nothing is more lovely than these 10 little things

Today’s the day to celebrate love and for me, nothing is more lovely than these 10 little things:

  1. Being the first one up in the morning and drinking a cup of coffee in silence
  2. Summer days when it’s between 21 – 28 degrees all day and all evening
  3. Christmas trees and outdoor lights
  4. Being near water
  5. Spontaneous plans that actually happen
  6. Sport montages and dance scenes in movies
  7. Finish lines and cheering for people – especially kids
  8. Patio drinks
  9. Seeing inside someone’s home for the first time
  10. Listening to a podcast or reading a blog and nodding in agreement because you’re jusssst like them!

Have a lovely day! Treat yourself to a coffee and pick up some of those grocery store tulips, you deserve it!

photo by me, artist unknown (Vancouver)

twenty-five favourites

Step aside Oprah, I have a list too and it’s fit for a princess!

Meghan’s favourite 2017!

  1. Cashmere Hoodie – Everlane (splurge):
    Because I am always cold. Plus it’s pink!
  2. Full-On Luxtreme Tights – Lululemon:
    Because I plan to do a spring marathon and need more winter tights.
  3. Necklace – Catbird:
    Because it’s Catbird and it’s pretty.
  4. Pajama Pants – J.Crew:
    Because I need something warm to throw on when I come in from running.
  5. Watercolors – Sakura 24-Colors:
    Because of #24 on my forty before forty: “
    Buy watercolours. Watercolour.”
  6.  Everyday Watercolor: Learn to Paint Watercolor in 30 Days:
    Because I have no clue how to watercolour.
  7. Online Photography Class – Minimalist Baker:
    Because I plan to spend more time with my camera and need inspiration and a guiding hand.
  8. Run Fast Eat Slow – Cookbook:
    Because I want to run fast and eat slow.
  9. iPhone Case – Apple:
    Because Erin Mac has one and now I want one too.
  10. Pre-Fold Coffee Filters – Chemex:
    Because I ran out and the grocery store cone filters suck.
  11. Satsuma Shower Gel – The Body Shop:
    Because Satsuma reminds me of the 1990s and that’s not a bad thing.
  12. Wicked Good Slippers – L.L. Bean:
    See #4
  13. 1/4-Zip Fleece – Patagonia:
    Because it’s the best feel-good, fits well, casual but not frumpy fleece.
  14. Earbuds – JBL:
    Because I’ve been running with broken earbuds for 8 months.
  15. Wireless remote control – Nikon:
    See #7
  16. Wireless Mobile Adapter – Nikon:
    See #7
  17. Capri Blue Candle – Anthropologie:
    Because I’ve been told this is what makes all of the Anthropologies stores smell so good.
  18. Cute hat – Oiselle:
    Because I like Oiselle and I like this toque!
  19. Dream Cream – Lush:
    Because it lives up to its name.
  20. Sea Spray – Lush:
    Because the ocean can never be close enough.
  21. Cosmetic Bag – Rifle Paper Co.:
    Because I’m dreaming of great travelling adventures in 2018.
  22. Dry Shampoo – Living Proof:
    Because I’m a girl who washes my hair every third day.
  23. Mirror – Ikea:
    Because I have no idea what I look like from the waist down (we don’t have a great full-length mirror in the house).
  24. Potato Ricer – OXO Good Grips:
    Because I hate poorly mashed, mashed potatoes.
  25. Running Socks – Smartwool:
    Because I ruined a half-dozen pairs of running socks this year + Santa always gives socks in stockings, right?

What about you? Tell me what’s on your list!

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here’s the last list I made, way back in 2014 with a small update in 2016.

3 things

Happy National Puppy Day!


It breaks my heart daily to know time is limited with this guy – Henry is eleven.

But today we celebrate – he snores… I work… tuna juice for lunch and an extra few rolls in the snow. Life is good.


Here’s a snippet of a conversation I had with a woman in the morning (before sunrise) while walking Henry yesterday:

W (smiling): “All I need in the morning are three things:
1. See a dog
2. get some exercise and
3. the sun shines.”

M: “Well, you’re two for three already… hopefully the sun will come up and you’ll get all three.”

W: “Yes, and then I’ll have a f-cking awesome day! … sorry for the swearing.”

I think I found my soulmate.


I hope you see a dog, get some exercise and the sun is shinning for you today.

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taking stock : february

februaryHappy Pancake Tuesday and good riddance February! I must say however, February has been pretty good – it flew by (probably because we were away form a good part of it) and with March Break right around the corner, I feel like I got this whole winter thing under control. Turns out, embracing winter works! Let’s take time to take stock:

Inspired by
We’re watching a lot of athletes doing cool stuff on YouTube these days. Last night I introduced David to the King of Kosak! Jean-Luc Brassard

I just started 
Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis

Listening to
Missing Richard Simmons (Podcast) – I didn’t realize he was missing… It is a fascinating and sad listen. Thanks Anna!

I watched 10 episodes of Divorce on the plane and it reminded me that I love Sarah Jessica Parker. It was an intense month for movies – I watched +20 in less than 30 days.

Thinking about
A good song for my leg of the Cabot Trail Relay. Suggestions?

Dreaming of
Spring. A little warmer. A little closer to Summer.

Granola and yogurt right now. 
And good news, wine seems to be okay again. 

A special gift for my sister’s big 4o coming up.

Time time with friends before they leave.

Lunch dates. Call me.

Time to take a course or two online.

How about you? Do you stop and take stock of life lately? 

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taking stock : january

It is Blue Monday. How are y’all handling it?

I’m cold and it feels like -16C outside but when the temperature goes low, I go high!

Literally: Yesterday, on the drive home from the ski hill, I saw a plug for these mittens in a magazine and I think I am going to order a pair. I my mom and I have (self-diagnosed) Raynauds and this winter has been especially miserable. Most mornings I can barely unlock the door when I come home from a walk and I was in tears at the gas pump a few weeks ago when I couldn’t get my hands to work. It is not a fun way to live so instead of feeling down about the situation, I am going to invest in feeling sensation in my fingers again.

Mentally: I am taking stock. Inspired by people online: (here and here) I thought it’d be fun to fill in the blanks:

January Twenty Seventeen


My sister and all the women marching in Washington on January 21.

Movies. I need to watch more movies. The Oscar nominees will be announced in 8 days and I already know I am wayyyyy behind. I did see La La Land and loved it! 

Follow me on Goodreads – it’s where all the cool kids hang

Thinking about  
The idea of shifting my work schedule next school year to accommodate after school with David.

Listening to
Podcasts. I really enjoyed CBC’s Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams

Dreaming of
Summer and family holidays.

I had ladkas this weekend – amazing! I need to get into cooking as I am feeling uninspired right now.

Tea is my favourite thing right now. Not red wine, I keep getting headaches.

A lot less (it’s January so we’re working on purging over buying)

Wondering if 
A running coach is worth it (thoughts?)

Dealing with my iPhone problems. The damn thing is broken and I need to get it fixed but I have no desire to do so.

Scented candles. At what point did I become the age when you burn scented candles all of the time?

Socks. I got 11 pairs of socks for Christmas.


Facebook. I have stopped clicking on links. 

Morning walks to school with David and Henry.

In celebration of BLUE MONDAY, I will take this star print shirt please!

How about you? Do you stop and take stock of life lately? 

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