a final 10 things for 2017

My motto for 2018 is: it doesn’t have to be perfect, to be great.

(I am mostly talking about dinner parties but we can toss family, friends, work and life in there too)

Before we binge on Netflix and polish off the last of our holiday booze this New Year’s Eve, let’s take a look at my top 10 posts for 2017:

1o: Taking stock: March: My brief attempt at posting monthly “life-lately” and “taking stock” recaps had a boom in March… but then life got busy and the first to be sacrificed were these guys.

9: holy **** I finished whole30November! Talking about the Whole30 was a hit, too bad I won’t be doing that craziness again.

8: Ten-year *itch: A somewhat gloomy mid-summer slump.

7: Week 1. Done: A recap of my first week on the Whole30.

* honourable mention, the 2015 let’s taco bout a party post is still getting a bunch of visits, it came in at the 6th most read post in 2017. People really do love talking about tacos.

6: Okay, maybe I can…: After talking about things I hate, my “10 things I was not loving… but now I am”  post seemed to help mend friendships.

5: Wineglass marathon recap: Who doesn’t love reading long posts about other people’s long runs?

4: 30 whole days: The beginning of the Whole30, when things felt exciting and optimistic.

3: SUMMER starts nowish: The annual “100 days of Summer Bucket List” is always a favourite to write and attempt.

2: Forty before forty: As this is my second most-read-post, the pressure is on to execute and perform. I have 1.5 years to finish!

and the most read post of 2017…

1: I just can’t: I love that my snarky list of “10 things I can’t get behind” was my most popular post. What does that say about me? What does that say about you? What does that say about minivans?

Thanks to everyone who read, commented, pretended to read, bought a calendar and even those who accidentally landed here and couldn’t leave… It’s been fun! Shall we say a goodbye 2017 – Catch you on the flip side (The Atlantic)

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let’s stalk

Hello Sunshines, 2015 is wrapping up so I thought it’d be fun to share the top ten posts from the year. Spoiler: I am not the only nosey neighbour… If you missed any of these and were feeling left out from water-cooler conversations, enjoy the catch-up. After all, as we all know, holidays are for binging.

10. Just Because It’s Christmas : The time I made a East Coast Christmas CD.IMG_4044

9. Pottery, Willow and Leather : Our ninth anniversary.Details_MG_5253

8. Thirty Six : My 36 thing to do before I turned 36 list.IMG_2060

7. 10 Under 10 Stocking Stuffers : Conclusion, my readers are cheap. Ha.IMG_3998

6. Team Work : The Cabot Trail Relay.QE2Quest_2015

5. Save the Holiday Letter : My attempt at bringing back the holiday letter. It has been sent and well received but I am still waiting for one in return.Newsletter_1

4. Want To Go For a Walk? : The eco-challenge, winter edition, Good news for those who are interested and wishing they joined us… it’s happening again!DSC00093

3. Mission: Halloween : I made an astronaut costume for halloween and David was not totally impressed.4

2. A Whole New World : David’s bedroom update with new red bunkbeds made by Mike and a big ol’ map of the world.DSC_0250And the most read post!!!

1. Neighbourhood Stalk : My walking and driving tour of some of my favourite houses in Halifax.IMG_3205Thanks all!

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