Martha’s calling

My uncle was the Master of Ceremonies at our wedding and he made a joke that Martha (Stewart) was calling and wants her planner back. I made binder bible and there were lots and lots of sketches, clippings, notes and instructions.

No lie, when I subscribed to Martha Stewart Weddings magazine – which I did for several years even after my wedding – I would scan every issue’s table of contests page* and store them in a binder. Pretty clever right? Much faster than flipping through each issue trying to remember where I saw that great idea. I still have my reference binders and better yet, I still have almost all of my magazines. I am the person Pinterest was made for. IMG_2476

It has been ages since I’ve gone through an issue but I can say, without a doubt, most of her ideas from ten years ago are still spectacular. These days we are spoiled with oodles of online inspiration but there is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a wedding magazine and Martha is simply the best!Martha

*I did this archiving with my Wish (RIP) and Bon Appétit subscriptions as well.

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Photos from Martha Stewart Weddings

tie a ribbon around any ol tree

Wedding Wednesday!

An affordable and easy idea to decorate an outdoor ceremony location is ribbon hanging from a tree.

All you need is ribbon and a tree.

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Pick ribbon in colours that match your wedding – mix and match colours, patterns and widths and simply tie them to branches on the tree. You can even hang them at different lengths. And, when the party is over, save the ribbon and use it again!

Here are more ribbon ideas I found on online:

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Photo 1: Style Me Pretty
Photo 2: Wedding Chicks
Photo 3: Style Me Pretty
Photo 4: Wedding Chicks
Photo 5: Buzzfeed
Photo 6: Boho Weddings
Photo 7: Brit + Co
Photo 8: Style Me Pretty
Photo 9: Style Me Pretty
Photo 10: Intimate Weddings

flower filled wedding wednesday

Remember last Wedding Wednesday when I said ‘pay for a good photographer because the photos will last forever’ (unlike the day and your memories)? Well, flowers will not last forever no matter how much you pay for them BUT having a beautiful bouquet will not make your future-self cringe. With this being said, ordering a bride’s bouquet plus flowers the girls in your wedding party plus corsages and boutonnieres for your families plus table arrangements plus room decor can add up!

Mike and I each had only one person standing* with us so we ordered the two bouquets and the family corsages and boutonnieres from The Flower Shop in Halifax. Prep_MG_5049 Detail_MG_5226However, we were lucky because my aunt graciously grew an abundance of wild flowers and Sarah (maid of honour) put them together in to beautiful table arrangements. IMGP449300740016

A great cost saving idea is ordering your bouquet from a flower shop (splurge and get want you really want!) but save on table arrangements, corsages and boutonnieres by either doing them yourself or better yet – hiring someone to make them for you from flowers you got for a good price.

I know not everyone has an aunt who’ll grow a field of wild flowers but did you know you can order great flowers (in bulk) from places like Costco and the Superstore? An affordable way to add flowers to your space. If it local you want, check if there are U-Pick flowers in your area – one that we love is Hennigar’s Farm in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The problem however is it takes time and talent to put it all together once the flowers are purchased. I was lucky because Sarah has professional floral experience.

Relying on your wedding party to help you with your floral arrangements can be tricky. These days the lure of Pinterest makes everyone believe they can DYI everything and although some pinspirations are easy, it can be time consuming – especially since you need to work on flowers the day before and are likely busy. With this being said, look into hiring someone to help bring everything together. Someone like Sarah can help you source ideas and then shop and make great arrangements, which can be delivered to you on your wedding day. Or, you can arrange to have her teach you and your wedding party how to DIY ahead of time if it’s what you desire. 

And… We are excited to announce an opportunity to do just that! If there’s a couple interested in hiring Sarah please let me know! Plus, we’re offering a special pop-up floral workshop to one lucky bride. A night of drinks and appetizers with your wedding party and us! We’ll teach you how to make your own arrangements, which you can then replicate for your big day. See below for details!

Detail_MG_5314 Details_MG_5245 F1000024 F1000025

The Pop-up Flower Workshop includes:

  • 1 pre-event phone conversation with the bride about what she likes, colours and favourite flowers
  • 2 bottles of wine and a cheese plate (you are welcome to bring more food and drinks with you)
  • A 2-hour pop-up workshop – we will supply the flowers, tools, ribbon, note pads and pens!

Please reply by leaving a comment below and I will announce the winner in March.

* Tip: The smaller your wedding party, the cheaper your wedding.

Photos 1, 2, 5 and 6 are by Shannon George
Bouquet and corsage by The Flower Shop in Halifax
Flowers grown by Maureen Woodlock and arranged by Sarah Overmars

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up and away

C’est Halloween (tomorrow)! This makes me relieved for three reasons:

  • The mini chocolate bars, that I’ve done a terrible job at not eating this week, will exit the house
  • The pumpkin flavoured/scented everything will hopefully be done! (marketing overkill much?)
  • I can compost the dead potted mums and the rotten pumpkins sitting on my porch

I am happy to report I have made it though another year without a Superhero costume. Nothing against all of the Superhero kids… I just like making stuff and my skills do not include sewing. To avoid this, I spent a bit of time on Pinterest looking for ideas which I then I shared with David. To my surprise, he picked his favourite and committed. Phew. Unlike last year, this costume is rather simple. We started with a sketch:


As you can clearly see, he is a HOT AIR BALLOON PILOT.

I bought a basket (50% off sale at Michaels) and cut out the bottom.* DSC_0540

I hung flour-filled balloons off the sides (aka propane tanks). DSC_0537

and made carrying suspenders out of braided twine I recycled from last year’s pirate ship.

The helium balloon was tied on with baker’s twine and ribbon. DSC_0542

David already owned the jean jacket and scarf but the aviator goggles and cap came from a party supply store. DSC_0534 DAVID

I actually got two helium balloons. My original plan was to use the little balloon for school and the big one for trick-or-treating but I am nervous the costume may be too awkward for the school hallway. Sadly, he may go to school dressed as a pilot. Dammit Janet! 

RHPS forever. Happy halloween y’all!

*  *  *

See David’s past costumes here.

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* When Halloween is over, I am just going to put extra throws in it… as a stationary blanket holder, you don’t really need a bottom.


Anxiety is kicking in… we are quickly approaching August and I am starting to panic that summer is slipping away. Must stay positive.

Whenever my sister is about to come to Canada, my natural instinct is to start shopping online – Zappos, J.Crew, Boden and Madewell are my go-to’s for American shopping and right now I have booties are on my mind. I think a new pair of shoes will ease the Autumn blues. So here’s what I am eying: booties

A. Frye Carson Shortie, $348.00 / B. Vivobarefoot Gobi, $150.00 / C. Freebird Austin, $245.00 / D. MICHAEL Michael Kors Salem Bootie, $198.00 / E. Roxy Carrington, $74.00 / F. Arcopedico N42, $159.00 / G. Rieker 76963 Lynn 63, $135.00 / H. Naya Felix, $139.00 / I. Nine West Jarrad, $70.99 / J. Clarks Spye Belle, $130.00 / K. Merrell Veranda Mid, $160.00 / L. El Naturalista Torcal N305, $179.90 / M. Frye Phillip Chelsea, $288.00 / N. Kate Spade New York Prospect, $298.00 / O. Pikolinos Andorra 913-9811, $200.00 / P. La Canadienne Donovan, $350.00 / Q. Rieker 74563 Kendra 63, $130.00 / R. UGG Tiana, $120.00 / S. Johnston & Murphy Shawna Chelsea Boot, $198.00 / T. Lucky Brand Tolachina, $99.00 / U. Jambu Esmeralda – Vegan, $149.00 / V. Sam Edelman Petty, $159.00 / W. Born Gilly, $140.00 / X. Rocket Dog Sidney, $62.99 / Y. Born Raisa, $140.00 / Z. Camper Beetle-46397, $168.00 (SALE!)

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