“Perhaps I can get in the pool once a week this winter.” says me, every year, no joke. I love the idea of swimming but I just am not disciplined about doing it.

There was this one time when I got pretty serious about swimming; it lasted a few months and I managed to improve enough to ‘comfortably’ swim 1000 metres. My cousin talked me into doing a duathlon (swim 750m and run 5km) and lets say it was not pretty. You know the sympathy clap? When everyone cheers for the last one out of the pool? Yah, that was me. I managed to make up for it with my run but it was a good lesson to learn – swimming takes practice and I need more of that. Plus, legs only and breaststroke are not ideal for these events. So, will this year be the year? No promises but I can say, not everything about this post is a FAIL.

One of my to-do items for the summer was buy some art. Not sure where this came from, but likely because I have a surplus of frames waiting to be filled (thanks to a 50% off sale and having a good friend in Montreal who buys me stuff at Ikea).

So what did I buy? A print from someone I pinned a long time ago. I love her stuff, so much so, it was hard to pick one. Honestly, it came down to two things.

  1. There is a palm tree (or what I believe is a palm tree) in Breakthrough
  2. It fits one of my frames with no need for cutting, cropping or purchasing a new matte

Here is the print up on the wall – next to the portrait of Henry. In the dead of winter, while watching one of the many dreary Netflix series online (currently addicted to The Killing), I can glance over at my swimming girl and remind myself to swim more. It really is the best.

DSC_0423 DSC_0427

Check out more of Samantha French’s paintings here

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Is it me or is bacon hogging the foodie spotlight?

Bacon has never a big deal to me – sure, it smells good, but I don’t crave it. I do however miss it as a filler to a sandwich because paying ten bucks for a BLT without bacon is just wrong! So, I was very curious and very excited to try a new vegan restaurant in Halifax that not only serves coconut bacon but sells it to go! DSC_0105

Why had I never heard of this? What kind of mostly-vegetarian am I? Why is this all over Pinterest and I didn’t know?

Once the initial shock wore off, I met up with a friend and headed to Wild Leek for lunch. Obviously I ordered the CBLT Wrap – Coconut bacon, lettuce, fresh tomato and house-made mayonnaise and obviously I was not disappointed, but in all of the excitement, I forgot to take a picture. When I went back, the menu changed and the wrap is no longer available (gasp) but it’s been replaced with something even better – a sandwich! Happy girl. IMG_0764DSC_0104IMG_0767IMG_0774

Since then, I have tried it at home and recommend you do so too. Don’t expect it to taste like bacon, but rather, it should remind you of bacon. Get it?

Now that we have coconuts on our minds… I have been going nuts pinning all things related, including a recipe for making your own coconut bacon! Not gonna lye, I will probably just stock up at Wild Leek but you are welcome to make some and send it my way.


Bon Appétit!

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