life lately

October is wrapping up. Here’s life lately:

The day I realized I had no coffee in the house. Luckily, I found this gem with my hiking gear:img_6567Lunch! I am defrosting things from the freezer these days:img_6571Mike hung our new print from Washington State – I sat on the couch and gave orders while watching This Is Usimg_6582We picked our pumpkins:img_6575 img_6576 img_6578Ran 34km along the BLT trail. I was so happy when Sarah texted me the night before saying she’d join me on the bike: img_6573Bowling! Not a huge fan of bowling but I’m a huge fan of my friends and their son Aden. We bowled for CAWS and Edie came too:img_6584 img_6585 img_6587Sunday mornings are for walks with Henry:img_6591img_6589Sunday afternoons are for baking: Sugarless pumpkin break (bland), chocolate chip banana bread and tea biscuits for a new mom:img_6593 img_6595 img_6592Meet Henry – our friend’s little guy is just 3 weeks old:img_6598

*WARNING: this is gross*

Purple nail polish helps camoflauge the black toenail. Why bother getting a pedicure at this point?img_6597

And if you still have an appetite… My friend Dominic gave me this idea – serve a plate of veggies and hummus with supper for the picky eaters:img_6599Morning walk to school – Henry and I had to ride David’s scooter home:img_6602Eating my TEFF every morning. I like to believe it is working:img_6603A little treat I got for a friend who’s been so great at organizing our relay adventures (still have not given it to her however):img_6604Jill had a dentist appointment so Henry and I watched Edie for a few hours:img_6607 img_6613I was bored:img_6615Mike was away twice this month so I had to take my runs downstairs:img_6618I wanted this so I took David. Sadly, he did not like his creation:img_6619Obviously:img_6620TWINS! Well at least we are sisters. Jill dropped Edie off so her and Alex could go on a birthday dinner date:img_6624 Have I mentioned how lovely it is to have a niece in the same country?img_6628edie-10-20-16Birthday brunch at Edna’s for Sarah:img_6633 img_6634 img_6635This is how people in the North End make apple cider:img_6636Happy birthday Jodie! We celebtated at Piatto Pizzeriaimg_6652 img_6640Another morning walk with Henry:img_6665 img_6662I made this breakfast sandwich and it was delicious:img_6667A proof of David’s class picture arrived. I love it! (blurred the other kids)lizzy-dee-studioAnd it’s soup season! I made butternut squash and apple soup and served them in my grandmother’s dishes – did anyone else have these Campbell Kids soup bowls?img_6669You can see most of these and more on Instagram!

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life lately

Fall arrived, I stocked up on tea and pulled out the slippers (my mug was a favour from the wedding in B.C. – the bride is a potter and every guest got one!):img_6481I happily volunteered to chaperon the Terry Fox Run at David’s school: img_6488Got in a good 32 km run to the end of Prospect Bay Road:img_6491It reminded me of the scene in Forrest Gump, when he runs to the ocean and there’s no where left to go so, he turns around. Except, I didn’t turn around… I got in my sister’s car:img_6490David and I checked it out the Momma Collective Handmade Market at Saint Mary’s Boat Club:img_6495Rush hour traffic in Halifax:img_6496Since I dragged David to the market, he dragged me to the Halloween Store:img_6497I scored some Wilton cake pans from a yard sale so I made carrot cake for Sunday dinner at my in-law’s:img_6502As David made very clear, I am not great at cake decorating:img_6503Lunch lately, lots of eggs and whatever else I can fit into a bowl – this day I had leftover potatoes, Pete’s salsa and some spinach:img_6507I love my neighbourhood:img_6509Just finished the audiobook My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem and am now listening to Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan. Both very good. I was excited to hear this episode from my favourite podcast, Death Sex & Moneyimg_6511Sloan came to the Marque for a 20-year reunion tour of their album One Chord To Another. I have been listening to my collection of Sloan CDs non-stop in anticipation:img_6508Amanda, Georgina, Sarah and I had drinks at Field Guide:img_6519Bathroom selfies at the show:img_6523 img_6524We are old, they are old. Everyone was old:img_6526I was assigned pie duty for Thanksgiving… the pumpkin pie crust burnt but I turned things around for the apple:img_6529 img_6532We dogsat Harley for the weekend and spent Saturday in the valley. It was 30 degrees. In October. Yes!img_6538Baby Edie’s first Thanksgiving:img_6539Our annual Woodlock Walk takes place every Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a ~8km walk through the woods/properties of my mom and her sister’s land in Pugwash. This year we had 4 boys under 8 (including one baby), 10 adults and 2 dogs:img_6549 img_6550 img_6551 img_6552And the best part of the walk are the butter tarts, which my Aunt Mary makes every year:img_6553Big turkeys in Pugwash this year:img_6555I woke up on Thanksgiving Monday and without paying attention to the weather and went out for a 16km run… turns out it was a bit of a rain/wind storm but the view was worth it:img_6560img_6558 img_6561Got my bib number for the New York City Marathon (24 days to go!!!). 2 & 4 and 24 are my favourite numbers so I am pretty excited:img_6563Swim lessons. It’s quite entertaining to watch David learn CPR, first aid, and victim retrieval – they are swimming 24 laps continuous in level 9, which is probably what I’m capable of:img_6565

That’s all for now. I think I’ll work on taking more pics, more often but, you can see most of these and more on Instagram!

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my virtual yard sale


Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of virtual yard sales on Instagram and decided I’d give it a try. In the midst of decluttering, I am finding a lot of things I no longer need or wear so why not try and sell them? Last year our street had an old-school-flyers-on-the-telephone-poles-yard-sale, which was great, but it is hard to rely on a sunny Saturday to make things happen. It is a lot of work and time and as Eminem says, you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.

But I digress…

From my limited research on digital yard sales, I have discovered you can set it up two ways. The first being the one I choose (mostly because it seems easier).

1. You set a price and if someone wants it at that price (or a negotiated price) it is there’s. They leave their email address and you invoice them. They can pay you by Paypal or email transfer. Pros: Like I said, it is pretty straight forward. If they don’t pay you within the chosen time (ex. 48 hrs), the item stays up for sale. Cons: You will only make as much as you suggest – it’s doubtful they’ll offer to pay more.

2. You set a minimum bidding price and if someone wants it, they’ll post their email and bid in the comment window. When the auction closes (ex. 30 days after it was posted), the highest bid wins. If they don’t pay you within the chosen time (ex. 48 hrs), the item goes to the next highest bid. Pros: You may make more than you expected. Cons: It seems like more management and staying on top of all of your item’s action.

The first thing I did was set-up a separate (but similar) Instagram post for my yard sale: Meghan’s_Yard_Sale. By doing so, I am not mixing business with pleasure and all of my items are kept together, even if I post them months a part.

Next, I established some rules. This is a legit business folks. I made my first image an introduction post.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 3.03.37 PM

Yay! Thanks for visiting my virtual yard sale. If you are interested in an item, please leave your email address in the item’s comment window. An invoice will be sent and you’ll have 48hrs to pay or it will go back on sale. If you are local, free pick-up (or possibly delivery) (Halifax, Nova Scotia and area) and if an item requires shipping, an additional cost will be mentioned on the post. Happy shopping! xomeg

Third, I gathered a decent bunch of items (It’s wise to launch a sale with more than a few items). I started with my clothes but plan to add furniture, kids stuff, kitchen gadgets, etc. etc. etc… I then photographed everything and posted each item online with a brief description:


BANANA REPUBLIC women’s dress. cream and brown. hangs mid calf. size 0 (but fits larger). asking $10 +$10 shipping. #yardsale


URBAN OUTFITTERS BDG cigarette high rise 26×34 charcoal stretchy jeans. great for a long legged skinny girl. asking $10 plus $10 shipping. #yardsale

This takes a long time but once they’re posted, I can edit and add more information later.

Finally, #hashtag and tweet. Find followers, make friends and sell your stuff.

I’ll let you know how everything goes. Happy shopping!

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indigo girl

I’ve been seeing a lot of indigo Shibori tie-dye this summer and it’s not a bad thing – I like blue.

See … it is everywhereindigo

Rather than filling my wardrobe with stuff from the stores, I decided to make my own. It’s summer in Nova Scotia (#nssummer) and although tie-dying was not on my summer to-do list, it should of been!

The last time I tie-dyed was at summer camp – I think it was hippy day? Let’s say it was hippy day. kidston

This time I didn’t dress up but I did stock up on supplies:

  • Bucket
  • White tees and linens
  • Twine
  • Elastic bands
  • A paper towel tube
  • Gloves
  • Dye
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Clothesline!

DSC_0054David joined in and helped and I must say, the patterns really worked … but

… The good news is I am NOT a How To / DIY blog… so rather than telling you what I did and how I failed, you can just go to Pinterest and find patterns – like this site I used – and try it yourself.

… The better news is I took these pics right after I dyed the clothes… when I put everything in the wash, the blue ran and my whites are no longer white. Boo. I thought I followed instructions but I must of missed a step. I’d check, but I recycled the instructions and am too lazy to Google my mistake. Whatev, it was fun and the clothes still look okay. And, like I said, I got the pictures before everything turned blue (both literally and emotionally). In a world of Instagramming perfection, it’s big of me to admit the unfiltered outcome.

Womp womp.

DSC_0055 DSC_0056 DSC_0057 DSC_0058 DSC_0060 DSC_0061 DSC_0062 DSC_0063 DSC_0064 DSC_0069

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A. Madewell Seaglass Bead Necklace / B. Patagonia Women’s Kiawah Island Dress / C. Madewell Silk Shadeview Dip-Dye Cami / D. Madewell Indigo Shibori Linen Tank / E. Job and Boss Blocked Tote / F. RESQ The Strong Rope Dog Leash in Indigo / G. J.Crew Leila Tie-Dye Shibori Sandal / H. Maalikaacreations Indigo Blue Two-Colour Pillowcase / I. Dash & Albert Herringbone Indigo Woven Cotton Rug / J. Society6 Indigo Shibori iPhone case / K. Gorman Indigo Eyes Skirt / L. Modcloth Indigo Gardens Dress / M. Madewell Indigo Shibori Scarf / N. Vans for J.Crew Classic Slip-On Shoe / O. West Elm Organic Indigo Ikat Stripe Shams / P. Heath Ceramics Miller Full Dinnerware Set / Q. J.Crew Tye-dye Ruched Halter Tank Bathing Suit / R. Toms Yvette Indigo Crystal Sunglasses


The other day my mom asked me what a hashtag was…

So, now that she knows, I’ve decided to kickstart a #nssummer hashtag campaign. Lets celebrate summer in Nova Scotia and show-off how awesome it is here.

It’s simple : take a picture in Nova Scotia, hashtag it with #nssummer and share it on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pippit, etc.)

Something like this:

photo 1

#nssummer York Redoubt National Historic Site

photo 2

#nssummer York Redoubt National Historic Site

or this:

photo 3

#nssummer ice cream social

or even this:

photo 4

#nssummer homemade hummus

You can find my #nssummer pics at meghanrushton on Instagram.

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