life lately

Holiday snaps. Here’s life lately:

I made way too many shortbread cookies this year.img_7301img_7302 img_7303

Pizza night. We cheated on the crust.img_7305

Worked outside of the office one day. It was distracting.img_7307

My first Hanukkah present! I have great clients.img_7308

David and I are reading Harry Potter. My university roommate Beth, gave me this book.img_7317

We had Katherine and Jay + kids over for a fun night. It started off classy.img_7321 img_7326

Christmas eve with Henry in Point Pleasant Park.img_7331

Amanda made me the most adorable batch of gingerbread men. Sarah made me peanut butter balls and Kristin delivered an assortment of goodies. Lucky me.img_7333

It was a quiet but nice Christmas eve with Mike’s parents.img_7335

I am pretty impressed with my screenshot skills.img_7337

Christmas morning on Cabot Street.dsc_0418 dsc_0419img_7338

David got a waffle maker and was in charge of breakfast with Nanna.dsc_0421dsc_0427

Erin and Cameron + kids popped over on Christmas day for a quick visit.img_7321dsc_0457

Christmas flowers from Sarah.dsc_0432

David got started on his new lego right away.dsc_0429dsc_0450

Christmas dinner shenanigans.img_7343

My mother-in-law made my favourites for Christmas dinner including broccoli casserole. I got leftovers! img_7346

We drove around Halifax on boxing day night checking out all of the lights. These houses bring in the big crowds.img_7347 img_7348 img_7349

Christmas break is for binging. This year it was the Crown. More please!img_7351

I attempted to braid my hair while watching it… not bad.img_7354

Two very good books I have been reading this season.img_7355

Winter running gets wet. img_7356

We took David and his friend to the Putting Edge. We barely saw them. (I beat Mike)img_7357

My new bag arrived! Thank you Fjallraven Canadaimg_7358

Lego is done.dsc_0462 dsc_0465

Mike and I celebrated New Years Eve a night early at Edna’s. Less crowds. Hey Mike, let me take a picture.img_7361

Oh wait, let me take a picture with the drinks.img_7362

Now let me take a picture with the appetizers.img_7363

These days I need to double-up the motivation to run. I did the Runners World Run Streak and overlapped the last week with a local clubs Christmas Marathon.img_7365

*** We had our friends from Quebec and others over for New Years eve brunch and forgot to take pictures – big fail ***

On the real New Years eve we stayed in and watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


New Years day walk around the Frog Pond Trail.img_7369 img_7370 img_7372

My first time skiing this winter. Mike and David have already been out a few times.img_7375

Go Canada…img_7386

Back to school and work. My house it peaceful and quiet again (during the day)img_7387

On to the next project. David is loving his K’Neximg_7391

Ants on a log for special dinner guests.img_7389

Snow angel by David. img_7406

First go at the Steamwhichimg_7404

Second (better) attempt.img_7411

Snow was in the forecast so we drove to Pugwash Saturday night to get ahead of the storm and close to Ski Wentworth.img_7416

It snowed all day. Lots of powder practice before our trip out West next month with the family.img_7418img_7419

While we skied, Henry did as well with my mom on their trails.img_7421
That’s a wrap. I’ll be back again.

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life lately

It has been a month! Here’s life lately:

Trying not to dwell on all the bad things in 2016… but, what the hell Toblerone! img_7105

Gap Kids:
Me> Hey David, like this shirt?
David> No.
Me> I think I’m going to buy it for you to wear at your school concert
David> I won’t wear it.
Me> Fine, I’ll buy it for myself! img_7108

When your patch matches your hat.img_7109

Dear Santa,img_7113

Thankful for American Thanksgiving and a light workload allowing me to watch all four episodes back-to-back.

Jill and I strongly believe in the “teach them while they’re young” motto when it comes to exposing kids to the classics. Home Alone.img_7127

I spy Edie!

Christmas starts now…

My namesake is eight! Happy birthday Libby Meghan.img_7140

As you can imagine, these were a hit.img_7134img_7139img_7145

Henry and his moustache stuffie he won at the Movember Run.img_7149

Christmas card production is a full time job for me…img_7155

And at this point, I realized I didn’t buy the adhesive envelopes…img_7160

Because you have all been dying to know the state of my toes : 4 blackimg_7157

Thank you SBJ for the end of November!img_7158

Edith stopped by for a visit and I snapped a pic. She’s my new favourite subject.img_7161

My body has been hurting (I think I need to get a massage or something) but I am so glad I bought this heat thingy at the Tatamagouche Farmer’s Market last summer.img_7162

Mike’s co-worker’s son makes beer. We happily approve.img_7164

North End tree lighting in the Hydrostone.img_7167

Pancake breakfast with santa at Needham Preschool and Daycareimg_7172

We got our tree early this year. Same place as always – wish there was snow but I couldn’t wait a day longer.img_7175img_7178img_7192

The Halifax Explosion was 99 years ago. Here’s the memorial, which we walk by all of the time.

I spot a protest. Teachers doing their thing.img_7189

Here’s a non-paid endorsement… I got my boots cleaned and resoled at Quinpool Shoe Repair. Totally recommend them for their service and I am not the only one who thinks this.

Batch one of the HELLO 2017 calendars. img_7193

Poor Cubbie : One of many of David’s bleeding nose incidents. img_7195

Dreaming of a cabin like this. A screen shot from Instagram.img_7199

Home sweet festive home.img_7204

Sharing chocolates with my girls at Mother’s Pizza.img_7215

North Brewing Company’s awesome new label! img_7216

Drinking Baileys and eating Christmas crack with dear friends. Tis the season!img_7220

Cherries are in season right?img_7222

First bit of snow. Shocker : School was cancelled.img_7225img_7228

In terms of photography and cooking skills, there is nothing to brag about here but it was damn good. Especially after Sabrina’s tough circuit class at Cyclone Group Fitnessimg_7229

From the look of it, you’d think Katherine needs a daily planner for Christmas… nope, she has one and it’s right there. She just prefers shopping bags.img_7233

Early morning runs within a snow globe.img_7240

Reason why winter sucks… I am forced to wear socks but they never stay up in my stupid boots.img_7241


A pre-holiday visit to GG-ma’s house. img_7255img_7300

Winter running is not so bad when you have views like this and there is no one on the road except for animal footprints.img_7257img_7262

Send me all the cards!!! I love getting holiday cards. I also love my friends who give me sweet gifts in exchange for calendar refills! Jam and tea towels, they know me well!img_7298

That’s a wrap. I’ll be back with some holiday snaps in the new year!

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life lately

October is wrapping up. Here’s life lately:

The day I realized I had no coffee in the house. Luckily, I found this gem with my hiking gear:img_6567Lunch! I am defrosting things from the freezer these days:img_6571Mike hung our new print from Washington State – I sat on the couch and gave orders while watching This Is Usimg_6582We picked our pumpkins:img_6575 img_6576 img_6578Ran 34km along the BLT trail. I was so happy when Sarah texted me the night before saying she’d join me on the bike: img_6573Bowling! Not a huge fan of bowling but I’m a huge fan of my friends and their son Aden. We bowled for CAWS and Edie came too:img_6584 img_6585 img_6587Sunday mornings are for walks with Henry:img_6591img_6589Sunday afternoons are for baking: Sugarless pumpkin break (bland), chocolate chip banana bread and tea biscuits for a new mom:img_6593 img_6595 img_6592Meet Henry – our friend’s little guy is just 3 weeks old:img_6598

*WARNING: this is gross*

Purple nail polish helps camoflauge the black toenail. Why bother getting a pedicure at this point?img_6597

And if you still have an appetite… My friend Dominic gave me this idea – serve a plate of veggies and hummus with supper for the picky eaters:img_6599Morning walk to school – Henry and I had to ride David’s scooter home:img_6602Eating my TEFF every morning. I like to believe it is working:img_6603A little treat I got for a friend who’s been so great at organizing our relay adventures (still have not given it to her however):img_6604Jill had a dentist appointment so Henry and I watched Edie for a few hours:img_6607 img_6613I was bored:img_6615Mike was away twice this month so I had to take my runs downstairs:img_6618I wanted this so I took David. Sadly, he did not like his creation:img_6619Obviously:img_6620TWINS! Well at least we are sisters. Jill dropped Edie off so her and Alex could go on a birthday dinner date:img_6624 Have I mentioned how lovely it is to have a niece in the same country?img_6628edie-10-20-16Birthday brunch at Edna’s for Sarah:img_6633 img_6634 img_6635This is how people in the North End make apple cider:img_6636Happy birthday Jodie! We celebtated at Piatto Pizzeriaimg_6652 img_6640Another morning walk with Henry:img_6665 img_6662I made this breakfast sandwich and it was delicious:img_6667A proof of David’s class picture arrived. I love it! (blurred the other kids)lizzy-dee-studioAnd it’s soup season! I made butternut squash and apple soup and served them in my grandmother’s dishes – did anyone else have these Campbell Kids soup bowls?img_6669You can see most of these and more on Instagram!

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life lately

Fall arrived, I stocked up on tea and pulled out the slippers (my mug was a favour from the wedding in B.C. – the bride is a potter and every guest got one!):img_6481I happily volunteered to chaperon the Terry Fox Run at David’s school: img_6488Got in a good 32 km run to the end of Prospect Bay Road:img_6491It reminded me of the scene in Forrest Gump, when he runs to the ocean and there’s no where left to go so, he turns around. Except, I didn’t turn around… I got in my sister’s car:img_6490David and I checked it out the Momma Collective Handmade Market at Saint Mary’s Boat Club:img_6495Rush hour traffic in Halifax:img_6496Since I dragged David to the market, he dragged me to the Halloween Store:img_6497I scored some Wilton cake pans from a yard sale so I made carrot cake for Sunday dinner at my in-law’s:img_6502As David made very clear, I am not great at cake decorating:img_6503Lunch lately, lots of eggs and whatever else I can fit into a bowl – this day I had leftover potatoes, Pete’s salsa and some spinach:img_6507I love my neighbourhood:img_6509Just finished the audiobook My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem and am now listening to Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan. Both very good. I was excited to hear this episode from my favourite podcast, Death Sex & Moneyimg_6511Sloan came to the Marque for a 20-year reunion tour of their album One Chord To Another. I have been listening to my collection of Sloan CDs non-stop in anticipation:img_6508Amanda, Georgina, Sarah and I had drinks at Field Guide:img_6519Bathroom selfies at the show:img_6523 img_6524We are old, they are old. Everyone was old:img_6526I was assigned pie duty for Thanksgiving… the pumpkin pie crust burnt but I turned things around for the apple:img_6529 img_6532We dogsat Harley for the weekend and spent Saturday in the valley. It was 30 degrees. In October. Yes!img_6538Baby Edie’s first Thanksgiving:img_6539Our annual Woodlock Walk takes place every Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a ~8km walk through the woods/properties of my mom and her sister’s land in Pugwash. This year we had 4 boys under 8 (including one baby), 10 adults and 2 dogs:img_6549 img_6550 img_6551 img_6552And the best part of the walk are the butter tarts, which my Aunt Mary makes every year:img_6553Big turkeys in Pugwash this year:img_6555I woke up on Thanksgiving Monday and without paying attention to the weather and went out for a 16km run… turns out it was a bit of a rain/wind storm but the view was worth it:img_6560img_6558 img_6561Got my bib number for the New York City Marathon (24 days to go!!!). 2 & 4 and 24 are my favourite numbers so I am pretty excited:img_6563Swim lessons. It’s quite entertaining to watch David learn CPR, first aid, and victim retrieval – they are swimming 24 laps continuous in level 9, which is probably what I’m capable of:img_6565

That’s all for now. I think I’ll work on taking more pics, more often but, you can see most of these and more on Instagram!

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meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

meanwhile_9 meanwhile_2 meanwhile_4 meanwhile_8 meanwhile_3 meanwhile_5 meanwhile_7 meanwhile_1 meanwhile_6

  • WOmen who climb. Bravo Outdoor Research. Boo GQ
  • At least women are winning the wage war in one catagory… social media
  • Cutest pin holder … and stocking stuffer extraordinare
  • I’m thinking about living a month of bowl only meals : inspiration
  • I’m 21 based on my hipster food choices
  • Things you don’t think about until you read something like this and then you wonder why you never questioned before why male lions have manes…
  • Gear for the sexy voyageur
  • Ranked by pace, age, gender and now weight?
  • Who doesn’t want a LEGO hair bike helmet?

Have a great weekend and a very happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful that my long run is only 20 km this weekend (next week is a 95 km week, gulp). I am also thankful for Ina Garner’s perfect pie crust recipe. It’s a game changer. 14494779_10157653289140096_3105657001619551632_nMy friends and I are going to SLOAN tonight for the 20th anniversary of One Chord To Another. We were at the CD launch for this record and it’s awesome that I am still friends with the all of the gals who sat on milk crates with me at Cafe Olé in the 90s. On that note, I will leave you with this. Enjoy.

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