Is it me or is bacon hogging the foodie spotlight?

Bacon has never a big deal to me – sure, it smells good, but I don’t crave it. I do however miss it as a filler to a sandwich because paying ten bucks for a BLT without bacon is just wrong! So, I was very curious and very excited to try a new vegan restaurant in Halifax that not only serves coconut bacon but sells it to go! DSC_0105

Why had I never heard of this? What kind of mostly-vegetarian am I? Why is this all over Pinterest and I didn’t know?

Once the initial shock wore off, I met up with a friend and headed to Wild Leek for lunch. Obviously I ordered the CBLT Wrap – Coconut bacon, lettuce, fresh tomato and house-made mayonnaise and obviously I was not disappointed, but in all of the excitement, I forgot to take a picture. When I went back, the menu changed and the wrap is no longer available (gasp) but it’s been replaced with something even better – a sandwich! Happy girl. IMG_0764DSC_0104IMG_0767IMG_0774

Since then, I have tried it at home and recommend you do so too. Don’t expect it to taste like bacon, but rather, it should remind you of bacon. Get it?

Now that we have coconuts on our minds… I have been going nuts pinning all things related, including a recipe for making your own coconut bacon! Not gonna lye, I will probably just stock up at Wild Leek but you are welcome to make some and send it my way.


Bon Appétit!

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memories of vietnam

Out and About

After writing about my search for the best sandwich in Halifax last week, my friend Anna recommended Indochine Banh Mi on South Park Street. I love Indochine, and it is actually on my top 5 list of places to eat in the city. Here’s why…    


Marinated and grilled organic tofu on a toasted multigrain baguette and topped with house-made citrus mayo, pickled carrot & daikon, cucumber, cilantro & birds eye chilies. Yum.

It is almost as good as my memory of sipping drinks at our beach hotel in Vietnam but tastes way better than the sand in the mouth from the next day when we went sand sliding. (worst touristy decision ever!)


Indochine Banh Mi is a great spot to grab lunch and the chilies will warm you up. If you go in the summer, be sure to get takeout and enjoy lunch in the Public Gardens. xomeg


Psst. Thanks Anna! If anyone else knows of a good Sandwich to try in Halifax, I am up for the challenge. I still have a few more to write about, including my very favourite. 

extra pickled turnip please

Out and AboutIn my on-going attempt to find the best sandwiches in Halifax, I landed on a goodie. Is it new? Donno. But it’s new to me. Mezza Lebanese Kitchen (on the corner of Barrington and Blower) is where I landed after a lunch hour barre class. I got the vegetarian pita and it filled me up but it didn’t make me feel like I just wrote-off my workout. I love Lebanese food and it’s one of the many things I miss about living in Montreal. I’ve been to the Mezza restaurant on Quinpool so it was nice to see they’ve added an express location. The Sandwich was excellent and certainly a contender for the top 10 in the city.


And speaking of pickled turnip, Google pointed me in the direction of this fantastic recipe. pickled-turnips Who wants in on a pickling party? xomeg

Sandwich photo taken with my iPhone, pickled turnip photo from