come and knock on our door

My friend moved into her house a year ago (in Toronto) and is ready to tackle a mini-makeover on the front facade.

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“The outside of our house is butt ugly – previous owners covered the red brick with a concrete brick pattern façade (WHO DOES THAT??) and chose the most delightful shade of dusty salmon red for the siding. Puke. This summer I plan on painting as much of it as I can reach – but I can’t afford to cover up the red siding on the second floor this year. This means I need the paint the front “brick” and trim/ deck something that matches Dusty Salmon until I can paint it (which may not happen for a long time or ever if I can find something that doesn’t look awful). All the houses on the block are really drab shades of white/yellow and we’re really open to bold colours or accents (or vintage Mad Men shades that go with the era of the house). Light grey with white trim was my first instinct but it kind of looks like concrete again… I would love your two cents on a good colour pallet for the front. Any ideas would be soooo welcome!

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So here are a few things I took from her message:
  1. I love that I get asked for house design advice… it is so fun!
  2. Dusty Salmon – Throw back to my condo in Montreal… I lived with it for way too long! My friend said it was the token Montreal colour. Perhaps it is the token central Canadian colour?
  3. I’d paint over the Salmon before tackling a makeover on the “brick”. Painting siding is doable and not too difficult or expensive.
  4. Easy fixes to make the exterior a bit more modern – house numbers, mail box and nice planters.
  5. You could whitewash the “brick” – here is a good how-to link. An allover whitewash would make the dusty salmon less offensive (see below).

She sent me a pic and I played around in Photoshop to see what she’d look like in a different colour.

Here is the now: front-1

Here is what I tweaked: front-1b

And here are some options. The landscaping and door are long-term add-ons.

A. Dark. Too dark? front-2

B. Chocolate brown.front-3

 C. Teal front-4

D. Green front-6

E. Blue front-7F. Greyfront-8G. Dusty bluefront-9H, Dusty tealfront-10I. Medium greenfront-11J. Creamy purplefront-12K. Whitewashfront-13

haha I know I am not a Photoshop whizkid – no need to tell me!

BTW, the owners of this house did some awesome interior renos this year – maybe she’ll share a sneak peak.

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picture perfect

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Hanging a picture gallery does not need to be a guessing game … and if you take the time to plan things out, it can save time and money (on filling all of those accidental holes).

My friend Sabrina is kindly sharing the process she used to make a picture perfect gallery in her home. I hope you find this helpful. Thanks Sabrina!

Art Wall

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stairway to heaven

If Heaven was a staircase, it’d look something like this:


Having a runner is on my wish list, however it is a tad pricy and I am currently okay with my purple stairs. Well, technically they are Benjamin Moore Black Raspberry:


When we first moved in, our stairs were already painted chocolate brown with white risers but after a few years of people and dog traffic – plus a major renovation – we decided to paint the stairs. I voted on purple and have no regrets. The one problem I have however, is that they always look dirty. We have a Golden Retriever and live in a city obsessed with salting their sidewalks. Despite our endless effort to keep the salt out of our home, the stairs always looks terrible.

So, I am going for the bandaid solution. Cover the worst parts with a pretty rug. Henry (dog) likes to lye on the landings (we have two landings) and I often think it’d be easier for him to get up and down with a bit of carpet support under his paws.

Dash & Albert offer a variety of indoor/outdoor and wool 2′ x 3′ rugs that have received great online reviews. Right now, I’ve narrowed it down to twelve fantastic options but need to keep the following in mind when I make my final decision.

  • Dog friendly (can hide golden fur and muddy paw prints)
  • Fun. if you have purple stairs you can’t settle with a boring rug over top.
  • Compliments (but not too matchy-matchy) the runner in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs (Urban Outfitters Zigzag rug in grey)


A. Canyon Kilim Woven Rug / B. Chalet Stripe Wool Woven Rug / C. Cricket Indoor/Outdoor Rug / D. Diamond Graphite/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor / E. Elizabeth Green Indoor/Outdoor Rug / F. Gunnison Indoor/Outdoor Rug / G. Happy Yellow Stripe Indoor/Outdoor / H. Rhapsody Wool Woven Rug / I. Scooter Indoor/Outdoor Rug / J. Stonover Stripe Wool Woven Rug / K. Toluca Stripe Indoor/Outdoor / L. Trimaran Stripe Graphite/Fieldstone Indoor/Outdoor

Let me know which one you’d pick!

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Photo credits: Photo of stair runner / purple stairs taken with my iPhone / all floor plan rugs

two things i am not

I am always the first to say that I am not a photographer nor a photoshop guru. I am however, lucky to know a hand full of people who are amazing at these skills and have called on them in the past… but not this time!

Last spring we took a family vacation to Florida and I kept my camera close by hoping to catch some good beach shots. We spent a day in Miami Beach and found the water – David was so happy to run around and I snapped away.

I decided it was time to get some stuff on the walls in the kitchen and found this one.

David-Miami Beach2

before and after 5 minutes of photoshop

The photo didn’t need much work because the ocean is actually this blue in Miami but I photoshopped out a few distractions and ordered an 8×10.

I hung it on the wall in the kitchen and patted myself on the back for getting one more thing done this week. xomeg

David-Miami Beach

Psst – The print was $4.00 and the frame is from Ikea. Thanks Jess for picking up the frames at half-price! I still owe you.

hang it. series three.

I love filling my walls with affordable art and (in my opinion) have grown a nice collection. There is always room for more, but here’s what I have so far… or at least what I can source for you online. Some of these have stories, and if it is not too evident from below, a lot were collected while travelling, as it is a nice reminder of places we’ve been and memories made.

hang it-3

A. A free download – I downloaded it and sent it to a photo lab. It looks lovely in the bathroom
B. A trip to the Art Deco store in Miami Beach, and I came home with this poster – still waiting to be framed
C. A poster of the Grand Canyon straight from the gift shop – still waiting to be hung
D. Three Wind Toys, 1962 by Wayne Thiebaud came from the SFMOMA museum store
E. Found this by Flag Tag Prints and loved the Montreal and France references – still waiting to be hung
F. When designing my kitchen, I had this piece titled Cincinnati No. 5006, from Pancake & Franks in mind. It found a perfect home above the dining table
G. I love these maps by Ork Posters! The Ratified Green Print of Philadelphia reminds me of my first marathon
H. The Mostly Sunny Screenprint of San Francisco map by Ork Posters! reminds me of our first big trip with David, he was 7 months old
I. The Numbers Poster by Binth Studio was purchased for David’s room
J. Jim Datz City Series – Manhattan from Three Potato Four was a gift from my sister – we’ve been there twice together
K. The Alphabet Poster by Binth was purchased for David’s room – I saw it in a store in Hong Kong before he was born and did a lot of Googling to source it online.*
L. The Boston Blue Screenprint by Ork Posters! reminds me of a trip with Mike before we got married
M. Bought when I purchased Golden, it was nice to have three animal prints for the hallway plus, proceeds from this one went to polar bear preservation
N. Another long Googling journey – I saw Golden by Eleanor once and a year or so later I tried to find it again – typing “Golden + Print + Screen print” brought on many many images of people’s dogs.
O. Bought when I purchased Golden, it was nice to have three plus the title was Nova Scotia… how random, the artist is from the states!
P. How many alphabet prints is too much? I have three! This is Olunda from IKEA

Museum gift shops are great places to find affordable art and you can usually score a tube to roll stuff up in. I often travel with one in my suitcase just in case I find a gem.


*Note: when shopping abroad and you see something you like, take a picture of it! It will make sourcing it a lot easier when you get home!