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It’s been a rough post-Chicago running month. I was hurting and barely running so I started physiotherapy. Despite the set-back, I was still on a race-high and I signed up for the January Hypothermic Half (this sounds horrible and I’m sure it will be) and am determined to keep training but be mindful of my body. Last weekend I ran a lovely 10 km on a quiet country dirt road along the Wallace River and it felt like things were finally improving.

I was excited to try a 14 km this weekend (today).

Mike and I each get a sleep-in day on the weekend. Mike uses his to sleep-in and I use mine to run. The other one walks Henry and entertains David. They were planning to go to the park while I went for my run however, David – who has probably only vomited four times in his life – came down with something last night which kept us up (we are not used to this). I stumbled out of bed at 7:30 knowing the plan had to change. I took Henry for a walk, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and roamed around the neighbourhood.

For me, when it comes to running, if I don’t get up and go out the door right away, it is over. The day is a write-off. I don’t run after coffee or breakfast or lunch or anytime in the day unless it is first thing.

So when Henry and I got home the plan was to get back to nurse duty… but then it occurred to me that I could/should change my ways (maybe my body would hate me less during races if I practice new running times). Mike and David were still in bed so I was good to go.

I inherited a treadmill this summer when my in-laws moved to an apartment complex with a gym. After the dreadful winter we had last year, I happily took the treadmill knowing it could come in handy. I never run on treadmills. I hate them. The things has been in our basement collecting dust but today I decided to jump on and give’r a go. A pre-season test.


Guys, it was okay. Yes, a little boring but I listed to a few great podcasts and managed to finish my 14 km.

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My pace was off at the beginning because my watch doesn’t work inside so I had to use my phone. I forgot I had to hold it – it was clocking nothing while nestled in the cup holder (I’m dumb). I also had to stop after 5 km and turn on a fan and grab a towel and water but I managed to maintain a 5:20/km pace.

Now that I am a pro, I feel like I could do this more often – you know, when life gets in the way.

If your curious to what I listened to on my walk and run today, click here, here, here and here

What about you? When do you run? Any tips for loving the treadmill? (I love that I can wear shorts!) Want to run with me in the Hypothermic Half?

psst. Thanks F.I.L.!

psst. One of my fall to-do items is write more posts – I’ve been managing the desired 2-3/week but I’m trying to up the quota. Let me know if you have a topic… like shed-inspiration or how to make tacos for 34 people.

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