half way there, woah, livin’ on a prayer

Hello, August. Just a quick check-in – How is everyone’s summer going?

Things are moving along nicely with my 100 Days of SummerLet’s Do it list but, it has not totally been smooth sailing (I have yet to go sailing, by the way).Here’s a quick 10-things update:

  1. All of my on-going items are well on track (17, 36, 71, 78, 79, 91)
  2. I got a not completed in 2016/2017 item done! (4)
  3. Seeking recommendations for a silk blouse that’s nice and not too expensive (16)
  4. Seeking someone with a sailboat (95). There’s a good chance the person with the sailboat also has excellent taste in silk blouses, so it’s likely a win-win for me.
  5. I did start designing my 2019 calendars but my hard drive crashed so now I need to restart (7) womp, womp
  6. The weather has been amazing. Yay!
  7. As are my family and friends who’ve been helping me get things checked off the list
  8. Marathon training is a pain in the butt for me because I actually pulled a butt muscle (57)
  9. 50/100 are completed!
  10. You can follow along on my Instagram (#100daysofsummer)

Good luck and …

it’s not over yet!


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ten-year *itch

How’s everyone’s summer so far?

It occurred to me that I haven’t had a paid holiday or paid vacation day since 2007… Hello 10-year itch! Freelance life has been busy, and I am very grateful but I’d rather be at the beach.

But friends, this is not a rant, rather a plea. Summer is almost over and I only have sixty out of 100 items checked off my 100 days of summer list.

A few of the remaining forty are ongoing (like only use the clothesline) and others are solely up to me (clean my car) but here are a few that you’re welcome to sign up for. Give me a call, and let’s make it happen!

  1. go on a sail boat
  2. see Shakespeare by the Sea
  3. fly a kite
  4. ride a slip & slide
  5. hike Cape Chignecto
  6. go to a country fair
  7. ride shot gun in a car driven by Amanda
  8. have a water balloon fight
  9. go to a concert
  10. hike the Skyline Trail
  11. swim in the ocean
  12. dive into water
  13. host a strawberry shortcake cocktail party
  14. bike a trail
  15. pop a wheelie
  16. sleep in a tent
  17. run laps on a track
  18. play croquette
  19. night swim
  20. picnic with a basket and blanket
  21. celebrate with sparklers
  22. have a campfire
  23. dance in the rain
  24. leave the country
  25. tie dye
  26. eat from a food truck
  27. drink beer from a cooler
  28. go to a yard sale
  29. go tidal bore rafting
  30. try hot yoga
  31. visit McNabs Island
  32. take a water taxi

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