patterns and sparkle (part 2)

Last Wedding Wednesday, for the Navy by the Sea wedding series, I looked at navy and nautical patterns and now it’s time to add sparkle to the day with some gold decor!

sparklesA. / B. / C. / D. / E. / F. / G. / H. / I. / J. / K. / L. / M. / N. / O. / P.

Most of the items above are either relatively affordable (B/E/G/J/L/O) or something you can make yourself (A/C/D/F/H/K/M/P) but I added I and N because even though they’re more expensive, they would look stunning. Plus, if you splurge on a few pieces like these, they can carry on into your home decor.

I am loving K! My friend made these for her son’s nursery and imagine them hanging in a tent in place of lanterns. I also love F – they’d be easy and affordable to make and I happen to know there are an abundance of hydrangea trees at the wedding site that would fill them beautifully.

How about you? Was there a DIY wedding project that really worked? Care to share a big fail?

Do you prefer fun (A/D/E/H/P) fancy (B/C/F/G/I/J/L/N/) or rustic (K/M/O)?

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Here is the first post for the Navy by the Sea wedding

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cottage country

Last month’s issue of Style at Home Magazine was all about cottages. I was very excited because although I do not own a cottage, I would like to. I would mostly like to decorate a cottage. And, when I think cottage, I think gingham, rustic, sea glass, navy, a wee bit nautical (but only if my cottage was on the water… which it will be, obviously.)

Anyway, I dove into the issue with excitement but quickly discovered page after page of +2,000 square foot ‘cottages’ and almost all of them were located in Cottage Country, Ontario. Disappointed! I am sorry, but I do not feel like a mansion on a lake with an additional boat house that was decorated and designed by a professional qualifies as a cottage. Just me? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate these homes – for the most part, they’re stunning – it’d just be nice to see a bit of variety. It would also be nice to see more regions, after all, living in Nova Scotia means we know cottages too!3b25ce9a8fc8e097a05153f917ca74de

And speaking of the Nova Scotia, last weekend my sisters and I took our mom on an overnight trip to a cottage in Parrsboro for her birthday. Riverview Cottages are pretty basic but you really don’t need more (besides a bit more water in the river…)  Check it out. This is rustic, but charming. I am pretty sure my cottage will be a little more white-washed but I’d take one of these! I certainly don’t expect an Editor of a magazine to coming running to shoot a spread but I know a little paint and love can go a long way.DSC_0386DSC_0368DSC_0385 DSC_0369DSC_0370DSC_0372DSC_0374DSC_0376 DSC_0379DSC_0380DSC_0383DSC_0390 DSC_0391DSC_0392DSC_0387 DSC_0393


How about you? What is your idea of a perfect cottage and where would it be?

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Photos: Taken with my Nikon D60: Riverview Cottages, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Style at Home Magazine cover taken from their website.