes, more than once)
  13. swim in the ocean  (Yes, more than once)
  14. swim in the Wallace River  (Yes, once)
  15. make homemade ice cream  (No, but I had homemade ice cream and it was amazing)
  16. hike Cape Chignecto  (We had a weekend booked but the damn fire ban cancelled our reservation)
  17. visit Victoria Park and climb Jacob’s Ladder  (Yes, and so glad we did! Beautiful park)
  18. sunrise at the beach  (Yes, Sarah and I started a long run at the beach at 6:30 am, just as the sun was rising)
  19. sunset at the beach  (Yes, on a walk)
  20. find a waterfall  (Yes, I actually found a few but the first was in Cape Breton)
  21. go to a country fair  (No, the timing did not work out)
  22. ride shot gun in a car driven by Amanda to either item 21 or 22!  (No… there was one opportunity but I was not available)
  23. learn photography… for reals  (Yes<ish>, I am learning and trying – but not fully learnt)
  24. make sweet tea  (Yes, not bad for being too lazy to Google a recipe)
  25. have a lunch date  (Yes, a few and need to do so more often!)
  26. have a brunch date  (Yes, a few and need to do so more often!)
  27. have a post-work beer date at the Stillwell beer garden  (Yes, post-work / pre-prom-watching date)
  28. go to a wedding  (Yes, in beautiful BC)
  29. bike a trail  (Yes, the COLT/BLT trail with David and Mike)
  30. hike a trail  (Yes, a quite a few!)
  31. run a trail  (Yes, a few – and I even dragged Mike along on his first trail run in BC)
  32. attend a festival  (Yes, a few – the first being the Greek Festival)
  33. send a postcard  (Yes, to David when we were in BC)
  34. send a parcel  (Yes, to my niece and nephew)
  35. ride a train  (Yes, a monorail in Seattle)
  36. ride a ferry  (Yes, in Halifax and all around the west coast)
  37. ride a bike (with David) to bike and bean  (Yes, from the Bike and Bean but same thing)
  38. run to bike and bean  (Yes, great route)
  39. do a pull-up (just one)  (Yes, barely… from the monkey bars)
  40. go strawberry picking  (Yes, with David, Noah and Kristin)
  41. make strawberry jam  (Yes, so yummy)
  42. train for a marathon  (Yes, 13 weeks done, 5 to go)
  43. sleep in a tent  (Yes, in my parent’s yard)
  44. make campfire Kraft Dinner (must remember to bring a pot)  (Yes, it’s the best way to eat KD)
  45. go for a run and jump in the water right after  (Yes, and it feels so good when the humidity is high)
  46. have a party (or two)  (Yes, little gatherings for ice cream and dinner)
  47. attend a party  (Yes, a few gatherings and a wedding)
  48. watch the movie The Man In The Moon  (Yes, and I forgot that it’s really sad)
  49. watch the movie My Girl  (Yes, and it is still really sad!)
  50. watch all of the Star Wars movies with David (in order of release dates)  (Yes<ish>, well at least the first 3 – they’re the ones that count)
  51. make a batch of beets  (Yes, and they’re great for salads)
  52. have ice cream for supper  (Yes, and then pizza for dessert)
  53. buy a fern  (Yes, small but mighty)
  54. get a pedicure  (Yes, at the mall, alone, right before we left on vacation)
  55. eat on an outdoor patio  (Yes, a few good times)
  56. drink on an outdoor patio  (Yes, a few great times)
  57. play croquette  (Yes, and I won)
  58. play washer toss  (Yes, and I lost)
  59. night swim  (Yes, in a heated outdoor pool in Victoria, BC on the night of the full moon)
  60. have a bbq at least once a week  (Yes, the easiest way to please the family)
  61. go two 5 different farmer’s markets  (Yes, Pugwash / NorthEnd / Seaport / Liscomb / Pike Place)
  62. drink my morning coffee outside  (Yes, often)
  63. have a water balloon fight  (No, however I did watch one from a patio while sipping wine)
  64. accidentally get a sunburn  (Yes, but very mild)
  65. picnic at the ocean  (Yes, sand free)
  66. picnic at Public Gardens  (Yes, after all the pre-prom watching, we got hungry)
  67. make iced coffee  (Yes, post-run iced coffee is the best)
  68. make lemonade  (Yes, so much better than frozen)
  69. watch Lemonade  (Yes, happy I didn’t pay for that)
  70. run in 5 races  (Yes, Bluenose Half Marathon / Cabot Trail Relay / Natal Day 6-mile / Not Since Moses 10 Km / Rum Runners Relay)
  71. plant herbs  (Yes, then they got scorched)
  72. run the golf shore loop (again)  (Yes, the full loop has now been run in two segments this summer)
  73. go to the 2016 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championship in Dartmouth  (Yes, played hooky (see 88) and David, Libby, Sarah and I biked over)
  74. cheer for a friend  (Yes, easy when you run two summer relays)
  75. have fresh flowers in the house always  (No – I’m somewhat disappointed in Halifax’s flower availability, I tried but I got annoyed with the high prices)
  76. make rhubarb pie  (Yes, yes!)
  77. stand up paddle board  (Yes, I stood for 3.5 seconds)
  78. kayak down the river  (Yes, it was lovely)
  79. tube down the river  (No, I kept thinking there’d be time)
  80. hang out on the Halifax waterfront  (Yes, a few times)
  81. go to the Tattoo  (Yes, David was my date)
  82. build a sand castle  (Yes, at Cleveland Beach)
  83. buy a summer dress  (No, I looked but did not see anything I wanted)
  84. hear bag pipes  (Yes, something you do not need to go looking for when in Nova Scotia)
  85. watch a parade  (Yes, Canada Day / Pride Parade / Natal Day)
  86. dance  (Yes, at a wedding)
  87. watch fireworks  (Yes, from my window because I was too lazy to go down to the waterfront)
  88. play hooky  (Yes, see 73)
  89. read a magazine outside  (Yes, with cider)
  90. buy a pineapple  (Yes, but then I forgot to eat it)
  91. get crafty  (Yes, poster making for the Rum Runners Relay)
  92. eat from a food truck  (Yes, a few times and we found a great one in Seattle)
  93. only use the clothesline  (Yes, although somedays, the indoor rack was used … but never the dryer)
  94. go to the Shore Club (I’ve never been!)  (Yes, we took Mike’s mom for her birthday, it was so fun)
  95. visit a cottage (Yes, a few)
  96. drink beer from a cooler  (Yes, a few)
  97. get muddy  (Yes, always a muddy time at Not Since Moses)
  98. get sandy  (Yes, as you do when visiting a beach)
  99. go to a yard sale  (Yes, but I am proud to say I didn’t buy anything)
  100. mow the lawn  (No, because sometimes the easiest ones don’t get done)

So there you have it. 100 items – 15 = 85 DONE! Better than I thought.

Thanks for joining in – I may not have a lot of readers but I sure do have a lot of awesome people in my life that make doing fun things more fun.summer

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school’s out for summer!

Grade one is over! Summer Starts Now!

IMG_5749I feel like David kind of turned into a seven-year-old punk. Hats were lost, teeth fell out, glasses were replaced but we all survived.  Grade1I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday and you all check everything off your list! Here is David’s Summer Bucket List:IMG_5739

  1. Camping
  2. Bike at Nanna and Poppy’s house
  3. Ice cream
  4. Swim in Nanna and Grandad’s pool
  5. Beach day
  6. Kayak from Nanna and Poppy’s to an overnight camping adventure

Kids are a lot easier to please… he has 6 and I have 100.

IMG_5752(Source for banner idea) It’s all about celebrating everything.

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meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

meanwhile_4 meanwhile_6 meanwhile_5 meanwhile_7 meanwhile_3 meanwhile_1 meanwhile_8 meanwhile_9 meanwhile_2

  • And the mom bod response
  • Cheese lovers, live long and prosper!
  • Deep thoughts by Anna Kendrick … Using your laptop to research buying a new one is like asking it to dig its own grave
  • I am going to do this and report back
  • Mountain moms… good advice. Have fun and get outside
  • Extreme kids
  • Guys, have you read the crazy FAQ section of the Mars-One website?
  • Urban Outfitters in now in Halifax. I am kind of excited about their homes stuff… like this. I have been dreaming of a chenille bedspread for ages.
  • Some good movies coming out. I want to see this this this and this.

Have a lovely long weekend! I am running my first half marathon of the season at the Blue Nose and am excited to run with David in the kids event. Did you know – Blue Nose has Canada’s largest youth run event? I think that’s pretty awesome.

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meanwhile, elsewhere

Guys, I’ve been saved! I found the sun and it reminded me that winter is just a season… a damn long season… but when it is over, things get better. So here I am, back from Florida and ready to go! Sorry about the slow week…

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

meanwhile_6 meanwhile_2 meanwhile_1 meanwhile_4 meanwhile_3 meanwhile_5

Have a lovely weekend! And happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there – I could not be more lucky to have my mom and mother-in-law in my life for love and support – and can not imagine a better little dude than this guy. Love to all!


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