knit wear

Now that Autumn has arrived, having a comfy sweater is crucial. It is a long season and you don’t want to pull out the winter coat too early in the game – which is why I am a big fan of the bulky knit sweater. It’s great to throw on for morning walks to school and I keep it on if the house is cold and we’re too cheap to turn the heat up.

I’ve been eying Cowichan sweaters for a while and a few months ago when I popped into the local yarn store to pick up some yarn for my mom, I spotted this:


Turns out there is a free download for the Briggs & Little Canada Pride Sweater and better yet, my mom agreed to make it for me!


Sorry friends, she said she’d never make it again.

I write about bundling up every year (2013, 2014)

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patterns and sparkle (part 1)

Last Wedding Wednesday I launch the Navy by the Sea wedding I am working on and as mentioned, Navy will be the primary colour but gold accents will be included in the decor.

I like to start by looking at patterns, illustrations, fabric and wallpaper for inspiration and here are some I found that could work great for this event: pattern-1

I just can’t get over indigo! Look at these tables! tablesThese images may be a bit too moody for the Navy by the Sea wedding but I love the simplicity and affordability of option ‘O’. Tables at weddings are usually covered in white linen but imagine how amazing this would look… Plus, it would be pretty easy to hand-dye the tablecloths navy.

As for decor, I don’t think you need to go too crazy when you have the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop. A nice table arrangement, some great flowers and good lighting are all you need to make the event special. Next week I’ll source affordable decor you can buy or DIY.

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