they’re hitched

I Just realized I didn’t share with you the final print items for the Navy By The Sea wedding I worked on this Summer. Good thing it is Wedding Wednesday.

The last update was in June, just after the invites were sent in the mail. Since then, the wedding happened and a few more items were printed for the event.


The menu – It was a cocktail reception:


The Program – Front and back:


And Haskap Jam for favours:


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Oh and here is the shower invite I made as well:


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sealed with a kiss

The Navy By The Sea Wedding invites have been sent out and hopefully the RSVPs are trickling in. Christmas card season has nothing on this brief but exciting time in a couple’s engagement.

After a few rounds of layouts, here is the final invitation and RSVP postcard*:



Plus a break down of the design elements. I am excited to share more as the event quickly approaches. M&E-Elements

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*Details edited for confidentiality

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three’s a charm. right?

I have finally decided to give the full marathon another go. It has been eight years and a lot has changed. Like, when I did marathon’s 1 and 2, I lived in Montreal, I didn’t have a kid, I didn’t have a dog*, I didn’t have any major commitments, I would go for a 3 hour run and no one really noticed (Mike was often still sleeping), I didn’t have GPS (I would make Mike drive around the city the night before a long run calculating distances with the car’s odometer. Actually, one of the only things that remains the same since that last time I ran a marathon is the car. Go VW!

I am now +8 years older and although my life is not thaaaat hectic (I mean really, I only have 1 kid and 1 dog and a supportive husband who lets me run as much as I want) it is still hard to fit in all of the training. I have kept up with running and enjoy doing a bunch of races every year but it’s been on my mind to do another full. Yes, it will be hard and yes I may will curse many times during the 42 kilometres but I get a t-shirt and chocolate milk at the finish line so I think it’s worth it.

Marathon 1 was epic. Philadelphia. Mike, my sister and my brother-in-law came for support and my parents and aunt surprised me by driving all the way from Nova Scotia to cheer me on. There is no better way to see a new city than run around it for four hours. Long story short, I finished in 4 hours and 16 minutes and mustered just enough energy to stumble up the Rocky stairs at the finish line for a fist pump. Marathon 2 was not so epic. Montreal. Mike and Henry cheered from what was literally our backyard. It was a course I had run almost every day and I was recovering from an ankle injury. I managed to finish in 4 hours 9 minutes and the highlight was the last 500 metres… we finished by running into the Olympic Stadium. The closest I will get to Olympic glory.

So what will marathon 3 bring? Well, I should start by registering. All talk no action. The plan is PEI – a little sentimental because it’s where I ran my first half. I know some others who plan to run but sadly, I am doing the full alone. I have been told to expect rolling hills and lonely trails. I really hope ‘rolling’ is an exaggeration and that my summer of HHH Training (Halifax’s Hellish Hills) will pay off. I am also hoping the wind will be much tamer than a certain red head we all know!

Now, as for goals… I have decided to set 5… the most realistic goals are listed first.

  1. Register
  2. Finish
  3. Finish in 4 hours and 30 minutes
  4. Get a personal best of 4 hours and 8 minutes
  5. Finish under 4 hours

Okay, #5 is pushing it for me… and I know that but I think it is important to aim high as you never know what you are capable of… and speaking of… I don’t win often… actually, I’ve never won before, but I did and now you can too! Wanna score a copy of Runner’s World Training Journal? I won a copy but I don’t think I need it. If someone out there wants to put it to use, please send me a message. I am addicted to my Nike+ Running and Runner’s World Smart Coach apps so I will just stick to using those.


And one final thing. I am working on a playlist. I try to pick songs that are fun, upbeat, nostalgic a little trendy and a lot cheesy. So here is what I have so far… Full disclosure: I don’t usually listen to most of this stuff but I do like it. Yes, even Pitbull! If you have any suggestions, I am eager to hear them as this playlist will start repeating before I finish. And don’t worry, Eye of the Tiger will be added for race day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.08.33 AM

Hopefully all will go well with the last month of training and I can make it to the start so I can get to the finish. Good luck if you have a race coming up too!

psst. If you are reading this and are thinking, gee i’d love to join Meghan for a 42 km tour of potato island, please join me! I’d love a buddy. I’ll even buy you a chocolate milkshake at the finish line in Charlottetown.

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*Henry (the dog) was around for marathon 2 and was actually a great training companion. He now prefers sniffing and walking more than running. 

cottage country

Q: What’s almost as fun as owning and decorating your own cottage?

A: Having a friend who owns a cottage and asks for advice!

*     *      *

I got a text from my Sabrina asking for colour advice – she has cottage on Prince Edward Island and is working hard at making it a lovely cottage-chic getaway. It is steps away from a sandy beach and she’s using it as inspiration for their home away from home.

Sabrina already painted and reupholstered some great chairs for her kitchen and sent a text asking for my thoughts on painting the maple table. It was the yellowish maple that looked fine but would be even better with some colour. (please, don’t be jealous of my mad illustrator skills)

Here is the before:

PEI kitchen_Page_1

See, how fun are those chairs?!

​My first thought was white,

PEI kitchen_Page_2

but then my imagination wandered to several more options… black or dark charcoal… maybe too intense for a summer home;

PEI kitchen_Page_7

a lighter shade of blue to mellow the chairs;

PEI kitchen_Page_4

sabrina mentioned she had a can of yellow;

PEI kitchen_Page_6

then I thought it’d be bold to go even greener;

PEI kitchen_Page_3

or magenta;

PEI kitchen_Page_8

and finally purple!

PEI kitchen_Page_5

And here is the winner…


Such a great ending to a fun project! Thanks Sabrina. -xomeg