something old, something new

Well I hate to admit it, but it’s August… the Sunday of my year. A great time while you are in it, but you know what’s coming… yaya, Autumn is great, it’s pretty – and that’s cool and all – but then it gets colder and next thing you know it is the dead of Winter… FOREVER.

So with that said, I must stay positive and plan ahead.

Right now I am ‘training’ for my half in San Francisco, which is great! I love summer running and having a goal to look forward to helps (plus it pays to run – I found $5 on the road yesterday). Mike and I did Shaun-T’s Insanity in the Spring and it was awesome! I really didn’t think we’d last one week into the program, however we stuck with it and finished (and are still doing it on and off). I highly recommend it as a good at-home workout – it’s hard y’all!  So, I have that too, but I would like to sign up for something and here’s what I am thinking:


I have gone on and off in a few random spurts over the past 6 years. Once I am into it, I love it, but as disciplined as I am with running, there is something really hard about getting to the pool.

  • Pros: I need and want to improve. There are several pools close to home. It is a great workout. Plus, it is good on the body vs. pounding the pavement.
  • Cons: It’s hard. I hate getting in to cold pools. Chorine gives me headaches.
  • Odds of choosing it: Medium-High. Swimming for me requires discipline. I may be more successful at going if I sign up and pay for a class rather than relying on myself to attend free swims.


There is a great local spot down the street with classes – I did some in the spring and enjoyed myself but one class a week seemed irrelevant… I think you need to go more often. Plus, it is slow-pace and I feel limited due to my scoliosis. *lame excuse.

  • Pros: It is within walking distance. It is relaxing.
  • Cons: I would like a pilates-buddy and have yet to find a volunteer. I am not great at slow-movement. I can’t bend and am not flexible. A punch card is pricy but a membership seems like a big commitment.
  • Odds of choosing it: Medium. I like it, but I don’t LOVE it.


Mike snowboards and his family are all into it so I feel like I need to give it another chance. When I am flying down the hill it’s fun, however I hate being cold. David has been out a few times and the older he gets, the more I realize I should start back up because I am not keen on hanging out in the lodge while they are all having fun all day.

  • Pros: It’s a good family activity. David likes it and I will likely be at the slopes more often so why not?
  • Cons: Gear is expensive and I need a lot of it. I hate being cold. It is far away.
  • Odds of choosing it: Medium. Buy me some gear and the odds will be better…


I got my neighbour into trail running and she’s trying to get me to go spinning. I did it once before and must share the experience: Montreal – East End – French –  I went to a class in a store completely clueless and didn’t understand a word. There was a lot of yelling and loud French music blaring. I felt like I was in a nightmare – in France – with Lance armstrong. I hurt for days.

  • Pros: I think it is good cross training for running. I’d have a buddy. There is a great new studio in town.
  • Cons: It hurts my butt. I am intimidated. A punch card is pricy but a membership seems like a big commitment.
  • Odds of choosing it: Medium-High. I am going to give it a try and see if it’s worth it for me.

Some sort of membership to some sort of gym

We have a lovely Canada Games Centre about 15 minutes away (driving). There is a pool and running track plus a gym and courts, etc.

  • Pros: I could splash and dash (swim/run) all at once! I have been wanting to try some track running. I can choose a discipline depending on the day.
  • Cons: A membership seems like a big commitment and it’s pricy! How often will I go? Will it be worth it?
  • Odds of choosing it: Medium. I think this will be a great option when David is a bit older and a family membership makes more sense.

So there’s my top 5. If anyone wants to weigh in – or EVEN BETTER – sign up with me, let me know!

OR, if someone is doing something and I can join in and join up, I may do that too. Let me know! -xomeg


Insanity – post workout