summer break

The Olympics!!! BIG fan over here and since I work from home, I am streaming it all day long.

So basically I am taking a break from blogging and Grey’s Anatomy binging on Netflix… you know, the important stuff.

I am not the only one who thinks breaks are a good idea:Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 8.58.53 AMLet me know if you have blog ideas for when I return

psst. I’ll still write my weekly Friday meanwhile, elsewhere posts

psst. It’s August and summer is half over (boo) the good news for me is that I’ve done +50 of my 100 days of summer bucket list! 

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winona forever

Are you guys watching Stranger Things on Netflix? So good! Honestly, if Winona Ryder wasn’t attached to the show, I probably would of ignored it on my feed but like Kyle Chandler, there are certain actors that get my attention.MV5BMjEzMDAxOTUyMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzAxMzYzOTE@._V1_

We ploughed through the season in one week – there’s only eight episodes – don’t judge. The show is set in the early 80’s and it reminds me of The Goonies / Stand By Me / E.T. – a lot of Stephen King / Steven Spielberg and even a little John Hughes. Just watch it.

When I was eleven or so, I remember going to a sleepover party at Elyisha’s house and we watched Pet Sematary – it scared me to death and now I want to go back and watch all of the Stranger Things-like movies plus, maybe start a petition to add more Winona to Netflix.


Winona Bests (according to me):

Reality Bites (1994): I was about 15 when this came out and Ethan Hawke was my everything. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a must. This is all we need, a couple of smokes, a cup of coffee and a little bit of conversation…

Beetlejuice (1988): We didn’t have cable growing up but we did have a VCR and my mom’s friend gave us a collection of movies. On one tape was Beetlejuice / La Bamba / Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, and we watched them over and over. Now, looking back, it’s kind of messed up that my childhood included a crazy ghost that haunts the living, shrunken heads, a plane crash that killed a dreamy and talented singer and a hot archaeologist eating monkey brains… oh Donna.

Little Women (1994): Why did she not choose Laurie? Besides that one devastating detail, I love this movie. Also starring Claire Danes, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon, Samantha Mathis, Eric Stoltz and Christian Bale – it oozed 90’s coolness but in an Anne of Green Gables kind of way.

Edward Scissorhands (1990): Winona and Johnny Depp – he makes her snow with his scissor hands – need I say more?

Heathers (1988): The full movie is on YouTube… (FYI). Christian Slater as a psychopath killer boyfriend and Shannon Doherty as a mega brat – how can you not watch this right now?

And finally, Mermaids (1990): Marshmallow and maraschino cherry kabobs! This movie is charming and fabulous and also starts CHER and a tiny Christina Ricci – Remember this song? You are so so welcome!

Let me know what your favourite Winona moments are… and no, I did not include Girl, Interrupted because my dislike of the Jolie trumps my love of Winona.

Oh. And watch Stranger Things so we can discuss!


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… is the new black.

Look, it got mail!

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 8.57.26 AM

I am jumping on the bandwagon and doing up my own orange-inspired inspiration board. A lot of people don’t love orange but I have no problem with the colour. What about you? Is orange your new black or do you only wear it on October 31st?

A. Brighton way rose bowl from Kate Spade / B. One-Gal Band Sandal in Orange from ModCloth / C. Orange Tulip Print Short Sleeve Flax Blend Dress from CiChic / D. Gorman Derailed Coat / E. Middle Of Nowhere – I Like You (Tangerine) – Framed Print from tuccibrown / F. The striped bottle vase in Tangerine Orange by Dahlhaus / G. Poppin’s Orange collection of office supplies / H. Trillion Halo Ring from Fascinating Diamonds / I. Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman / J. Orange Palm Tree Women’s Classic Toms / K. Patagonia Women’s Re-Tool Snap-T® Fleece Pullover / L. Wrap Front Swimsuit in Tropical Orange from Boden / M. The Bleecker Day Tote In Bar Stripe Leather from Coach / N. Honeydew Intimates & Madewell lace bralette from Madwell / O. Hedley & Bennett Olympia Orange Straps apron / P. Orange Heart tee from Thug Life Shirts / Q. Nisse Folding Chair from Ikea / R. All Around Orange & Black watch from Swatch

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