life lately

June had some highs and lows but now we’re well into July so here’s life lately:

Birthday dinner at Eliot and Vine with Mike:

David performed at the school variety show with his friends. They did some beatboxing:

Birthday treats from Kristin!

International Running Day was on my birthday!

Henry got a haircut and a festive bandana:

Picking colours for my new office space:

Morning views from Point Pleasant Park:
Volunteering on course at the Youth Running Series. Fact: Boys, ages 6-9 are the least likely to stay on course:

Dinner at the Shore Club with Kristin Josh and Noah before the left for Ottawa:

Celebrating birthdays:

Views on the drive home: 

Neighbour love: 

Spotted at Frenchy’s:

We have a crow problem:

I’m not an Instagram stories person, but I’ve starred in some…

Who else has a boss that texts photos like these? A perk to working on a photo shoot:

Then my office sent Mike a t-shirt and he wanted to give modeling a try:

Elissa and I went for a run around Dartmouth:

Nancy and Carl sent me a coffee package from Arizona: 

Attended a Sunday afternoon macramé workshop with Amanda and my mom:

June was pretty:
I love this facade:

I tamed a wild rose:

Roaming around the Public Gardens:

Congratulations Josh, let’s celebrate your success!

A rainy night at soccer practice:

Which ended with a rainbow:

Our annual evening at the Public Gardens watching the prom:

Followed by our first visit to the Stillwell Beergarden:

Andrea was in town, we tried to recall the time we went camping 15ish years ago… there are a lot of missing details:

Another day at the track for David’s tetrathlon – 60m sprint, shot put, long jump, 600m:

Henry on the green:

My neighbour Cindy has given me more flowers this year than Mike…

Teacher gifting. I hope she’s into bullet journaling:

School’s out for summer!

Celebrating the end of grade two on the waterfront: 

You know you’re marathon training when you have this many steps by 9:00 am on a Friday:

Happy 150 Canada!

We really upped the hat game this year:

There were a lot of firetrucks and family in this year’s parade. My cousin Anne is a volunteer firefighter in Pugwash. Her son Reece and my cousin Emma represented my aunt’s recycling depot float. David and my dad were with the Friends of the Pugwash Estuary.

Not so cheap thrills (aka fairs):

Zero Gravity = barf

Spectating at the Highland Games:

Selfie with a lobster trap… it was on my list:

Derby racing is a big thing in Pugwash:

A very wet run on along the country roads and trails near my parents. The big puddle is the trail:

Long run done. Time to have fun:

Golfing was on my summer bucket list…it took us +4 hours to do nine holes, which I hear is a long time. Oh well, it was a beautiful course and we had fun:

My best shot was over the ravine and on the green in one hit!

David went camping with my parents in PEI:

The Halifax waterfront on an early morning foggy run:

Erin and I went to an outdoor movie at the Chicken Burger in Bedford. Footloose and fancy-free:

Another track meet. David loves being in a running group:

That’s a wrap. I’ll be back again.

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life lately

May is done. Yay! Here’s life lately:

Supporting the locals, supporting cider:
You bet I watched the whole thing:

The annual 24hr. eco-endurance challenge was a bit more challenging this year without mom and Alice but once Jill and I got the compass settings figured out, we were good to go!
Our first follow-a-baring while bushwhacking adventure was a success, we found the trail: We also found Sarah and Trevor, who were great companions for the afternoon:Check point:Up on the knoll:This trail was actually a very wet swamp:Driving through Bridgewater and I spotted a yard sale. 9 out of 10 times, Mike does not pullover when I yell ‘YARDSALE!”…
Leah joined the Youth Running Series this season:David has moved up to the next age group – he’s hoping for a top 10 finish this season and is doing well:He also joined the YHZ run club and gets to do fun things like track meets:The 60m dash: Third overall:The long jump – second overall: The 600m race – first overall:Not shown – Shot Put, third overall. Final score, third overall in the Tetrathlon for ages 8-9. We celebrated at the Armview: Mother’s Day breakfast in bed: Mother’s Day morning at Point Pleasant Park: Henry doing a little shell-shucking:Mother’s Day selfie:
Signs of Spring on Cabot Street: The leaves are out:And the flowers are blooming:
Plus Mike got the trampoline up – Can you tell he’s in the Insurance business. No kid is suing us! We were spoiled with a few really warm days and I was spoiled with a lunch date with Sarah at Dee Dee’s:Bluenose weekend! David and I ran the 5km together:
We finished under 25 minutes, which is pretty awesome since it’s the furthest he’s ever run: 

Victoria Day Discovery Centre adventure: Blue skies:The innovation room is pretty cool:
And so is the theatre space. He’s practicing for his school talent show:We had lunch at Tomavinos Pizza. Fun fact, Tomavinos is where Mike and I had our first date:Sushi with Sarah, Georgina and Amanda before the I Love The 90’s Tour:
Sarah got us some fun tees for the night:
I am pretty sure this was during All-4-One’s set:Cabot Trail Relay time! Baddeck, such a charmer:
True:What’s leg 1 without Beerbox Head? Elissa running the hills like no big deal: Day 1 was very wet and very cold. Very Cape Breton:I spy Steph in wearing the Team 71 singlet:
Day 2 was sunny. Still at little cold at 6:30 am: The early morning cheering squad – relays involve car sharing, hotel sharing and even kid sharing: The end of leg 17. I did it:Our team (all but Jon)! 18th overall, 8th place for a mixed team:Election Day:Yup.
Tuesday nights are Spin and Barre nights at Cyclone – Kristin teaches and I go! We celebrated her last night with Amanda and Robyn at the Highwayman for post-workout drinks. The Garden Party was delicious!
Birthday mail: First week of marathon training is done. It was more about active recovery but that’s okay:

I ended my 17km run in Bedford at the Jumping Bean coffee shop:

Right after, we walked for the CAWS (Canadian Association for Williams Syndrome):

My next read for bookclub:Surprise! My brother-in-law surprised my sister with a plane ticket home for her 40th birthday! Erin is the oldest but shortest of the sisters:

Surprise! She though we were going out for a quiet family dinner at Mappatura Bistro but we invited her friends too:

The night ended at the Maxwell’s Plum. Cheers!That’s a wrap. I’ll be back again.

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life lately

April flew by (minus the 16 hour car ride to and from New York). We partied with family, celebrated Easter and got an eight year old. Here’s life lately:

Babysitting duty:Baby monitor images are as confusing as ultrasounds. Just me?Sundays are for meal prepping:April showers bring warm soup and bruschetta:Training for Cabot:Sunday morning with Henry at Point Pleasant Park:Best. Sign. Ever.An early birthday present for the eight year old:Looking up:Henry and I like to walk through the park after school drop off:My only Easter decor:Road trip to New York State – a stop along the Airline Route in Maine:Day 1 : Attempt 1 at a cousin picture. It can’t get worse:Hey down there!She’s strong like her mom!The oldest two, Margaret and David:Glorious morning run! Downtown Binghamton:After many visits to Binghamton, the carousel up the street was finally open! Free rides all day, everyday in the summer. Amazing!Sam was holding on tight:Edie’s first swing ride:The trees were popping right in front of my eyes!Big ball bowling. The best part was the beer:Easter day hike:All twelve of us:Mom and dad stayed at a hotel and we snuck in to swim in the pool:Day 3: Much better! David, Edith, Margaret and Sam!Nanna and Poppy jumped in:On the way home, we detoured off the highway to watch the Boston Marathon – Mile 17ish:Back home, we celebrated David’s birthday:Edie came over for a visit:Beth was in town! I snuck away for a weekday brunch date at the Black Sheep:Dinner date with Georgina, Amanda and Sarah at Water & Bone:We do! We do!First race of the season for the Youth Running Series… David likes to start at the back:Coming in to the finish:I brought my New York Marathon poncho for David:Our neighbourhood has become like my childhood subdivision, full of kids!Waffles to feed an army… or seven kids:Date night with Kristin and Steph:David’s run club meets at the park every Tuesday night. Henry totally approves:Bathroom selfie sent to Robyn. I was trying on team 71 singlets and couldn’t resit sending her this:Date night with Mike at the Brooklyn Warehouse:A delicious new flavour from Schoolhouse Brewery to try courtesy of Mike’s co-worker (mom to one of the owners):Noah gave David some astronaut ice cream for his birthday. We watched E.T. while chowing down:Race 2 of the Youth Running Series – back on volunteer duty:Signs of Spring:That’s a wrap. I’ll be back again.

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life lately

Since the end of February we had snow, lost snow, got more snow and still have snow. March break brought us back to Sunday River for the third year and now that it is April, it’s time to close the book on winter. Right? Here’s life lately:

Sometimes there are big rewards for early morning adventures:Sarah and I had the most delicious lunch date:It turns out John can be as funny as his wife:Once I figured out how to tie them like this (Youtube tutorial), I really fell in love with my Bean Boots: Roaming around the elementary school: Therapy session:
We went to the Timber Lounge, which was so much fun. I started out strong and fell apart: A view from the top of Wentworth: Pancake Tuesday! My favourite holiday:  What I made with defrosted beans turned out to be much better than the original dinner. Eggs make everything better:Hanging at the eye doctor: Oh, Henry: Many good memories at Sunny Side Mall: Pizza night – David made his own pie from scratch: Boys being boys: Team QuizKnows representing Trivia night at The Anchor – hosted by Cyclone in support of Heart&Stroke: The older they get, the louder they snore: Trying to fix my stupid groin. Doing my stretches. Going to physio . Walking backwards on my treadmill – whatever it takes: Celebrating International Women’s Day by celebrating all of these amazing women:I thought I’d get a discount because my dog is a senior… Turns out the city does not care if my dog is senior – the discount would be if I am a senior. So I told the person on the phone that I am not spayed… turns out the city does not care if I am spayed – the discount would be if my dog is. I told her that their form is poorly designed. She told me, I am not the first one to say that: Kristin and I went strawberry picking last summer and she made cupcakes with her frozen berries: Are polar bears compostable? An afternoon walk around my parents property – the beavers were sleeping: David and Edith:Driving though New Brunswick: Dear Santa, thank you for these awesome goggles – they’ve served me well since 1994 but sadly I had to say goodbye:We convinced Josh and Sabrina to join us at Sunday River this year:Tough day on the slopes: Sampling the beer at the Sunday River Brewing Company : David and Ari are on this year’s trail map (with Eddie the Yeti):To reach greatness (or a good run), sometimes you need to put in the effort:It started snowing on Tuesday afternoon…… and snowed all night, giving us 20 inches of fresh powder on Wednesday:Mike had a really good Wednesday: He’s the reason why I ski: Liam, David and Ari were excited for ski school and lots of fresh powder: Hello Maine:David and Liam in the gondola:He’s the other reason why I ski:The last day on the hill tradition: We spent a night in Bangor. Sabrina and I had a date at Target and stayed until the lights went out at 10:00:On the drive home as I was catching up on news/gossip and realized Mike and Harry have the same hair style:David participated in a lifeguarding competition – he’s the third from the bottom, on his way back: They’re leaving me… the house sold so fast I din’t have time to jinx it:Still snowing:
Making supper, watching Riverdale:He’s the reason I love being home: Halifax went crazy for Burger Week – I managed to get one in before I got the flu. Amanda, Sarah and I went vegan at enVie:My sister Erin found this on Facebook and I am very confused and somewhat concerned: I had a tea date with Erica:David went to a Harry Potter party:It’s been awhile since I had a coddled egg:More snow:Mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe: Hello sunshine

That’s a wrap. I’ll be back again.

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life lately

I have a bunch of West Coast images to edit and post but first, it’s been a long time since I’ve downloaded pics off my phone. Here’s life lately:

I’m the gal who screen-captures the live stream of Oscars nomination day:img_0002

Made some protein balls for the freezer:img_0004

I skipped my usual early-morning run for an early-morning TRX circuit class with Sabrina:img_0016

A more mature version of my favourite childhood lunch. I substituted the hotdogs for veggie dogs and the Kraft Dinner for Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese:img_0019

I have the best of friends. Sarah left me a surprise in my mailbox one day:img_0020

David and Henry’s first solo adventure around the block:img_0031

A riveting night of Guess Who? My opponent was deeply concerned that I’d sneak a peak so he hid under a fort:img_0032

I signed up for the MEC race series. Race 1 was a fast hilly 10km in Point Pleasant Park. I was very happy with finishing under 48 minutes:img_0033 img_0035

We finally checked out the Seven Bays Bouldering down the street. Good times. I suck. img_0036

Lunch dates are the best. Anna and I met for a movie-chat at Indochine:img_0060

Got a little excited about a new podcast devoted to Friday Night Lights:img_0071

Sun dog and shadows:img_0076

This is January. I am met with frozen water when I return from a run:img_0077

Oh baby it’s cold (but beautiful) outside:img_0079

Planning our route for the Storm The Mountain Adventure Challenge:img_0084

Team work. We came in last place in the competitive 4-hour category which sounds bad however, there were a lot of recreational teams with lower scores (including Jill and Alex) so I’m not too upset:img_0085

This is the vegetarian portion of dinner for 5 from Tarek’s Cafe. So good:img_0089


What my boss texts me… which, believe it or not, is actually work related:img_0094

Sabrina stopped by with this. I am spoiled!img_0098

Jill left me this delicious carrot and sweet potato soup when I came by to babysit:img_0124

Just hanging with Edith:img_0125

Enjoying the last few days with my tulips from Sarah and Amanda:img_0126

Street art:img_0127

Morning light on Cabot:img_7443

Hedge art:img_7444

The day my sweater perfectly matched my boot liners:img_7447

January is for rice cake sales at the supermarket. I spread them with Nutella to mask the blandness:img_7449

I’m the dork who celebrates the colour of the year announcement:img_7451

Hand warmers for long runs:img_7454

Boiling and deviling eggs:img_7455 img_7457

My first (but not last) latkes with smoked salmon experience!img_7458

Lovely ladies (and me):img_7460

My dog is such a rebel:img_7459

David has changed career paths… now he wants to be a mechanical engineer or a mechanic:

Rare moment. Our child is not screaming or whining in the ski lodge:img_7466

Happy birthday Granddad!img_7468

Reading material for January:img_7475

The tropical train car seems to have arrived in a not-so-tropical location:img_7479

To say David loves his Junior Lifeguard course would be an understatement:img_7482

Winter on the Wallace River:img_7483

Chairlift selfie:img_7486

Auntie selfie:img_7487

Loving my mom’s latest quilt!img_7489

Shooting down the hill at my parent’s:img_7491

We finished the first Harry Potter book and celebrated with the movie. According to David, the book was much better.img_7492

Cave exploring in Wentworth:img_7493

That’s a wrap. I’ll be back again.

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