wtf wtr?

Dear friends,
What’s the deal with Valentine’s Day at schools in Nova Scotia this year?
As a design mom I NEED to know if the Work-To-Rule is stopping v-day celebrations. I sure hope not – we all need a little extra love these days!
No judgement or options here, more so a question on whether I should bother putting the time and effort into making customized cards. And, how do I get my hands on the class list?
Making cards is my thing. A warmup for future science fair projects. Hell-to-the-no am I about to buy drugstore cards when I got a BFA!
And furthermore, like teachers, what I thought my job was going to be when I went to school is not actually what my day-to-day is (so much paperwork!) so designing cheesy cards for kids is my happy place.
Let me know.
Love Meghan

school’s out for summer!

Grade one is over! Summer Starts Now!

IMG_5749I feel like David kind of turned into a seven-year-old punk. Hats were lost, teeth fell out, glasses were replaced but we all survived.  Grade1I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday and you all check everything off your list! Here is David’s Summer Bucket List:IMG_5739

  1. Camping
  2. Bike at Nanna and Poppy’s house
  3. Ice cream
  4. Swim in Nanna and Grandad’s pool
  5. Beach day
  6. Kayak from Nanna and Poppy’s to an overnight camping adventure

Kids are a lot easier to please… he has 6 and I have 100.

IMG_5752(Source for banner idea) It’s all about celebrating everything.

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snack mail

David starts school tomorrow and although I’d like to proclaim that my child will only have homemade and healthy recess snacks packed in his bag, it is not gonna happen. Sure, I will do my best but I have discovered it it alway good to have a back-up plan.

Enter NatureBox – newish to Canada. An online membership that sends a monthly box to your house with five different snacks to munch on. I decided to give it a try… being that it is less than $25.00/month (including shipping) and I got a $10-off coupon.


So far, I like what I’ve tried. They’re yummy and an easy grab when I run out the door. I really enjoy the taste and the size of the whole wheat lemon figgy bars and the mango almond bits are good too. The price seems pretty reasonable however, the downside is my child did not like either of the two snacks we’ve opened… Am I surprised? Not really. He has a very limited diet (and not one to be proud of). He eats his required carrot-stick quota each day but never picks salad over fries and thinks fruit leather is fruit. I am not going to give up… he will try the remaining three snack packs but it may not be good enough to renew my membership.

On a positive note, David’s after-school program delivers hot (healthy) lunches to school every day so as least he’s getting something good from someone… if it can’t always be from me.

How about you? Any healthy yummy easy recess ideas?DSC_0399 DSC_0401 DSC_0402 DSC_0404

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old dog = new tricks

Skill-Share David

Sometimes it’s good to go back to school… or at least take a few hours to polish up some skills.

Today I enrolled in a Skillshare class.

“Skillshare is an online learning community to master real-world skills through project-based classes. Their mission is simple: provide universal access to high-quality learning.”

Sounds fun right? And a whole lot cheaper than going back to real school. So, I found this one: Photoshop Yourself: Learn How to Transform a Portrait (by Designer & Illustrator) and thought i’d be a good fit for me. Here’s the thing… I get by using Photoshop but I was self-taught and never took the time to learn all of its tricks (especially image retouching). When I worked in a “real” office, I’d often be found rubbernecking at the other designer’s computers learning new tricks and techniques but, now that I work from home, it is much harder to do. Youtube works for emergency retouch crisis but I prefer Skillshare because it break projects up into chapters and works at a decent pace.

Here’s the low down on my class. There were eight chapters:

  1. Getting comfortable with Photoshop
    • Introduction
    • Getting Started
  2. Adjust lighting
  3. Fixing teeth
    • White teeth
    • Chipped teeth
    • Removing lipstick
  4. Clarifying Skin
    • Removing blemished (Part 1 &  2)
    • Masking
    • Mouth
    • Skin tone
  5. Clarifying eyes
    • Dark circles
    • Iris colour
  6. Adjusting hair
    • Adjust hair
    • Remove hair
  7. Changing clothes
    • Changing shirt shape
  8. Making aesthetic decisions

Overall, I thought the class was good, and I did learn a few things but, the thing about Photoshop is everyone has their own tricks of how to do things and you just have to take what you’ve been given and go from there. Plus, as the teacher worked on his project, my images were different so not all of his steps could be applied to mine. My mistake was taking a beginner class – clearly I underestimated my BFA… and found parts to be boring. Things I still wanted to do with my images that were not discussed in class were:

  1. Replace eyes with eyes from another take of the same image (example, David’s eyes on the top are too sleepy
  2. Change the background (they worked with a white background so I didn’t bother playing with the grass
  3. Change colours – like his t-shirt from blue to green

So, with this in mind … I geeked up my image and continued the class sans teacher. Here are my finals. Does this mean bonus points?

David5-original Zoom in to see all of the food on his face = no bonus points for parenting.

David5-SSDavid-5-Alive-V2 look at my boy’s eyes!

Davidbrussels-original Food on the face again! Seriously, buy the kid a facecloth.

Davidbrussels-SSDavid-Brussels-v2 Green is his favourite colour. The blurred background makes him pop.

*   *   *

How about you? Have you tried an online class? I think I am going to do this more often now that I am in the groove. Next up, Algebra.

psst. Left-handed people have it hard – I use the mouse with my right hand, which makes detailed photoshopping more difficult. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. 

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