random thoughts during the marathon taper

Do you ever wonder what an amateur marathon runner is thinking about during the days leading up to the race?

Probably not, but I’ll share with you anyway…

  • Why did I sign up for this?
  • Maybe I should just skip it
  • I’m so excited!!!
  • Should I invest in real arm warmers?
  • No, I’ll just cut out some old nylons
  • No, I should get arm warmers, it’s November
  • Should I wear throw away gloves?
  • Yes
  • No, it’s November wear your good gloves
  • I hope I see my family on the course
  • Shorts, leggings, short leggings, short short leggings?
  • Tank top, long sleeve, t-shirt?
  • Should I put my name on my shirt?
  • Hat, no hat, visor, sunglasses?
  • I just want to start running
  • Next year I am doing an October marathon
  • I am never doing this again
  • Maybe I should stick to half marathons?
  • I want to run in a smaller race next year
  • I want to run London
  • I want to get a PB
  • It’s New York, it will be hard to PB
  • I can totally PB
  • Should I run with my phone?
  • Blistex, don’t forget the Blistex
  • Spring ahead fall back!
  • Central Park is not really that big is it?
  • New York is flat, right?
  • Bridges, whatever. I live in hilly Halifax
  • I hate hills
  • The biggest hill is in the first two miles
  • I may never love New York again
  • I am running in the F$#King NYC MARATHON!
  • I hope I finish
  • What if I win?
  • What would Kara do?
  • I just want one nice race photo
  • Who are these people who take good race photos?
  • Avoid wide turns, remember Chicago? you ran 42.9km!
  • Remember to start my watch
  • Remember to stop my watch
  • Carb-load starts now
  • Should I raise my arms at the finish?
  • I can’t wait to finish
  • Where is the closest veggie burger to the finish?
  • Run so hard it hurts to run for the rest of the year
  • Should I stock up on Halloween candy and save it for after the marathon?
  • Wine or beer to celebrate?
  • Remind myself to remind Mike to have a chocolate milk for me
  • I am most excited about the poncho
  • I hope I see a famous person
  • Maybe I will make it on TV
  • Who even has cable?
  • There’s a reason they call it the BIG CITY
  • Mile markers, ugh. KMs are so much better
  • Why do I always pick American races?
  • 50,000 people, that’s a lot
  • Believe in the teff
  • Believe in the taper
  • How do others run so fast?
  • It’s going to be an AWESOME RUN
  • I hate wind, it better not be windy
  • I hope it’s warmish – like 12-15
  • Not too hot, not too cold
  • Sneakers – which pair? The ones I trained all summer in – they make me feel fast
  • OR the ones that are newer – I haven’t bonded with them as much
  • Pack both
  • The new ones right?
  • Embrace the bridges, take it the view
  • I should of made a playlist
  • My relay playlists are pretty good, thanks team
  • Where will I be when Chariots of Fire plays?
  • Remember to remove my earbuds near the finish
  • 24200… all my favourite numbers… that’s a good sign
  • I want people to track me so I will feel the motivation
  • I don’t want people to track me in case it all falls apart
  • People must hate marathoners – they never shut up, ever
  • My friends and family will be more excited when this is over than me
  • I should run a spring marathon?
  • Pack the peanut butter
  • Eat in the morning. Drink in the morning
  • Why does it start so late?
  • I hope I don’t get cramps
  • I hate everyone who can eat those gels
  • Waiting around at the start will suck
  • Bring a magazine for the long wait
  • Remember all the good training runs
  • It’s totally a phantom pain
  • The biggest hill is in the first mile
  • Visualize the finish
  • Smile

If you want to see how the hot mess plays out on November 6, download the app and track me 24200… please. Actually, don’t. No, do.TCSNYCM16 CourseMap v3_web

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how do you like them apples?

Go BIG or go home in the BIG APPLE!

If all goes well for the next 242 days, I will be one of 50,000 running all 5 boroughs of the Big Apple on November 6, 2016 at the New York City Marathon.Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.24.43 AM

I’m relieved to say, it was actually Mike who convinced me to register… After the excitement of Chicago, I thought I’d chill-out this year but the NYC marathon has been on my running bucket list so Mike said what’s the harm in trying? (Like Chicago and other big races, it’s a lottery which I tried and failed at three times before so I think he assumed it was not going to happen). Hah! I’m in.

Convo with Mike:
Me: I got in! This will make 2 out of 6 for the World Marathon Majors
M: Awesome, what are the 6?
Me: Chicago, New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo and Boston … (Boston you qualify based on time, it’s not a lottery)
M: Well, you can at least try for the first 5…

* * *

No plans have been set in place but I am pretty excited! Marathon five + five boroughs = dreamy.

What about you – have you singed up for anything lately?

psst. Sadly, the NYC marathon lottery closed so I can not invite you to run with me however it is not too late for Chicago. Best.Race.Ever. I found this video yesterday of last year’s race and it gave me goosebumps… I was there!

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four for four

The problem with marathon training (now tapering) is it consumes you. You invest a lot of time and energy in the +16 weeks before a race so it is not surprising you want to talk about  it all.the.time.

Like being pregnant or having a new baby – It is all you think about, talk about, and think everyone else wants to talk about but really, they don’t. Not that they don’t love you and your baby, it’s just not always on their mind. So please bare with me because I have two weeks to go and Chicago will be my fourth baby marathon (knock on wood). In anticipation, I have four things to talk about today:

1. The plan: I am ready to get going. Mike, David and my parents will be in the crowd and I am truly excited to take it all in. That being said, I am not setting a goal. I’ve run big races before (Philadelphia and San Francisco) so I am okay with large crowds and corrals at the start but I think Chicago is a league of their own. I would love to finish under four hours, and it’s possible, but I also want to have fun and experience the atmosphere. I think my only expectation is to try and pace myself at the beginning so I can enjoy the end. In PEI I went out way too fast in the first half and found the last 8 km to be dreadful. I know Chicago is flat and fast so I have to pay attention to my pace and attempt to run (for the first time ever) a negative split. Okay, forget what I said before. That’s my goal. (Read my PEI marathon recap here)

2. Long runs: Not gonna lie… I found this summer’s long runs hard. Maybe it was the humidity, but I am feeling a lot slower then last year. I also wish I did another half marathon this summer for practice and speed but despite the heat, I got out and did all the miles. It is was it is. I started listening to audiobooks (The Girl on the Train and All the Light We Cannot See) as an alternative to music (see below) but I am wondering if the slow narration is an anti-motivator. I’ll listen to music and the crowd it Chicago. Sorry Audible.com… you are not as energetic as Taylor.


3. Rum Runners: So this happened. It’s one of the local events that has been on my radar. A few years ago I was invited on a team but I couldn’t make it but this year, my former Cabot Trail Relay Captain Extraordinaire, Robyn, formed a team and invited me. Yah! The timing worked well because I wanted to do five races this summer and this would be the finale – plus, with two weeks until Chicago, it was a great practice race.


The best part about a relay is running with a team. When you run, you have a crew of cheerleaders lining the road and when it’s not your turn, you get to be a cheerleader… which is a workout too. I ran leg 1 (13.4 km) at 6:30 am. It wasn’t the most scenic leg but that didn’t matter because it was dark. I was relieved to run in the early morning despite the chilly temperatures and finished in 1:04. Our rookie team did great and we cheered our hearts out. It’s a beautiful course from Halifax to Lunenburg and there were bean burritos and homemade salad at the end. Yes.IMG_3554 IMG_3557 IMG_3560 IMG_3564 IMG_3567 IMG_3576 IMG_3577 IMG_3596

4. Music: I need some new music. I have been running with the same mix for almost two years. Although it keeps growing I need to edit out a lot of the songs that are starting to annoy me (Blurred Lines, Happy, etc.). I am open to great suggestions and as you can see, I will listen to just about anything. My most recent download is Ryan Adam’s 1989 but I am not sure he’s much of a pick-me-up. The plan is to listen to music all the way to kilometre 41. I already have Kayne West’s Gold Digger on my list. Help.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.49.47 PM

That’s it. I will take a bunch of pics in Chicago and recap but then that will be it about running for a long time. I need to get back to bathroom re-dos, calendars and holiday cards.

If you too are running a fall race, good luck!

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these are a few of my favourite things

You know the song right? Well if I was Maria, and singing along with the Von Trapp children, I’d put San Francisco and Running on the list of a few of my favourite things. So I was pleasantly shocked last week when the powers from above combined them and now I’m planning a trip to California for the Nike Women’s Marathon • San Francisco.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 4.19.15 PM

I know, I know, more Cali-love but long story short – I entered my name in a random draw to run and figured I’d have a slim-to-nothing chance of getting in. I unsuccessfully tried to get in the New York Marathon three years in a row and figured this one would be even harder. The Nike Women’s Running series has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and when I saw that it’s the 10th anniversary, I decided to put my name on the list and VOILA, i’m in! (Glad I didn’t sign up for the full marathon because i’d be seriously freaking right now). 21 km is doable, nothing to stress about and an easy recovery which will allow me to enjoy the rest of the holiday. I am a ‘little’ worried about the hills and may not love my two loves when combined but I will give it my all and enjoy the view… not to mention the Tiffany’s necklace handed out by men in tuxedos as motivation to get to the finish line.

Halifax is a great city for hill training – and after running a 12 km trail race in Wentworth over the weekend, I am reminded that practice won’t hurt!

As for my vacation plans –This will be my third time to California and second time to San Francisco. I’ve already walked the city and saw a lot but I didn’t get to vist Alcatraz and the SFMOMA. When we were in San Francisco, David was 8 months-old so it will be nice to have a bit more freedom to hop on a trolly and stay out later than 7pm. The other plan is to leave the city and drive to Yosemite and then come up the Pacific Coast. Not too sure on the details but it will be fun and something to look forward to. xo-meg


​David and I at the top of Lombard Street, 2009